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Name Code Type
BENV0009: Business and Sustainability BENV0009 Module
BENV0020: Planetary Economics and the Political Economy of Energy & Climate Change BENV0020 Module
BENV0029: Natural and Mechanical Ventilation in Buildings BENV0029 Module
BENV0033: Building Acoustics BENV0033 Module
BENV0035: Advanced Building Simulation BENV0035 Module
BENV0039: Low Energy Housing Retrofit BENV0039 Module
BENV0043: Post Occupancy Evaluation Module BENV0043 Module
BENV0047: Systems Thinking and System Dynamics BENV0047 Module
BENV0051: Sustainability and Heritage Value BENV0051 Module
BENV0052: Heritage Materials and Assemblies BENV0052 Module
BENV0053: Sustainable Strategies BENV0053 Module
BENV0054: Wellbeing in Buildings: Theory and Practice BENV0054 Module
BENV0055: Integrated Building Design for Health and Wellbeing BENV0055 Module
BENV0056: Health and Wellbeing in Cities: Theory and Practice BENV0056 Module
BENV0057: Designing Inclusive Places BENV0057 Module
BENV0068: Project Planning, Management and Maintenance BENV0068 Module
BENV0071: Policies for Sustainable Resources BENV0071 Module
BENV0077: Eco-Innovation and Sustainable Entrepreneurship BENV0077 Module
BENV0088: Integrated Building Systems Simulation BENV0088 Module
BENVGEEC: Environmental Masterplanning BENVGEEC Module
BENVGFEE: Space and Workplace Management BENVGFEE Module
BENVGFEO: Space and Workplace Management: International BENVGFEO Module
BENVGFET: Building Information Modelling and Management for Sustainability BENVGFET Module
BENVGHF3: Performance BENVGHF3 Module
MRes in Energy Demand Studies TMRBLTSEDS01 Programme
MSc in Economics and Policy of Energy and the Environment TMSECOSEAE01 Programme
TMSARCSLIG01: MSc Light and Lighting TMSARCSLIG01 Programme

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