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Name Code Type
BENG0003: Introduction to Biochemical Engineering BENG0003 Module
BENG0005: Fluid Flow and Mixing in Bioprocesses BENG0005 Module
BENG0006: Bioprocess Analysis BENG0006 Module
BENG0012: Downstream Processing for Engineers BENG0012 Module
BENG0016: Design and Professional Skills II BENG0016 Module
BENG0017: Modelling and Analysis II BENG0017 Module
BENG0018: Open Source Synthetic Biology BENG0018 Module
BENG0028: Vaccine Bioprocessing BENG0028 Module
BENG0032: Advanced Materials, Devices and Manufacturing Processes for Regenerative Medicine BENG0032 Module
BENG0033: Bioprocess Synthesis and Process Mapping BENG0033 Module
BENG0040 : Industrial Synthetic Biology BENG0040 Module
BENG0042: Bio-microfluidics and Microsystems Engineering BENG0042 Module
BENG0043: Fundamental Biosciences BENG0043 Module
BENG0048: Applied Cell and Molecular Biology BENG0048 Module
BENG0049: Bioprocess Design Dissertation BENG0049 Module
BENG0062: International Genetically Engineered Machines (iGEM) Research Project BENG0062 Module

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