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ECON0001: Economics of Financial Markets ECON0001 Module
ECON0004: Applied Economics ECON0004 Module
ECON0005: Statistical Methods in Economics ECON0005 Module
ECON0007: The World Economy ECON0007 Module
ECON0008: History of Economic Thought ECON0008 Module
ECON0009: An Introduction to Economic Thinking ECON0009 Module
ECON0013: Microeconomics ECON0013 Module
ECON0016: Macroeconomic Theory and Policy ECON0016 Module
ECON0019: Quantitative Economics and Econometrics ECON0019 Module
ECON0022: Econometrics for Macroeconomics and Finance ECON0022 Module
ECON0023: International Trade ECON0023 Module
ECON0024: Economic Policy Analysis ECON0024 Module
ECON0028: The economics of growth ECON0028 Module
ECON0029: Economics of Information ECON0029 Module
ECON0030: Issues in Economic Development ECON0030 Module
ECON0033: Ethics in applied economics ECON0033 Module
ECON0038: Economics of Money and Banking ECON0038 Module
ECON0044: An Introduction to Applied Economic Analysis ECON0044 Module
ECON0047: Economics of Labour ECON0047 Module
ECON0048: Economics of Finance ECON0048 Module
ECON0050: Economics of the Public Sector ECON0050 Module
ECON0052: Environmental Economics ECON0052 Module
ECON0053: Economics of Tax Policy ECON0053 Module
ECON0054: Economics of Development ECON0054 Module
ECON0055: Economics of Science ECON0055 Module
ECON0056: Economics of Education ECON0056 Module
ECON0057: Advanced Macroeconomic Theory ECON0057 Module
ECON0059: Advanced Microeconomic Theory ECON0059 Module
ECON0061: Public Microeconomics ECON0061 Module
ECON0065: Microeconomics ECON0065 Module
ECON0069: Health Economics ECON0069 Module
ECON0077: Environmental Economics: Principles and Policy ECON0077 Module
ECON0080: Research Methods ECON0080 Module
ECON0105: Economics of Development ECON0105 Module
ECON0106: Microeconomics ECON0106 Module
ECON0110: Gender and Ethnicity in the Economy ECON0110 Module
ECON0114: Computational Methods for Economists ECON0114 Module
ECON0120: International Trade ECON0120 Module
ECON0121: Economic History ECON0121 Module
ECON0122: Advanced Topics in International Economics ECON0122 Module
Introduction to Mathematics for Economics ECON0006 Module

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