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AMER0002: Sustainable Development in Latin America and the Caribbean AMER0002 Module
AMER0003: US Presidents and the Presidency AMER0003 Module
AMER0006: Researching the Americas: the USA AMER0006 Module
AMER0007: Democratization in Latin America AMER0007 Module
AMER0009: Globalisation and Latin American Development AMER0009 Module
AMER0011: Politics Society and Development in the Modern Caribbean AMER0011 Module
AMER0012: Post-Cold war US foreign policy AMER0012 Module
AMER0013: The Caribbean from the Haitian Revolution to the Cuban Revolution AMER0013 Module
AMER0014: The Politics of Human Rights in Latin America: Challenges to Democratization AMER0014 Module
AMER0015: The Politics of Human Rights in Latin America: Transitional Justice AMER0015 Module
AMER0017: Latin American Economics AMER0017 Module
AMER0018: The International Politics of Latin America AMER0018 Module
AMER0019: From Skid Row to Obamacare: The Politics of Social Welfare in the United States since 1900 AMER0019 Module
AMER0021: The Culture Wars: Arenas and Issues in Contemporary US Political Conflict AMER0021 Module
AMER0023: Confronting the Colossus: US Anti-Imperialism, 1945-present AMER0023 Module
AMER0025: Money and Politics in Latin America AMER0025 Module
AMER0030: State and Society in Latin America AMER0030 Module
AMER0032: From the New South to the Modern South AMER0032 Module
AMER0033: The Latin American City AMER0033 Module
AMER0038: Encountering the Americas: Key Themes and Concepts AMER0038 Module
AMER0040: The Making of Modern Latin America: History, Politics, and Society AMER0040 Module
AMER0042: Gender, Politics, and Public Policy in Latin America AMER0042 Module
AMER0043: Challenging the Straight State: Regulation, Repression AMER0043 Module
AMER0045: States of Exception: US State-building through its Exceptional Geographies AMER0045 Module
AMER0046: Protest Politics in the USA from the New Deal to Trump AMER0046 Module
AMER0048: Politics of the United States: Processes and Institutions AMER0048 Module
AMER0049: Political Ecologies of the Americas AMER0049 Module
AMER0050: The Making of Modern America, 1920-present AMER0050 Module
AMER0052: Gender, Politics and Society in the Americas AMER0052 Module
AMER0053: Research Methods AMER0053 Module
AMER0054: London and the United States AMER0054 Module
AMER0055: Intimate Matters: Histories of Sexuality in the U.S. and Beyond, 1945-present AMER0055 Module
AMER0056: Pivotal Decade: The 1970s in U.S. Political, Social, Cultural and Economic History AMER0056 Module
AMER0057: Researching the Americas AMER0057 Module
AMER0058: American Political Thought AMER0058 Module
AMER0066: Political Economy of Economic Development AMER0066 Module
AMER0068: The United States and the Cold War AMER0068 Module
AMER0077: Race and Resistance in Black Atlantic Thought AMER0077 Module
AMER0080: Power and Politics in Everyday Life: Topics in the Anthropology of Latin America AMER0080 Module
AMER0081: The Haitian Revolution AMER0081 Module
AMER0083: Latin American Revolutions AMER0083 Module
AMER0084: Confronting the Colossus: Power, Protest and U.S. Foreign Relations, 1945-present AMER0084 Module
AMER0085: Latin American and Latinx Sexualities AMER0085 Module
AMER0086: Histories of Neoliberalism in the Americas AMER0086 Module
AMER3004: The rise of the Sunbelt since 1945 AMER3004 Module
AMER3007: US Economic Policy from the New Deal to Obama AMER3007 Module
AMERG016: The rise of the sunbelt since 1945 AMERG016 Module
AMERG017: US Economic Policy from the New Deal to Obama AMERG017 Module
AMERG020: Political economy and social change: a history of Latin America during the 'long' twentieth century AMERG020 Module
AMERG028: The rise of the Sunbelt since 1945 AMERG028 Module
AMERG029: US Economic Policy from the New Deal to Obama AMERG029 Module
Contemporary Issues in the Americas AMER0059 Module
HIST0368: The United States and the World 1776-1900 HIST0368 Module
The Caribbean Radical Tradition, 1791-2020: Introduction to Black Intellectual History AMER0088 Module
The Making of the Modern U.S. Presidency AMER0082 Module
We Shall Overcome: The Civil Rights Movement in America AMER0073 Module

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