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ANTH0001: Introduction to Material and Visual Culture ANTH0001 Module
ANTH0003: Introductory Social Anthropology ANTH0003 Module
ANTH0004: Introductory Social Anthropology 1 A ANTH0004 Module
ANTH0006: Researching the Social World ANTH0006 Module
ANTH0007: Methods and Techniques in Biological Anthropology ANTH0007 Module
ANTH0008: Introduction to Biological Anthropology ANTH0008 Module
ANTH0009: Introduction to Biological Anthropology I A ANTH0009 Module
ANTH0010: Introduction to Biological Anthropology II B ANTH0010 Module
ANTH0011: Documentary and Ethnographic Film Practice ANTH0011 Module
ANTH0012: Palaeoanthropology ANTH0012 Module
ANTH0013: Theoretical Perspectives in Social Anthropology and Material Culture ANTH0013 Module
ANTH0014: Anthropology of Kinship ANTH0014 Module
ANTH0015: Being Human ANTH0015 Module
ANTH0017: Anthropology of Data, Algorithms and Computation. ANTH0017 Module
ANTH0018: Anthropology of Crime ANTH0018 Module
ANTH0022: The Anthropology of Social Media ANTH0022 Module
ANTH0025: Anthropology and Psychiatry ANTH0025 Module
ANTH0026: Social Construction of Landscapes ANTH0026 Module
ANTH0028: Linguistic Anthropology ANTH0028 Module
ANTH0029: The Anthropology of Nationalism, Ethnicity and Race ANTH0029 Module
ANTH0032: Atapuerca and Human Evolution in Europe ANTH0032 Module
ANTH0033: Anthropology for Medical Students ANTH0033 Module
ANTH0034: Anthropology and photography ANTH0034 Module
ANTH0038: Evolution and Human Behaviour ANTH0038 Module
ANTH0040: Primate Evolution and Environments ANTH0040 Module
ANTH0041: Temporality, Consciousness and Everyday Life ANTH0041 Module
ANTH0043: Transforming and Creating Worlds: Anthropological Perspectives on Techniques and Technology ANTH0043 Module
ANTH0044: Human Behavioural Ecology ANTH0044 Module
ANTH0045: Ritual Healing and Therapeutic Emplotment ANTH0045 Module
ANTH0046: Ethnographic ad Documentary Film Making: a practice-based introduction ANTH0046 Module
ANTH0047: Anthropology of Ethics and Morality ANTH0047 Module
ANTH0048: Anthropologies of Islam ANTH0048 Module
ANTH0049: Anthropology of capitalisms ANTH0049 Module
ANTH0050: Palaeontology and Paleoecology ANTH0050 Module
ANTH0051: Geology of the Turkana Basin ANTH0051 Module
ANTH0052: Ecology of the Turkana Basin ANTH0052 Module
ANTH0053: Archaeology of the Turkana Basin ANTH0053 Module
ANTH0056: Anthropology of socialist and post-socialist societies ANTH0056 Module
ANTH0057: Anthropology of Art and Design ANTH0057 Module
ANTH0059: Anthropologies of Religion ANTH0059 Module
ANTH0060: Primate Behaviour and Ecology ANTH0060 Module
ANTH0062: Anthropology of Cultural Heritage and Museum Anthropology ANTH0062 Module
ANTH0064: Anthropology of the Built Environment ANTH0064 Module
ANTH0065: Fishers and Fisheries: Anthropology, Aquatic Resources and Development ANTH0065 Module
ANTH0066: Anthropologies of Science, Society and Biomedicine ANTH0066 Module
ANTH0067: Design Anthropology ANTH0067 Module
ANTH0068: Human Brain, Cognition and Language ANTH0068 Module
ANTH0069: Ethnography of Forest Peoples ANTH0069 Module
ANTH0070: From Analogue to Digital: Games and Gaming ANTH0070 Module
ANTH0071: Material and Visual Cultures of South Asia ANTH0071 Module
ANTH0072: Anthropology of India ANTH0072 Module
ANTH0073: Digital Infrastructure: Materiality, Information and Politics ANTH0073 Module
ANTH0074: Art in the Public Sphere ANTH0074 Module
ANTH0076: Humans, Ecosystems and Conservation ANTH0076 Module
ANTH0078: An Introduction to World Cinema ANTH0078 Module
ANTH0079: Aspects of Applied Medical Anthropology ANTH0079 Module
ANTH0080: Time and the Index : The evolving narrative of Photography and Film ANTH0080 Module
ANTH0081: The Story and I : Finding the Form: A Practical Exploration of Storytelling ANTH0081 Module
ANTH0082: Anthropology of Latin America ANTH0082 Module
ANTH0083: Experimental cinema and new media ANTH0083 Module
ANTH0087: Critical Issues (Core Course) : MA in Material Culture (Core Course) ANTH0087 Module
ANTH0095: Psychological Anthropology and Cultural Psychology ANTH0095 Module
ANTH0097: Medical Anthropology ANTH0097 Module
ANTH0099: Reproduction, Sex and Sexuality ANTH0099 Module
ANTH0102: Ecology of Human Groups ANTH0102 Module
ANTH0103: Anthropological Demography, Population and Development ANTH0103 Module
ANTH0105: Resource Use and Impacts ANTH0105 Module
ANTH0106: Anthropology of Development ANTH0106 Module
ANTH0110: An Introduction to Social Theory : a foundation course ANTH0110 Module
ANTH0111: Documentary and Ethnographic Film Practice (Core course) ANTH0111 Module
ANTH0113: Advanced Human Evolution ANTH0113 Module
ANTH0115: Statistics II ANTH0115 Module
ANTH0116: Anthropological and Archaeological Genetics ANTH0116 Module
ANTH0118: Anthropology of Fashion ANTH0118 Module
ANTH0119: Anthropology of the Mediterranean ANTH0119 Module
ANTH0122: Digital Anthropology ANTH0122 Module
ANTH0127: Critical Issues ANTH0127 Module
ANTH0128: Critical Issues ANTH0128 Module
ANTH0129: Risk, power and uncertainty ANTH0129 Module
ANTH0130: Method in Ethnography ANTH0130 Module
ANTH0131: Anthropological Theory ANTH0131 Module
ANTH0135: History and Aesthetics of Documentary ANTH0135 Module
ANTH0136: The Anthropology of Violent Aftermaths ANTH0136 Module
ANTH0138: Practical Ethnographic and Documentary Filmmaking ANTH0138 Module
ANTH0140: Statistics and Causal Analysis for Qualitative Social Scientists ANTH0140 Module
ANTH0141: Practical Documentary Filmmaking (Lab-based) ANTH0141 Module
ANTH0146: Materials, Anthropology and Design Core Course ANTH0146 Module
ANTH0149: Creative Enterprise ANTH0149 Module
ANTH0150: Collaborative Enterprise ANTH0150 Module
ANTH0151: Creative Product Development ANTH0151 Module
ANTH0153: Creating Customers: Understand, Validate, Build ANTH0153 Module
ANTH0154: Social Creativity and Marketing ANTH0154 Module
ANTH0157: Decolonising Anthropology ANTH0157 Module
ANTH0158: Biosocial Approaches to Childrearing ANTH0158 Module
ANTH0162: Current Themes in Resource Use Ecology ANTH0162 Module
ANTH0165: Evolutionary Medicine ANTH0165 Module
ANTH0168: Digital Practices in Society: Researching the Media II ANTH0168 Module
ANTH0175: Anthropology of Politics, Violence and Crime ANTH0175 Module
ANTH0176: Introduction to the Practice of Documentary and Ethnographic Film ANTH0176 Module
ANTH0181: Introduction to Designing Audio Experiences: Art and Science ANTH0181 Module
ANTH0182: Medical Anthropology ANTH0182 Module
ANTH0184: The Anthropology of Music and Performance ANTH0184 Module
ANTH0185: Extra-Terrestrial Anthropology ANTH0185 Module
ANTH0188: Environmental Anthropology ANTH0188 Module
ANTH0193: Anthropology of War ANTH0193 Module
ANTH0195: Migration and Health ANTH0195 Module
ANTH0197: Current Themes in Material, Visual, Digital and Design Anthropology: Smart Phones ANTH0197 Module
ANTH0198: Material Politics ANTH0198 Module
ANTH0204: Anthropology of China: Kimberly Chong ANTH0204 Module
ANTH0208: Introductory Social Anthropology for Medical Students ANTH0208 Module
ANTH0209: Biosocial Medical Anthropology ANTH0209 Module
ANTH0211: Applied Ethnography ANTH0211 Module
ANTH0212: Comprehending Covid-19: A social and historical perspective ANTH0212 Module
ANTH0213: Anthropological Research Methods ANTH0213 Module
ANTH0217: Primate Communication ANTH0217 Module
ANTH0218: Primate Conservation ANTH0218 Module
ANTH0220: Nutrition, Health and Culture ANTH0220 Module
ANTH0221: Field Skills in Primatology ANTH0221 Module
ANTH0222: Everyday Ethics in Enterprise ANTH0222 Module
ANTH0228: Visualizing Others: Colonial and Postcolonial Visual Culture ANTH0228 Module
ANTH0236: Theory, Ethnography and Professional Practice ANTH0236 Module
ANTH0237: Thinking Like an Anthropologist ANTH0237 Module
COMPCOV19: Comprehending Covid-19: A social and historical perspective COMPCOV19 Module
Peopling the Gap PEOPTHEGAP Module
TMAANTSPDG01: Public Diplomacy and Global Communication TMAANTSP Programme

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