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Name Code Type
Accessibility for All ACCESSIBILITY Module
CEGE0003: Civil Engineering Design CEGE0003 Module
CEGE0009: Structural Analysis and Design CEGE0009 Module
CEGE0010: Introduction to Environmental Engineering CEGE0010 Module
CEGE0011: Materials and Applied Fluid Mechanics II CEGE0011 Module
CEGE0012: Scenarios in Civil Engineering CEGE0012 Module
CEGE0013: Soil Mechanics and Engineering Geology CEGE0013 Module
CEGE0014: Surveying and Field Studies CEGE0014 Module
CEGE0015: Environmental Systems CEGE0015 Module
CEGE0016: Financial Aspects of Project Engineering and Contracting CEGE0016 Module
CEGE0017: Civil Engineering Project CEGE0017 Module
CEGE0020: Systems, Society and Sustainability CEGE0020 Module
CEGE0022: Water and Wastewater Treatment CEGE0022 Module
CEGE0023: Offshore and Coastal Engineering CEGE0023 Module
CEGE0025: Engineering and International Development CEGE0025 Module
CEGE0028: Systems Engineering and Management CEGEM014 Module
CEGE0028: Systems Engineering and Management CEGE0028 Module
CEGE0029: Collaborative Environmental Systems Project CEGE0029 Module
CEGE0030: Roads and Underground Infrastructure: Design, Construction and Maintenance CEGE0030 Module
CEGE0031: Advanced Soil Mechanics CEGE0031 Module
CEGE0032: Introduction to Seismic Design of Structures CEGE0032 Module
CEGE0035: Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering CEGE0035 Module
CEGE0036: Natural and Environmental Disasters CEGE0036 Module
CEGE0038: Finite-Element Modelling and Numerical Methods CEGE0038 Module
CEGE0039: Urban Flooding and Drainage CEGE0039 Module
CEGE0040: Structural Dynamics CEGE0040 Module
CEGE0044: Data Analysis CEGE0044 Module
CEGE0046: Advanced Structural Analysis CEGE0046 Module
CEGE0051: Structural Vulnerability and Resilience CEGE0051 Module
CEGE0054: Environmental Modelling CEGE0054 Module
CEGE0061: Advanced Seismic Design of Structures CEGE0061 Module
CEGE0064: Waste and Resource Efficiency CEGE0064 Module
CEGE1009: Introduction to Civil and Environmental Engineering CEGE1009 Module
CEGE102P: Applied Structures and Materials CEGE102P Module
CEGE103P: Engineering, Society and the Planet CEGE103P Module
CEGE104P: Engineering Toolkit CEGE104P Module
CEGE105P: Applied Fluid and Soil Mechanics CEGE105P Module
CEGE201M: Aerospace Design and Aerodynamics CEGE201M Module
CEGE203P: Design and professional Skills II CEGE203P Module
CEGE3002: Transport Studies CEGE3002 Module
CEGE3005: Civil Engineering Materials CEGE3005 Module
CEGE3012: Environmental Engineering Project CEGE3012 Module
CEGE3015: Coastal Engineering CEGE3015 Module
CEGE3019: Advanced Soil Mechanics CEGE3019 Module
CEGE3020: Water and Wastewater Treatment CEGE3020 Module
CEGE3021: Fluids and Engineering Analysis CEGE3021 Module
CEGE3022 : Structural Mechanics III CEGE3022 Module
CEGE3023: Civil Engineering in Practice CEGE3023 Module
CEGE3024: Environmental Engineering in Practice CEGE3024 Module
CEGEG002: Transport Studies CEGEG002 Module
CEGEG010: Financial Aspects of Project Engineering and Contracting CEGEG010 Module
CEGEG018: Systems Society and Sustainability CEGEG018 Module
CEGEG019: Advanced Soil Mechanics CEGEG019 Module
CEGEG020: Introduction to Seismic Design of Structures CEGEG020 Module
CEGEG022: Seismic Risk Assessment CEGEG022 Module
CEGEG023: Disaster Risk Reduction CEGEG023 Module
CEGEG030: Natural and Environmental Disasters CEGEG030 Module
CEGEG034: Mapping Science CEGEG034 Module
CEGEG041: Management/Group Project CEGEG041 Module
CEGEG063: Principles and Practice of Surveying CEGEG063 Module
CEGEG066: The Anatomy of the Railway CEGEG066 Module
CEGEG067: Environmental Engineering Design CEGEG067 Module
CEGEG068: Finite-Element Modelling and Numerical Methods CEGEG068 Module
CEGEG070: Urban Flooding and Drainage CEGEG070 Module
CEGEG071: Structural Dynamics CEGEG071 Module
CEGEG073: Resilience CEGEG073 Module
CEGEG075: Image Understanding CEGEG075 Module
CEGEG076: Spatial-Temporal Data Analysis and Data Mining CEGEG076 Module
CEGEG077: Web and Mobile GIS: Apps and Programming CEGEG077 Module
CEGEG080: Data Analysis CEGEG080 Module
CEGEG081: Positioning CEGEG081 Module
CEGEG082: GIS Principles and Technology CEGEG082 Module
CEGEG083: Ocean and Coastal Zone Management CEGEG083 Module
CEGEG084: Terrestrial Data Acquisition CEGEG084 Module
CEGEG085: Airborne Data Acquisition CEGEG085 Module
CEGEG086: Hydrographic Applications CEGEG086 Module
CEGEG087: Geographical Information System Design CEGEG087 Module
CEGEG089: Principles of Spatial Analysis CEGEG089 Module
CEGEG091: Transport, Health and Policy Dissertation CEGEG091 Module
CEGEG097: MRes Urban Sustainability and Resilience: Research Project CEGEG097 Module
CEGEG098: Integrated Design CEGEG098 Module
CEGEG104: Interdisciplinary Thinking in Urban Sustainability and Resilience CEGEG104 Module
CEGEG110: Compliance and Assurance CEGEG110 Module
CEGEG111: Electro-Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) CEGEG111 Module
CEGEG112: Engineering Management CEGEG112 Module
CEGEG113: Engineering Safety Management CEGEG113 Module
CEGEG114: Environmental Management and Sustainability CEGEG114 Module
CEGEG115: Fire Engineering CEGEG115 Module
CEGEG116: Human Factors CEGEG116 Module
CEGEG117: General Engineering Principles CEGEG117 Module
CEGEG118: Building Services CEGEG118 Module
CEGEG119: Track Engineering (Rail) CEGEG119 Module
CEGEG120: Signalling CEGEG120 Module
CEGEG121: Architecture CEGEG121 Module
CEGEG122: Electrification and Plant CEGEG122 Module
CEGEG123: Civils CEGEG123 Module
CEGEG124: Telecommunication Systems (Rail) CEGEG124 Module
CEGEG125: Topographical Survey (Rail) CEGEG125 Module
CEGEG126: The Whole Transport System CEGEG126 Module
CEGEG128: Seismic Loss Mitigation and Strengthening of Low-Engineered Buildings CEGEG128 Module
CEGEG129: Spatial Databases and Data Management CEGEG129 Module
CEGEG130: Applied Building Information Modelling CEGEG130 Module
CEGEG131: Survey Project CEGEG131 Module
CEGEG132: Engineering and International Development CEGEG132 Module
CEGEG133: Monitoring and Assessment of Health and Transport Policies CEGEG133 Module
CEGEG134: Environmental Modelling CEGEG134 Module
CEGEG135: Strategic Leadership and Decision Making CEGEG135 Module
CEGEG136: Policy and Strategy: Development and Implementation CEGEG136 Module
CEGEG137: Assessing Evidence and Building a Case for Policy CEGEG137 Module
CEGEG138: Appropriate Technologies in Practice CEGEG138 Module
CEGEG139: Collaborative International Development Practice CEGEG139 Module
CEGEG140: Advanced Seismic Design of Structures CEGEG140 Module
CEGEM002: Integrated Design Project CEGEM002 Module
CEGEM009: Collaborative Environmental Systems Project CEGEM009 Module
CEGEM010: Environmental Systems CEGEM010 Module
CEGEM011: Systems Society and Sustainability CEGEM011 Module
CEGEM013: Financial Aspects of Project Engineering and Contracting CEGEM013 Module
CEGEM017: Roads and Underground Infrastructure: Design, Construction and Maintenance CEGEM017 Module
CEGEM022: Seismic Risk Assessment CEGEM022 Module
CEGEM028: Water and Wastewater Treatment CEGEM028 Module
CEGEM029: Coastal Engineering CEGEM029 Module
CEGEM066: The Anatomy of the Railway CEGEM066 Module
CEGEM067: Environmental Engineering Design CEGEM067 Module
CEGEM082: GIS Principles and Technology CEGEM082 Module
CEGEM129: Spatial Databases and Data Management CEGEM129 Module
CEGEM130: Applied Building Information Modelling CEGEM130 Module
CEGEM132: Engineering and International Development CEGEM132 Module
CEGEM138: Appropriate Technologies in Practice CEGEM138 Module
CEGEM139: Collaborative International Development Practice CEGEM139 Module
ENGF0014: Engineering Thinking I ENGF0014 Module

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