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Former 'UCL Energy Institute'

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BENV0006.: Dissertation: economics and Policy of Energy and the Environment BENV0006 Module
BENV0009: Business and Sustainability BENV0009 Module
BENV0018: Econometrics for Energy and the Environment BENV0018 Module
BENV0020: Planetary Economics and the Political Economy of Energy & Climate Change BENV0020 Module
BENV0027: MSc Health, Comfort and Wellbeing in the Built Environment BENV0027 Module
BENV0029: Natural and Mechanical Ventilation in Buildings BENV0029 Module
BENV0032: Methods of Environmental Analysis BENV0032 Module
BENV0033: Building Acoustics BENV0033 Module
BENV0035: Advanced Building Simulation BENV0035 Module
BENV0039: Low Energy Housing Retrofit BENV0039 Module
BENV0043: Post Occupancy Evaluation Module BENV0043 Module
BENV0047: Systems Thinking and System Dynamics BENV0047 Module
BENV0051: Sustainability and Heritage Value BENV0051 Module
BENV0052: Heritage Materials and Assemblies BENV0052 Module
BENV0053: Sustainable Strategies BENV0053 Module
BENV0054: Wellbeing in Buildings: Theory and Practice BENV0054 Module
BENV0055: Integrated Building Design for Health and Wellbeing BENV0055 Module
BENV0056: Health and Wellbeing in Cities: Theory and Practice BENV0056 Module
BENV0057: Designing Inclusive Places BENV0057 Module
BENV0060: Lighting Research BENV0060 Module
BENV0062: Lighting Practice BENV0062 Module
BENV0063: Science and Engineering in Art, Heritage and Archaeology in Context BENV0063 Module
BENV0068: Project Planning, Management and Maintenance BENV0068 Module
BENV0071: Policies for Sustainable Resources BENV0071 Module
BENV0076: Resource Governance in the Global South BENV0076 Module
BENV0077: Eco-Innovation and Sustainable Entrepreneurship BENV0077 Module
BENV0088: Integrated Building Systems Simulation BENV0088 Module
BENV0095: Energy and Transport Analytics BENV0095 Module
BENV0111: Heritage Data Mapping and Visualisation BENV0111 Module
BENV0112: Heritage Building Information Modelling BENV0112 Module
BENV0113: Heritage Imaging BENV0113 Module
BENV0114: Crowd-Sourced and Citizen Data for Cultural Heritage BENV0114 Module
BENV0115: Machine Learning for Heritage BENV0115 Module
BENV0116: Heritage Data Management BENV0116 Module
BENV0117: Dissertation: Data Science for Cultural Heritage BENV0117 Module
BENV0124: Introduction to Heritage Science BENV0124 Module
BENV0125: Sustainability and Heritage Value BENV0125 Module
BENV0126: Introduction to Sustainable Heritage BENV0126 Module
BENV0127: Heritage Materials and Assemblies BENV0127 Module
BENVGEEC: Environmental Masterplanning BENVGEEC Module
BENVGFEE: Space and Workplace Management BENVGFEE Module
BENVGFEO: Space and Workplace Management: International BENVGFEO Module
BENVGFET: Building Information Modelling and Management for Sustainability BENVGFET Module
BENVGHF3: Performance BENVGHF3 Module
Energy, Resources, Environment in Developing Countries BENV0109 Module
Environmental and Social Sustainability Risk Management in Natural Resource Projects BENV0106 Module
Environmental Life-Cycle Governance BENV0120 Module
MRes in Energy Demand Studies TMRBLTSEDS01 Programme
MSc Health, Comfort and Wellbeing in the Built Environment HEALCOM Programme
MSc in Economics and Policy of Energy and the Environment TMSECOSEAE01 Programme
Strategies for Sustainable Heritage Buildings and Collections BENV0104 Module
Strategies for Sustainable Heritage Landscapes BENV0105 Module
TMSARCSHWS01: MSc Health, Wellbeing and Sustainable Buildings TMSARCSHWS01 Programme
TMSARCSLIG01: MSc Light and Lighting TMSARCSLIG01 Programme
TMSIBSSDOP19: MSc Smart Buildings and Digital Engineering: yr 1 TMSIBSSDOP19 Programme

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