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Advanced Bioreactor Engineering BENG0090 Module
BENG0001: Introduction to Biochemical Engineering Processing and Design BENG0001 Module
BENG0002: Introduction to Engineering and Biology for Medicine BENG0002 Module
BENG0003: Introduction to Biochemical Engineering BENG0003 Module
BENG0005: Fluid Flow and Mixing in Bioprocesses BENG0005 Module
BENG0006: Bioprocess Analysis BENG0006 Module
BENG0011: Manufacturing Regenerative Medicine: From Lab Bench to Industry BENG0011 Module
BENG0012: Downstream Processing for Engineers BENG0012 Module
BENG0015: Heat and Mass Transfer in Bioprocesses BENG0015 Module
BENG0016: Design and Professional Skills II BENG0016 Module
BENG0017: Modelling and Analysis II BENG0017 Module
BENG0018: Open Source Synthetic Biology BENG0018 Module
BENG0026/27/53: Tech Journalism (+ Advanced and Specialist) BENG0026 Module
BENG0027: Advanced Tech Journalism: Advanced Analysis and Communication in Engineering and Technology BENG0027 Module
BENG0028: Vaccine Bioprocessing BENG0028 Module
BENG0032: Advanced Materials, Devices and Manufacturing Processes for Regenerative Medicine BENG0032 Module
BENG0033: Bioprocess Synthesis and Process Mapping BENG0033 Module
BENG0040 : Industrial Synthetic Biology BENG0040 Module
BENG0042: Bio-microfluidics and Microsystems Engineering BENG0042 Module
BENG0043: Fundamental Biosciences BENG0043 Module
BENG0048: Applied Cell and Molecular Biology BENG0048 Module
BENG0049: Bioprocess Design Dissertation BENG0049 Module
BENG0053: Specialist Tech Journalism: Advanced Analysis and Communication in Engineering and Technology BENG0053 Module
BENG0058: Downstream Processing: Primary Recovery BENG0058 Module
BENG0062: International Genetically Engineered Machines (iGEM) Research Project BENG0062 Module
BENG0069: Core Practical Research Skills BENG0069 Module
BENG0085: Design and Manufacture of Regenerative Medicine Drug Products BENG0085 Module
BENG0091: Stochastic Calculus and Uncertainty Analysis BENG0091 Module
BENG0095: Data Mining and Analysis BENG0095 Module
Biochemistry of Protein Production for Biochemical Engineers BENG0013 Module
Bioprocess Plant Design BENG0022 Module
Bioprocess Systems Engineering BENG0038 Module
Bioprocessing Recovery and Purification BENG0101 Module
Commercialisation, Regulation and Ethics of Advanced Therapies BENG0098 Module
Downstream Processing BENG0007 Module
Downstream Processing for engineers BENG0102 Module
Fermentation and Bioreactor Engineering BENG0014 Module
Research Skills BENG0097 Module
Sustainable Industrial Bioprocesses and Biorefineries BENG0037 Module
Transferable Skills in Bioprocess Research and Development BENG0044 Module

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