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Advanced Mathematical Modelling & Analysis BARC0130 Module
AIS: Design and Creative Practice Yr3 AISD Module
Architectural Investigation & Representation BARC0171 Module
Architecture: Digital Modelling, Design and Presentation ARCHDM Module
BARC0006: Materials, Mechanics and Making BARC0006 Module
BARC0009: Advanced Architectural Studies BARC0009 Module
BARC0035: Introduction to Programming for Architecture and Design BARC0035 Module
BARC0036:Embedded and Embodded Technologies: Body as Interface BARC0036 Module
BARC0037: Embedded and Embodied Technologies: City as Interface BARC0037 Module
BARC0040: The representation of cities BARC0040 Module
BARC0041: Research and Dissemination of Architectural History BARC0041 Module
BARC0043: Critical Methodologies of Architectural History BARC0043 Module
BARC0061: Design for Manufacture: Contextual Theory BARC0061 Module
BARC0063: Issues in Historic Urban Environments BARC0063 Programme
BARC0072: Design for Performance and Interaction: Contextual Theory BARC0072 Module
BARC0075: Situated Practice: Research Methods BARC0075 Module
BARC0076: Mediated Environments BARC0076 Module
BARC0077: Critical Spatial Practice: Site-Writing BARC0077 Module
BARC0078: The Open Work BARC0078 Module
BARC0079: Situated Practice: Major Project BARC0079 Module
BARC0085: Historical and Cultural Developments of Cities and their Architecture BARC0085 Module
BARC0092: Making Cities: The Production of the Built Environment BARC0092 Module
BARC0095: Architectural Research I BARC0095 Module
BARC0098: Architectural Research III BARC0098 Module
BARC0099: Design Technology II BARC0099 Module
BARC0100: Computing for Design and Creative Practice BARC0100 Module
BARC0102: History and Theory of Architecture BARC0102 Module
BARC0110: Landscape Architecture Theory and Practice BARC0110 Module
BARC0111: Landscape, Ecology and Urban Environments BARC0111 Module
BARC0112: Advanced Landscape Design 1 BARC0112 Module
BARC0113: Advanced Landscape Design 2 BARC0113 Module
BARC0114: History and Theory of Landscape Architecture BARC0114 Module
BARC0115: Landscape Inhabitation and Environmental Systems BARC0115 Module
BARC0116: Landscape Design 1 BARC0116 Module
BARC0117: Landscape Design 2 BARC0117 Module
BARC0118: Landscape Design 3 BARC0118 Module
BARC0128: Histories of Global London, 1900 to the Present (II) BARC0128 Module
BARC0129: Histories of Global London, 1900 to the Present (I) BARC0129 Module
BARC0134: History and Theory of Architecture BARC0134 Module
BARC0138: Critical Spatial Practice: Site-Writing BARC0138 Module
BARC0151: Making Buildings BARC0151 Module
Building Physics and Energy BARC0001 Module
Building Physics and Environment BARC0002 Module
Computational Analysis BARC0030 Module
Computational Synthesis BARC0031 Module
Design and Creative Practice - Year 2 BARC0103 Module
Design Make Information BARC0003 Module
Design Make Live BARC0004 Module
Design Practice 1 BARC0131 Module
Design Practice 2 BARC0161 Module
Design Practice 3 BARC0163 Module
Design projects BARC0097 Module
Engineering and Architecture Dissertation BARC0170 Module
Environmental Design BARC0086 Module
Environmentally Responsible Building Systems BARC0167 Module
Greening Cities BARC0172 Module
History & Theory of Architecture BARC0145 Module
History and Theory of Engineering and Architecture BARC0005 Module
Introduction to Scientific Methods, Laboratory and Environmental Practices BARC0180 Module
Landscape Research LANDRES Module
Making Info MAKINFO Module
Mechanics of Buildings BARC0149 Module
MSc Spatial Design: Architecture and Cities TMSARCSSPD01 Programme
MSci Architecture environmental concepts and tools BARC0144 Module
MSci Architecture structural concepts and tools BARC0143 Module
Professional Practice and Management BARC0162 Module
Project Work IA BARC0008 Module
Project Work IA BARC0088 Module
Scientific Methods, Laboratory and Environmental Practices BARC0185 Module
Sense Sensing and Control BARC0168 Module
Space Syntax Methodology and Analytical Design BARC0024 Module
Structural and Foundation Analysis BARC0132 Module
Structures, Materials & Forming Techniques BARC0087 Module
Surveying and Recording Cities BARC0065 Module
UCL EAST curriculum development UCLEASTCD Module
Urban Physics BARC0147 Module
Year 1 Thesis Report BARC0124 Module

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