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Architecture: Digital Modelling, Design and Presentation ARCHDM Module
BARC0006: Materials, Mechanics and Making BARC0006 Module
BARC0009: Advanced Architectural Studies BARC0009 Module
BARC0035: Introduction to Programming for Architecture and Design BARC0035 Module
BARC0040: The representation of cities BARC0040 Module
BARC0041: Research and Dissemination of Architectural History BARC0041 Module
BARC0043: Critical Methodologies of Architectural History BARC0043 Module
BARC0061: Design for Manufacture: Contextual Theory BARC0061 Module
BARC0072: Design for Performance and Interaction: Contextual Theory BARC0072 Module
BARC0075: Situated Practice: Research Methods BARC0075 Module
BARC0076: Mediated Environments BARC0076 Module
BARC0077: Critical Spatial Practice: Site-Writing BARC0077 Module
BARC0078: The Open Work BARC0078 Module
BARC0079: Situated Practice: Major Project BARC0079 Module
BARC0085: Historical and Cultural Developments of Cities and their Architecture BARC0085 Module
BARC0092: Making Cities: The Production of the Built Environment BARC0092 Module
BARC0098: Architectural Research III BARC0098 Module
BARC0099: Design Technology II BARC0099 Module
BARC0100: Computing for Design and Creative Practice BARC0100 Module
BARC0102: History and Theory of Architecture BARC0102 Module
BARC0110: Landscape Architecture Theory and Practice BARC0110 Module
BARC0111: Landscape, Ecology and Urban Environments BARC0111 Module
BARC0112: Advanced Landscape Design 1 BARC0112 Module
BARC0113: Advanced Landscape Design 2 BARC0113 Module
BARC0114: History and Theory of Landscape Architecture BARC0114 Module
BARC0115: Landscape Inhabitation and Environmental Systems BARC0115 Module
BARC0116: Landscape Design 1 BARC0116 Module
BARC0117: Landscape Design 2 BARC0117 Module
BARC0118: Landscape Design 3 BARC0118 Module
BARC0134: History and Theory of Architecture BARC0134 Module
BARC0138: Critical Spatial Practice: Site-Writing BARC0138 Module
BARC0151: Making Buildings BARC0151 Module
BARCO128: Histories of Global London 1900 : present BARCO128 Module
Landscape Research LANDRES Module
Making Info MAKINFO Module
MSc Spatial Design: Architecture and Cities TMSARCSSPD01 Programme
UCL EAST curriculum development UCLEASTCD Module

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