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COMP0002: Principles of Programming COMP0002 Module
COMP0003: Theory of Computation COMP0003 Module
COMP0004: Object-Orientated Programming COMP0004 Module
COMP0005: Algorithms COMP0005 Module
COMP0007: Directed Reading COMP0007 Module
COMP0008: Computer Architecture and Concurrency COMP0008 Module
COMP0009: Logic and Database Theory COMP0009 Module
COMP0010: Software Engineering COMP0010 Module
COMP0011: Mathematics and Statistics COMP0011 Module
COMP0012: Compilers COMP0012 Module
COMP0014: Cognitive Systems and Intelligent Technologies COMP0014 Module
COMP0015: Introduction to Programming COMP0015 Module
COMP0016: Systems Engineering COMP0016 Module
COMP0017: Computability and Complexity Theory COMP0017 Module
COMP0019: Computer Systems COMP0019 Module
COMP0020: Functional Programming COMP0020 Module
COMP0021: Interaction Design COMP0021 Module
COMP0022: Database and Information Management Systems COMP0022 Module
COMP0023: Networked Systems COMP0023 Module
COMP0024: Artificial Intelligence and Neural Computing COMP0024 Module
COMP0025: Introduction to Cryptography COMP0025 Module
COMP0026: Image Processing COMP0026 Module
COMP0027: Computer Graphics COMP0027 Module
COMP0028: Computational Photography and Capture COMP0028 Module
COMP0029: Individual Project for Year 3 BSc COMP0029 Module
COMP0030: Research Methods COMP0030 Module
COMP0031: Group Research Project COMP0031 Module
COMP0034: Web Development COMP0034 Module
COMP0035: Systems Engineering COMP0035 Module
COMP0036: Machine Learning and Neural Computing COMP0036 Module
COMP0037: Robotic Systems COMP0037 Module
COMP0038: Computer Music COMP0038 Module
COMP0039: Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice COMP0039 Module
COMP0040: Financial Data and Statistics COMP0040 Module
COMP0041: Applied Mathematical Finance COMP0041 Module
COMP0043: Numerical Methods for Finance COMP0043 Module
COMP0044: Operational Risk Measurement for Financial Institutions COMP0044 Module
COMP0045: Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes COMP0045 Module
COMP0046: Networks and Systemic Risk COMP0046 Module
COMP0047: Data Analytics COMP0047 Module
COMP0048: Financial Engineering COMP0048 Module
COMP0049: Market Microstructure COMP0049 Module
COMP0050: Machine Learning with Applications in Finance COMP0050 Module
COMP0051: Algorithmic Trading COMP0051 Module
COMP0052: Individual Project (MRes) Dissertation COMP0052 Module
COMP0053: Affective Computing and Human-Robot Interaction COMP0053 Module
COMP0054: Computer Security I COMP0054 Module
COMP0055: Computer Security II COMP0055 Module
COMP0056: People and Security COMP0056 Module
COMP0057: Research in Information Security COMP0057 Module
COMP0058: Applied Cryptography COMP0058 Module
COMP0059: Information Security Management COMP0059 Module
COMP0060: Malware COMP0060 Module
COMP0061: Privacy Enhancing Technologies COMP0061 Module
COMP0063: Philosophy, Politics and Economics of Security and Privacy COMP0063 Module
COMP0064: Dissertation COMP0064 Module
COMP0065: Project in Business Analytics COMP0065 Module
COMP0066: Introductory programming COMP0066 Module
COMP0067: Design COMP0067 Module
COMP0068: Architecture and Hardware COMP0068 Module
COMP0069: Systems Infrastructure COMP0069 Module
COMP0070: Algorithmics COMP0070 Module
COMP0071: Software Engineering COMP0071 Module
COMP0072: Programming for Business Analytics COMP0072 Module
COMP0073: Individual Project Report COMP0073 Module
COMP0075: Financial Market Modelling and Analysis COMP0075 Module
COMP0076: MSc Financial Risk Management Project COMP0076 Module
COMP0077: MSc Computational Finance Project COMP0077 Module
COMP0078: Supervised Learning COMP0078 Module
COMP0080: Graphical Models COMP0080 Module
COMP0081: Applied Machine Learning COMP0081 Module
COMP0082: Bioinformatics COMP0082 Module
COMP0083: Advanced Topics in Machine Learning COMP0083 Module
COMP0084: Information Retrieval and Data Mining COMP0084 Module
COMP0085: Approximate Inference and Learning in Probabilistic Models COMP0085 Module
COMP0086: Probabilistic and Unsupervised Learning COMP0086 Module
COMP0087: Statistical Natural Language Processing COMP0087 Module
COMP0088: Introduction to Machine Learning COMP0088 Module
COMP0089: Advanced Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning COMP0089 Module
COMP0090: Introduction to Deep Learning COMP0090 Module
COMP0091: Project COMP0091 Module
COMP0097: MRes Computational Statistics and Machine Learning Dissertation COMP0097 Module
COMP0098: Individual Project COMP0098 Module
COMP0099: MRes Virtual Reality: Individual Research Project COMP0099 Module
COMP0101: Requirements Engineering and Software Architecture COMP0101 Module
COMP0102: Software Abstractions and Systems Integration COMP0102 Module
COMP0103: Validation and Verification COMP0103 Module
COMP0104: Tools and Environments COMP0104 Module
COMP0105: Financial Institutions and Markets COMP0105 Module
COMP0107: Language Based Security COMP0107 Module
COMP0108: Research Seminar in Software Engineering COMP0108 Module
COMP0110: Research Project in Software Engineering COMP0110 Module
COMP0111: Group Project in Software Systems Engineering COMP0111 Module
COMP0112: Mathematical Methods, Algorithmics and Implementations COMP0112 Module
COMP0113: Virtual Environments COMP0113 Module
COMP0114: Inverse Problems in Imaging COMP0114 Module
COMP0115: Geometry of Images COMP0115 Module
COMP0117: Research Methods and Reading COMP0117 Module
COMP0118: Computational Modelling for Biomedical Imaging COMP0118 Module
COMP0119: Acquisition and Processing of 3D Geometry COMP0119 Module
COMP0120: Numerical Optimisation COMP0120 Module
COMP0121: Computational MRI COMP0121 Module
COMP0122: Research Project COMP0122 Module
COMP0123: Complex Networks and Web COMP0123 Module
COMP0124: Multi-agent Artificial Intellgience COMP0124 Module
COMP0125: MRes Dissertation COMP0125 Module
COMP0127: Robotic Systems Engineering COMP0127 Module
COMP0128: Robotic Control Theory and Systems COMP0128 Module
COMP0129: Robotic Sensing, Manipulation and Interaction COMP0129 Module
COMP0130: Robot Vision and Navigation COMP0130 Module
COMP0131: MRes Robotics Dissertation COMP0131 Module
COMP0132: Robotics and Computation Dissertation COMP0132 Module
COMP0133: Distributed Systems and Security COMP0133 Module
COMP0135: Professional Practice COMP0135 Module
COMP0137: Machine Vision COMP0137 Module
COMP0138: Individual Project for Year 4 MEng (Masters Level) COMP0138 Module
COMP0139: Group Project B COMP0139 Module
COMP0142: Machine Learning for Domain Specialists COMP0142 Module
COMP0145: Research Methods and Making Skills COMP0145 Module
COMP0146: Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice COMP0146 Module
COMP0147: Discrete Mathematics for Computer Scientists COMP0147 Module
COMP0154: Future Global Technologies for Disability and Development COMP0154 Module
COMP0163: Blockchain Technologies COMP0163 Module
COMP0164: Digital Finance COMP0164 Module
COMP0174: Practical Program Analysis COMP0174 Module
Cryptocurrencies COMP0143 Module
Inclusive Design and Environments COMP0153 Module
Perception and Interfaces COMP0160 Module
Quantum Computation COMP0157 Module

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