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CENG0002: Introduction to Chemical Engineering CENG0002 Module
CENG0003: Transport Phenomena CENG0003 Module
CENG0004: Thermodynamics CENG0004 Module
CENG0005: Physical Chemistry CENG0005 Module
CENG0006: Computational Modelling and Analysis CENG0006 Module
CENG0007: Design and Professional Skills II CENG0007 Module
CENG0008: Engineering Experimentation CENG0008 Module
CENG0009: Process Heat Transfer CENG0009 Module
CENG0010: Separation Processes I CENG0010 Module
CENG0011: Particulate Systems & Separation Processes II CENG0011 Module
CENG0012: Chemical Reaction Engineering I CENG0012 Module
CENG0013: Process Design Principles CENG0013 Module
CENG0014: Inorganic Chemistry for Engineers CENG0014 Module
CENG0015: Chemical Reaction Engineering CENG0015 Module
CENG0016: Process Plant Design Project CENG0016 Module
CENG0017: Process Dynamics and Control CENG0017 Module
CENG0018: Chemical Reaction Engineering II CENG0018 Module
CENG0019: Transport Phenomena II CENG0019 Module
CENG0020: Process Plant Design Project CENG0020 Module
CENG0021: Organic Chemistry for Engineers CENG0021 Module
CENG0022: From Molecules to Molecular Engineering CENG0022 Module
CENG0023: Advanced Process Engineering CENG0023 Module
CENG0024: Fluid Particle Systems CENG0024 Module
CENG0025: Process Systems Modelling and Design CENG0025 Module
CENG0026: Energy Systems and Sustainability CENG0026 Module
CENG0027: Molecular Thermodynamics CENG0027 Module
CENG0028: Electrochemical Engineering and Power Sources CENG0028 Module
CENG0029: Nature Inspired Chemical Engineering CENG0029 Module
CENG0030: Advanced Materials Processes and Nanotechnology CENG0030 Module
CENG0031: Design Project CENG0031 Module
CENG0032: Research Project CENG0032 Module
CENG0033: Advanced Separation Processes CENG0033 Module
CENG0034: Natural Gas Processing CENG0034 Module
CENG0035: Minerals Usage, Extraction and Processing CENG0035 Module
CENG0036: Prevention and Remediation of Environmental Contamination CENG0036 Module
CENG0037: Dissertation CENG0037 Module
CENG0038: Chemical Engineering Research Project CENG0038 Module
CENG0043: Advanced Process Plant Design Project CENG0043 Module
CENG0044: Research Skills CENG0044 Module
CENG0045: Research Methods : Quantitative CENG0045 Module
CENG0047: Social Licensing CENG0047 Module
CENG0052: Advanced Process Design Principles CENG0052 Module
CENG0053: Process Engineering Modelling and Design CENG0053 Module
CENG2001: Experimentation CENG2001 Module
CENG2007: Particulate Systems and Separation Processes CENG2007 Module
CENG2008: Process Dynamics and Control CENG2008 Module
CENG3001: Process Dynamics and Control CENG3001 Module
CENG3008: Experimentation CENG3008 Module
CENG305P: Advanced Safety and Loss Prevention CENG305P Module
CENG306P: Process Plant Design I CENG306P Module
CENGG006: Process Dynamics and Control CENGG006 Module
CENGG01P: Process Systems Modelling and Design (Masters Level) CENGG01P Module
CENGG22P: Process Dynamics and Control CENGG22P Module
CENGG23P: Chemical Reaction Engineering II CENGG23P Module
CENGG24P: Transport Phenomena II CENGG24P Module
CENGG25P: Advanced Safety and Loss Prevention CENGG25P Module
CENGG26P: Separation Processes CENGG26P Module
CENGM002: Advanced Process Engineering CENGM002 Module
CENGM006: Fluid Particle Systems CENGM006 Module
CENGM011: Advanced process modelling and design CENGM011 Module
CENGM03P: Electrochemical Engineering and Power Sources (Masters Level) CENGM03P Module
CENGM04P: Nature Inspired Chemical Engineering (Masters Level) CENGM04P Module
CENGM05P: Advanced Materials Processes and Nanotechnology CENGM05P Module
CENGM22P: Process Dynamics and Control CENGM22P Module
CENGM25P: Advanced Safety and Loss Prevention CENGM25P Module
CENGM26P: Separation Processes CENGM26P Module
CENGMA01: Natural Gas Processing CENGMA01 Module
TMSCENSGMN01: global management of natural resources TMSCENSGM Module

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