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BCPM0001: The Economics of Construction: Economics, Sectors and Industries BCPM0001 Module
BCPM0002: The Economic Institutions of the Construction Industry BCPM0002 Module
BCPM0003: Construction Booms and Slumps BCPM0003 Module
BCPM0004: Construction Clients and the Market for Contracts BCPM0004 Module
BCPM0005: Economics of Appraisal of Construction Projects BCPM0005 Module
BCPM0006: The Economics of Speculative Construction Development BCPM0006 Module
BCPM0007: Managing Professional Practice in Construction BCPM0007 Module
BCPM0008: Construction Industry Development BCPM0008 Module
BCPM0011: The Management of Construction Enterprises BCPM0011 Module
BCPM0012: The Management of Construction Projects BCPM0012 Module
BCPM0015: School of Construction and Project Management Dissertation BCPM0015 Module
BCPM0023: The Management of Infrastructure Projects and Programmes BCPM0023 Module
BCPM0026: Economics and Finance BCPM0026 Module
BCPM0028: Supply Chain Management BCPM0028 Module
BCPM0030: Tomorrow's Company BCPM0030 Module
BCPM0033: The Project Operational Legacy BCPM0033 Module
BCPM0035: Project Management BCPM0035 Module
BCPM0036: Owner-Based Management of Projects BCPM0036 Module
BCPM0037: Managing the Enterprise-Project Relationship BCPM0037 Module
BCPM0039: Procurement of Construction, Engineering and Professional Services BCPM0039 Module
BCPM0040: Organisations and People in Projects BCPM0040 Module
BCPM0042: Principles of Enterprise Management BCPM0042 Module
BCPM0043: Enterprise Management: Relationships between Firms BCPM0043 Module
BCPM0044: Capturing and Delivering Value BCPM0044 Module
BCPM0045: The Construction Firm BCPM0045 Module
BCPM0046: Environmental Sustainability in the Construction Sector BCPM0046 Module
BCPM0047: Marketing and Project Business Development BCPM0047 Module
BCPM0048: The Management of Large Projects and Programmes BCPM0048 Module
BCPM0049: Social Networks in Project and Enterprise Organisations BCPM0049 Module
BCPM0050: Integrating Project Information Systems with Building Information Modelling (BIM) BCPM0050 Module
BCPM0051: Managing Change in Organisations BCPM0051 Module
BCPM0052: Projects, Economics and Behaviour BCPM0052 Module
BCPM0053: VM and the Management of Value (VMMoV) BCPM0053 Module
BCPM0054: The Management of Innovation in Construction Firms and Projects (MIC) BCPM0054 Module
BCPM0055: Contractual Claims and Dispute Resolution BCPM0055 Module
BCPM0056: Project Bookends, Transition and Activation BCPM0056 Module
BCPM0058: Economics BCPM0058 Module
BCPM0059: Computing for the Built Environment BCPM0059 Module
BCPM0060: Introduction to Built Environment BCPM0060 Module
BCPM0061: Introduction to Law BCPM0061 Module
BCPM0062: Materials: Their use and structural function BCPM0062 Module
BCPM0063: The Construction Industry and its Management BCPM0063 Module
BCPM0064: Management - Introduction BCPM0064 Module
BCPM0065: Building Services Engineering I BCPM0065 Module
BCPM0066: Project Management I BCPM0066 Module
BCPM0067: Technology Studies BCPM0067 Module
BCPM0068: Economics II BCPM0068 Module
BCPM0069: Building for a Sustainable Future BCPM0069 Module
BCPM0070: Management - Intermediate BCPM0070 Module
BCPM0071: Professional Skills for Project Management BCPM0071 Module
BCPM0072: Contract Administration and Law 1 BCPM0072 Module
BCPM0073: Building Services Engineering II BCPM0073 Module
BCPM0074: Project Management II BCPM0074 Module
BCPM0075: Dissertation BCPM0075 Module
BCPM0076: Project Evaluation and Development BCPM0076 Module
BCPM0077: Contract Administration and Law 2 BCPM0077 Module
BCPM0078: Work Placement Year BCPM0078 Module
BCPM0079: Management - Advanced BCPM0079 Module
BCPM0080: Built Asset Management BCPM0080 Module
BCPM0082: Knowledge Management in a Project Environment BCPM0082 Module
BCPM0084: Input-output analysis and its applications BCPM0084 Module
BCPM0085: Organising for Digitalisation BCPM0085 Module
BCPM0086: Management of digital innovation BCPM0086 Module
BCPM0087: Digital briefing and scope management BCPM0087 Module
BCPM0088: Integrated and industrialised construction BCPM0088 Module
BCPM0089: Engineering the Digital Thread Across Lifecycle BCPM0089 Module
BCPM0090: Big Data and Business Analytics BCPM0090 Module
BCPM0091: Agile and hybrid project management BCPM0091 Module
BCPM0092: Management of major programmes with digital BCPM0092 Module
BENV0080: Building Engineering Physics BENV0080 Module
Data Analytics for Project Managers BCMP0094 Module
ENVS2035: Marketing in the Construction Industry (Management 2) Exploring Firm Functions from Strategy to Operations ENVS2035 Module
ENVS2043: Contract Administration and Law 1 ENVS2043 Module
MSc Infrastructure Investment and Finance TMSARCSIIF01 Programme
MSc Strategic Management of Projects TMSARCSIMP01 Programme

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