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Name Code Type
ABCD1234: TLS test ABCD1234 Module
Achieving Blended Learning with Moodle BLENDLEARN Module
Administering Your Moodle Course ADMINMOODLE Module
Arena Open ARENAOPEN Module
Arena TAP playpen ARENATAP Module
Developing Inspiring Teaching DEVINSTEACH Module
Digital Assessment and Feedback DIGIASS Module
EDUC0002: Researcher Professional Development EDUC0002 Module
EDUCGE01: Investigating Research EDUCGE01 Module
ELEN1001 ELEN1001 Module
ELEX1001: E-Learning Environments ELEX1001 Module
JUNE1001@ Test course JUNE1001 Module
Liberating the Curriculum LIBCURR Module
London E-Learning Reading Group ELEARNRG Module
Moodle as a Communications Hub MOODLECOM Module
MV00000: Mira: An Elf’s Lair MV00000 Module
Tracking Students’ Engagement TRACSTUD Module
UCL Arena 2 UCLAREN2 Module
UCL Arena Senior Fellowship Pathway UCLASFP Module
Video in Education VIDINEDU Module
Vying for Students Attention VY4STUD Module

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