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BENVGPLF: Planning for Housing: Project BENVGPLF Module
BENVGPLJ: Communities and Planning: Tools, Concepts and Frameworks BENVGPLJ Module
BENVGSU7: Governance for Urban Sustainability: Debates BENVGSU7 Module
BPLN0002: Pillars of Planning BPLN0002 Module
BPLN0005: Plan-Making Studio 1 BPLN0005 Module
BPLN0010: Real Estate Appraisal BPLN0010 Module
BPLN0011: Real Estate Investment BPLN0011 Module
BPLN0013: Planning Practices in Europe BPLN0013 Module
BPLN0014: Critical Debates in Real Estate and Planning BPLN0014 Module
BPLN0015: Comparative Urban Projects BPLN0015 Module
BPLN0016: Sustainable Property: Valuation, Investment, Development BPLN0016 Module
BPLN0017: Real Estate Development BPLN0017 Module
BPLN0018: Management of Housing Development Projects BPLN0018 Module
BPLN0019: The Economics and Finance of Housing Development BPLN0019 Module
BPLN0020: Critical Debates in Housing Development BPLN0020 Module
BPLN0022: Urban Investigations BPLN0022 Module
BPLN0023: Urban Design Research Project BPLN0023 Module
BPLN0024: Infrastructures as Agents of Change BPLN0024 Module
BPLN0025: Business Cases for Infrastructure BPLN0025 Module
BPLN0026: Risk, uncertainty & complexity in decision-making BPLN0026 Module
BPLN0027: Critical issues in Infrastructure Funding, Financing and Investment BPLN0027 Module
BPLN0028: Infrastructure Policy, Planning and Consent BPLN0028 Module
BPLN0029: Sustainability and Major Infrastructure Investments BPLN0029 Module
BPLN0030: Major Infrastructure Planning Practice BPLN0030 Module
BPLN0031: Design and Real Estate BPLN0031 Module
BPLN0032: Critical Debates in Urban Design BPLN0032 Module
BPLN0033: Collaborative City Planning Strategies BPLN0033 Module
BPLN0034: Sustainable Futures by Design BPLN0034 Module
BPLN0035: City Planning BPLN0035 Module
BPLN0037: Spatial Planning BPLN0037 Module
BPLN0038: Comparative Planning Systems and Cultures BPLN0038 Module
BPLN0039: Dissertation in Planning BPLN0039 Module
BPLN0040: Critical Debates in International Planning BPLN0040 Module
BPLN0042: Urban Design: Place Making BPLN0042 Module
BPLN0043: From Strategic Vision to Urban Plan BPLN0043 Module
BPLN0044: Planning for Housing: Process BPLN0044 Module
BPLN0045: International Planning Project BPLN0045 Module
BPLN0047: Spatial Planning: Critical Practice BPLN0047 Module
BPLN0049: Participatory Urban Planning Project BPLN0049 Module
BPLN0050: Critical Debates in Sustainable Urbanism BPLN0050 Module
BPLN0051: Sustainable Urban Design BPLN0051 Module
BPLN0052: Major Research Project BPLN0052 Module
BPLN0054: Governance for Urban Sustainability: Project BPLN0054 Module
BPLN0055: Planning Practice BPLN0055 Module
BPLN0056: Urban Design: Layout, Density and Typology BPLN0056 Module
BPLN0057: Urban Design: Design Guidance, Incentive and Control BPLN0057 Module
BPLN0058: Sustainable Urban Development: Key Themes BPLN0058 Module
BPLN0059: Sustainable Urban Development: Project BPLN0059 Module
BPLN0060: Transport Planning and the City BPLN0060 Module
BPLN0061: International Case Studies in Transport and City Planning BPLN0061 Module
BPLN0062: Urban Regeneration: Development Projects BPLN0062 Module
BPLN0063: Case Studies in Preparing Regeneration Projects BPLN0063 Module
BPLN0064: Case Studies in Implementing Regeneration Projects BPLN0064 Module
BPLN0065: Urban Regeneration: Urban Problems and Problematics BPLN0065 Module
BPLN0066: Critical Debates in Urban Regeneration BPLN0066 Module
BPLN0068: Planning Practices in Urban Development in Historic Cities and Neighbourhoods BPLN0068 Module
BPLN0069: Introduction to Planning Systems BPLN0069 Module
BPLN0070: Planning History and Thought BPLN0070 Module
BPLN0071: Contemporary Cities BPLN0071 Module
BPLN0072: Urban Lab I: IT Skills BPLN0072 Module
BPLN0073: Introducing Urban Design: Design Skills BPLN0073 Module
BPLN0074: Management for Built Environment Professionals I BPLN0074 Module
BPLN0075: Introduction to Real Estate BPLN0075 Module
BPLN0076: Beyond Cities: Rural Economies, Communities and Landscapes BPLN0076 Module
BPLN0077: Urban Lab II: Spatial Analysis BPLN0077 Module
BPLN0078: Urban Design: Theory to Practice BPLN0078 Module
BPLN0079: Green Futures BPLN0079 Module
BPLN0080: Cities and Social Change BPLN0080 Module
BPLN0081: Economics of the City and Their Regions BPLN0081 Module
BPLN0082: Strategic Planning Project BPLN0082 Module
BPLN0083: Project Work BPLN0083 Module
BPLN0084: Urban and Environmental Politics BPLN0084 Module
BPLN0085: Urban Form and Formation BPLN0085 Module
BPLN0086: Management for Built Environment Professionals II BPLN0086 Module
BPLN0087: Real Estate Economics BPLN0087 Module
BPLN0088: Development Project: Regeneration BPLN0088 Module
BPLN0089: Urban Design Space and Place BPLN0089 Module
BPLN0090: Urban Project Management BPLN0090 Module
BPLN0091: Transport Policy and Planning BPLN0091 Module
BPLN0092: Planning and Property Law BPLN0092 Module
BPLN0093: Real Estate Valuation BPLN0093 Module
BPLN0094: Real Estate Investment and Finance BPLN0094 Module
BPLN0095: Regional Development, Planning and Policy in a Global Context BPLN0095 Module
BPLN0096: Real Estate Management BPLN0096 Module
BPLN0099: Real Estate Development BPLN0099 Module
BPLN0102: Planning for Sustainability and Inclusion BPLN0102 Module
BPLNPGRM: Dissertation in Planning BPLNPGRM Module
Civic Design BPLN0103 Module
ENVS3022: Project X - Year 3 ENVS3022 Module
lanning Discourses for Urban Development in Historic Cities and Neighbourhoods BPLN0067 Module
Real Estate Finance BPLN0101 Module
Sustainable Housing Design Principles BPLN0109 Module

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