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Name Code Type
CCME0014: Wider Educational Studies - Music CCME0014 Module
CCME0024: Collaborative Learning and Development CCME0024 Module
CCME0025: Extending Impact and Influencing Others CCME0025 Module
CCME0026: Report on English Education CCME0026 Module
CCME0027: Dissertation on English Education and Integrated Research Methods CCME0027 Module
CCME0033: Contemporary Issues in English Education CCME0033 Module
CCME0035: Shakespeare in Education CCME0035 Module
CCME0036: Education and Technology: Key Issues and Debates CCME0036 Module
CCME0037: Design and Use of Technologies for Education (DUTE) CCME0037 Module
CCME0039: Digital Design Thinking and Making CCME0039 Module
CCME0040: Technology and Education Beyond the Classroom CCME0040 Module
CCME0041: Researching Digital Learning CCME0041 Module
CCME0044: Discourse, Society and Culture CCME0044 Module
CCME0046: Materials Development for Language Teaching CCME0046 Module
CCME0049: Language and Identity CCME0049 Module
CCME0050: Sociolinguistics and Sociocultural Theory CCME0050 Module
CCME0051: Second Language Acquisition CCME0051 Module
CCME0053: Dissertation Applied Linguistics and TESOL CCME0053 Module
CCME0056: Digital Games and Play CCME0056 Module
CCME0058: Digital Media, Culture Theory and Education CCME0058 Module
CCME0059: Internet Cultures: Theory and Practice CCME0059 Module
CCME0060: Moving Image Production CCME0060 Module
CCME0061: Report on Digital Media: Education CCME0061 Module
CCME0062: Dissertation on Digital Media: Education CCME0062 Module
CCME0063: Issues in Museums & Galleries in Education CCME0063 Module
CCME0074: Traditions of Enquiry CCME0074 Module
CCME0078: Cultural Encounters, Material Culture and Narratives CCME0078 Module
CCME0096: Language Testing and Assessment CCME0096 Module
CCME0097: Working with Bilingual/Multilingual Learners in International School Settings CCME0097 Module
CCME0099: English Language Teaching Classroom Practice CCME0099 Module
CCME0100: Language at Work: Communication in Professional, Institutional and Cultural Contexts CCME0100 Module
CCME0101: Understanding the Teaching and Learning of Mandarin Chinese in Schools CCME0101 Module
CCME0103: Bodies and Digital Media CCME0103 Module
CCME0107: Research and Professional Practice CCME0107 Module
CCME0108: Leading Learning CCME0108 Module
CCME0109: Practice-Based Enquiry on Teaching (Report) CCME0109 Module
CCME0114: Dissertation on a Practice-Based Enquiry on Teaching CCME0114 Module
CCME0122: Creativity: from theory to practice in English CCME0122 Module
CCME0126: Digital Media Enquiry CCME0126 Module
CCME0127: Mobile Media and Place CCME0127 Module
CCME0129: 3D Animation Production CCME0129 Module
CCME0130: Digital Game Design CCME0130 Module
CCME0133: Report on Digital Media: Critical Studies CCME0133 Module
CCME0135: Dissertation on Digital Media: Critical Studies CCME0135 Module
CCME0136: Dissertation on Digital Media: Production CCME0136 Module
CPAS0068: North-South Educational Partnerships CPAS0068 Module
CPASI261A: Participation and Rights CPASI261A Module
EDPS0034: Learning and Working in International Contexts EDPS0034 Module
Reconnect to Education: Preparation for Higher Education RETOED Module
Secondary PGCE Background Reading List PGCERL Module
Secondary: PGCE Art and Design SECPGCEAD Module
Secondary: PGCE Computing SECPGCECOMP Module
TEPSECSENG01: English and English with Drama TEPSECSENG01 Module
TEPSECSEWD01: Secondary PGCE English with Drama TEPSECSEWD01 Module
TEPSECSLAN01: Secondary PGCE: Languages TEPSECSLAN01 Module
TEPSECSMUS01: Secondary PGCE: Music TEPSECSMUS01 Module

Lists linked to Culture, Communication and Media

Title Academic Year Last updated
CCME0043 / CCME0042: Dissertation/Report on Education and Technology Academic Year 2019/20 25/07/2019 14:10:49
CCME0123: Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics in Education Academic Year 2019/20 25/07/2019 14:02:46
CCME0131: Learning Design for Blended and Online Education Academic Year 2019/20 25/07/2019 14:08:17
CCME0132: Digital Sociology of Education Academic Year 2019/20 25/07/2019 14:09:24