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CHEM0003: Quantitative Chemistry CHEM0003 Module
CHEM0004: Further Quantitative Chemistry CHEM0004 Module
CHEM0005: Chemical Foundations CHEM0005 Module
CHEM0006: Chemical Skills CHEM0006 Module
CHEM0008: Basic Organic Chemistry CHEM0008 Module
CHEM0009: Basic Physical Chemistry CHEM0009 Module
CHEM0010: Chemistry for Biology Students CHEM0010 Module
CHEM0011: Chemistry for Biologists CHEM0011 Module
CHEM0012: Chemistry of Materials CHEM0012 Module
CHEM0013: Basic Inorganic Chemistry CHEM0013 Module
CHEM0014: Inorganic Chemistry CHEM0014 Module
CHEM0015: Inorganic Chemistry for Physical Science CHEM0015 Module
CHEM0016: Organic Chemistry CHEM0016 Module
CHEM0017: Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry CHEM0017 Module
CHEM0018: Reaction Mechanisms in Chemical and Biological Systems CHEM0018 Module
CHEM0019: Physical Chemistry CHEM0019 Module
CHEM0020: Physical Chemistry for Medicinal Chemistry and Life Sciences CHEM0020 Module
CHEM0021: Chemical Dynamics CHEM0021 Module
CHEM0022: Quantum Mechanics and Spectroscopy CHEM0022 Module
CHEM0023: Chemistry of Biologically Important Molecules CHEM0023 Module
CHEM0024: Synthesis and Characterisation Techniques in Chemistry CHEM0024 Module
CHEM0025: Instrumental and Computational Techniques in Chemistry CHEM0025 Module
CHEM0026: Synthetic Chemistry and Instrumentation CHEM0026 Module
CHEM0027: Chemical Literature CHEM0027 Module
CHEM0028: Concepts in Computational and Experimental Chemistry CHEM0028 Module
CHEM0029: Intense Radiation Sources for Chemistry CHEM0029 Module
CHEM0031: Inorganic Rings, Chains and Clusters CHEM0031 Module
CHEM0032: Biological Chemistry CHEM0032 Module
CHEM0033: Principles of Drug Design CHEM0033 Module
CHEM0034: Principles and Methods of Organic Synthesis CHEM0034 Module
CHEM0035: Pathways, Intermediates and Function in Organic Chemistry CHEM0035 Module
CHEM0036: Stereochemical Control in Asymmetric Total Synthesis CHEM0036 Module
CHEM0037: Advanced Topics in Physical Chemistry CHEM0037 Module
CHEM0038: Numerical Methods in Chemistry CHEMM304 Module
CHEM0038: Numerical Methods in Chemistry CHEM0038 Module
CHEM0039: New Directions in Materials Chemistry CHEM0039 Module
CHEM0041: Data Analysis and Theory CHEM0041 Module
CHEM0042: Practical Aspects of Analytical CHEM0042 Module
CHEM0045: Synthesis and Biosynthesis of Natural Products CHEM0045 Module
CHEM0046: Frontiers of Experimental Physical Chemistry CHEM0046 Module
CHEM0049: Homogenous and Heterogeneous Catalysis CHEM0049 Module
CHEM0050: Topics in Quantum Mechanics CHEM0050 Module
CHEM0056: Structural Methods in Modern Chemistry CHEM0056 Module
CHEM0058: Advanced Chemical Research Project (Masters Level) CHEM0058 Module
CHEM0062: Scientific Programming for Chemists CHEM0062 Module
CHEM0077: Topics in Modern Chemistry CHEM0077 Module
CHEM0078: Topics in Modern Chemistry CHEM0078 Module
CHEM0079: Topics in Modern Chemistry CHEM0079 Module
CHEM0084: Analytical Chemistry: Experimental Strategies and Practical Applications CHEM0084 Module
CHEM1002: Introduction to Quantitative Chemistry CHEM1002 Module
CHEM2101: Fundamentals of Inorganic Chemistry CHEM2101 Module
CHEM3001: An Introduction to Research Methods CHEM3001 Module
CHEM3002: An Introduction to Research Methods for Medicinal Chemistry CHEM3002 Module
CHEM3003: Advanced Practical Chemistry CHEM3003 Module
CHEM3101: Advanced Topics in Inorganic Chemistry CHEM0030 Module
CHEMH101: Inorganic Rings, Chains and Clusters CHEMH101 Module
CHEMH203: Biological Chemistry CHEMH203 Module
CHEMINFO: Chemistry Undergraduate Information CHEMINFO Module
CHEMM003: Homogenous and Heterogeneous Catalysis CHEMM003 Module
CHEMM004: Intense Radiation Sources for Chemistry (Masters Level) CHEMM004 Module
CHEMM005: Structural Methods in Modern Chemistry (Masters Level) CHEMM005 Module
CHEMM103: Microstructure Control in Materials Science (Masters Level) CHEMM103 Module
CHEMM201: Stereochemical Control in Asymmetric Total Synthesis (Masters Level) CHEMM201 Module
CHEMM205: Synthesis and Biosynthesis of Natural Products (Masters Level) CHEMM205 Module
CHEMM301: Frontiers of Experimental Physical Chemistry (Masters Level) CHEMM301 Module
CHEMM302: Topics in Quantum Mechanics (Masters Level) CHEMM302 Module
CHEMM904: SOCRATES Summer Exchange (Masters Level) CHEMM904 Module
Frontiers in Materials Modelling CHEM0053 Module
Practical Aspects and Applications of Analytical Chemistry CHEM0081 Module
Quantitative Chemistry CHEM0002 Module
Simulation Methods in Materials Chemistry CHEM0064 Module

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