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GEOG0178: Machine Learning for Social Sciences with Python GEOG0178 Module
GEOL0001: Earth Materials GEOL0001 Module
GEOL0002: From Petrology to Petrogenesis GEOL0002 Module
GEOL0003: History of Life GEOL0003 Module
GEOL0004: Dynamic Earth GEOL0004 Module
GEOL0005: Foundations of Physical Geoscience GEOL0005 Module
GEOL0006: Surface Processes GEOL0006 Module
GEOL0007: The Earth GEOL0007 Module
GEOL0008: Geochemistry GEOL0008 Module
GEOL0009: Vertebrate Palaeontology and Evolution GEOL0009 Module
GEOL0010: Surface Processes and Structures GEOL0010 Module
GEOL0011: Igneous Petrology GEOL0011 Module
GEOL0012: Global Geophysics GEOL0012 Module
GEOL0013: Principles of Climate GEOL0013 Module
GEOL0015: Maps, Images and Structures GEOL0015 Module
GEOL0016: Structural Geology and Tectonics GEOL0016 Module
GEOL0017: Isotope Geology GEOL0017 Module
GEOL0019: Geodynamics and Global Tectonics GEOL0019 Module
GEOL0020: Field Geophysics GEOL0020 Module
GEOL0022: Ocean Physics and Climate Change GEOL0022 Module
GEOL0023: Crustal Dynamics, Mountain Building and Basin Evolution GEOL0023 Module
GEOL0024: Geological and Environmental Mapping GEOL0024 Module
GEOL0025: Earth Resources and Sustainability GEOL0025 Module
GEOL0026: Earth and Planetary Materials GEOL0026 Module
GEOL0027: Groundwater Science GEOL0027 Module
GEOL0028: Marine Geology GEOL0028 Module
GEOL0029: Seismology I GEOL0029 Module
GEOL0030: Seismology II GEOL0030 Module
GEOL0032: Metamorphism and Metamorphic Processes GEOL0032 Module
GEOL0034: Geology for Global Managers and Engineers GEOL0034 Module
GEOL0037: Research Methods GEOL0037 Module
GEOL0040: Melting and Volcanism GEOL0040 Module
GEOL0041: Physical Volcanology and Volcanic Hazard GEOL0041 Module
GEOL0042: Earthquake Seismology and Earthquake Hazard GEOL0042 Module
GEOL0043: Tectonic Geomorphology GEOL0043 Module
GEOL0044: Palaeoceanography GEOL0044 Module
GEOL0045: Palaeoclimatology GEOL0045 Module
GEOL0046: Deep Earth and Planetary Modelling GEOL0046 Module
GEOL0048: Geological and Geotechnical Hazards GEOL0048 Module
GEOL0049: Meteorological Hazards GEOL0049 Module
GEOL0053: Meteorological, Climate and Hydrogeological Hazards GEOL0053 Module
GEOL0054: Earthquake Seismology and Earthquake Hazard GEOL0054 Module
GEOL0059: Origin of Life and Exobiology GEOL0059 Module
GEOL0068: Applied Geoscience for Mineral Resources and the Environment GEOL0068 Module
GEOL0072: Independent MSci Project GEOL0072 Module
GEOL0077: Introduction to Mineral Resources GEOL0077 Module
Research Methods GEOL0065 Module

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