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DEVP0001: Post disaster recovery: policies, practices and alternatives DEVP0001 Module
DEVP0002: Transforming Local Areas: Urban Design for Development DEVP0002 Module
DEVP0003: Participatory processes: building for development DEVP0003 Module
DEVP0004: Building and Urban Design Practice DEVP0004 Module
DEVP0005: Disaster risk reduction in cities DEVP0005 Module
DEVP0006: Critical Urbanism Studio 1: Learning from Informality: Case Studies and Alternatives DEVP0006 Module
DEVP0007: Critical Urbanism Studio 2: Investigative Design Strategies for Contested Spaces DEVP0007 Module
DEVP0008: Housing as Urbanism: Housing Policy and the Search for Scale DEVP0008 Module
DEVP0009: Housing Policies: Practical Dimensions and Alternative Options DEVP0009 Module
DEVP0010: Development in Practice DEVP0010 Module
DEVP0011: The Developmental State: Approaches from Africa, Asia and Latin America and the Caribbean since the 1940s DEVP0011 Module
DEVP0012: Society and Market: Private Agency for Development DEVP0012 Module
DEVP0013: Land Food and Agriculture DEVP0013 Module
DEVP0014: Industrialisation and Infrastructure DEVP0014 Module
DEVP0015: Critical Ideas of Development: Conceptions and Realities DEVP0015 Module
DEVP0016: Contemporary Approaches to Development Management DEVP0016 Module
DEVP0018: Managing the City Economy DEVP0018 Module
DEVP0019: Practice in Urban Economic Development DEVP0019 Module
DEVP0020: The Political Ecology of Environmental Change DEVP0020 Module
DEVP0021: Urban Environmental Planning and Management in Development DEVP0021 Module
DEVP0022: Environment and Sustainable Development in Practice DEVP0022 Module
DEVP0023: Adapting cities to climate change in the global South DEVP0023 Module
DEVP0024: Sustainable Infrastructure and Services in Development DEVP0024 Module
DEVP0025: Urban Water and Sanitation, Planning and Politics DEVP0025 Module
DEVP0026: Food and the City DEVP0026 Module
DEVP0027: Urban and Peri-Urban Agriculture: Knowledge Systems in the Global South DEVP0027 Module
DEVP0028: The City and Its Relations: Context, Institutions and Actors in Urban Development Planning DEVP0028 Module
DEVP0029: Urban Development Policy, Planning and Management: Strategic Acton in Theory and Practice DEVP0029 Module
DEVP0030: Practice in Urban Development Planning DEVP0030 Module
DEVP0032: Transport Equity and Urban Mobility DEVP0032 Module
DEVP0033: Social Policy and Citizenship DEVP0033 Module
DEVP0034: Social diversity, inequality and poverty DEVP0034 Module
DEVP0035: Social development in practice DEVP0035 Module
DEVP0036: NGOs Social Transformation DEVP0036 Module
DEVP0037: Communication, Technologies and Social Power DEVP0037 Module
DEVP0038: Urbanisation and Development DEVP0038 Module
DEVP0039: Cost-Benefit Analysis: Theory and Practice DEVP0039 Module
DEVP0040: An Introduction to Public Economics and Public Policy DEVP0040 Module
DEVP0041: The Informal Economy and Urban Development DEVP0041 Module
DEVP0042: Health, Social Justice and the City DEVP0042 Module
DEVP0043: Urban health and Development Planning DEVP0043 Module
DEVP0044: Urban Health: Practice and Reflections DEVP0044 Module
DEVP0045: Urban Health and Development strategies DEVP0045 Module
DEVP0046: Urban Health and Development Planning Strategies DEVP0046 Module
DEVP0047: Health, Social Justice and the City DEVP0047 Module
DEVP0050: Gender in Policy and Planning DEVP0050 Module

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