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BASC0002: Interdisciplinary Research Methods BASC0002 Module
BASC0004: Object Lessons: Communicating Knowledge Through Collections BASC0004 Module
BASC0005: Quantitative Methods 2: Data Science and Visualisation BASC0005 Module
BASC0006:Qualitative Thinking: Research Methods in Cultural Analysis BASC0006 Module
BASC0007: Creative Writing BASC0007 Module
BASC0008: Science Meets Religion in a Global Context BASC0008 Module
BASC0011: Migration and Health BASC0011 Module
BASC0015: Psychology in the Real World BASC0015 Module
BASC0018: Urban Inequalities and Global Development BASC0018 Module
BASC0019: Science, Art and Co-Design BASC0019 Module
BASC0023: The Knowledge Economy BASC0023 Module
BASC0024: (BASc) Final year Dissertation BASC0024 Module
BASC0025: BASc Special Interdisciplinary Project BASC0025 Module
BASC0026: Advanced Creative Writing BASC0026 Module
BASC0028: Sustainable Energy BASC0028 Module
BASC0030: Arts, Nature and Wellbeing: Non-clinical Interventions in Health BASC0030 Module
BASC0033: Information Through the Ages BASC0033 Module
BASC0037: Rethinking Capitalism BASC0037 Module
BASC0042: Race, Gender and Feminism BASC0042 Module
BASC0045: Approaches to Global Politics BASC0045 Module
BASC0046: Power, Politics and Infrastructure BASC0046 Module
BASC0047: Machine Reasoning and Expert Systems BASC0047 Module
BASC0052: Research Methods in Arts and Sciences BASC0052 Module
BASC0053: Approaches to Interdisciplinarity BASC0053 Module
BASC0055: The Art and Science of Public Health BASC0055 Module
BASC0056: Quantitative Methods 3: Models and Inference BASC0056 Module
BASC0060: How Moving Images Work I BASC0060 Module
BASC0063: Preparation for Performance I: Body and Voice BASC0063 Module
BASC0079: Environmental Change and Disease BASC0079 Module
Disability, Chronic Illness and Neurodivergence in Contemporary Society BASC0039 Module
Understanding Cities and their Spatial Cultures BASC0010 Module

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