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EDPS0001: Introduction to Education Studies EDPS0001 Module
EDPS0002: Representations of Education in Film EDPS0002 Module
EDPS0003: Living in a Schooled Society EDPS0003 Module
EDPS0004: Foundations in the Sociology of Education EDPS0004 Module
EDPS0005: Literacy, Language and Communication EDPS0005 Module
EDPS0006: How People Learn EDPS0006 Module
EDPS0007: Understanding Education Research: Numbers, Narratives, Knowledge and Nonsense EDPS0007 Module
EDPS0008: Global Issues in Education EDPS0008 Module
EDPS0009: Researching Education and Society: Qualitative Methods EDPS0009 Module
EDPS0010: Philosophical Research in Education EDPS0010 Module
EDPS0011: Social History of Learning and Learners EDPS0011 Module
EDPS0012: Educating and Organising for Social Justice EDPS0012 Module
EDPS0013: Archival Research and Oral History in Education EDPS0013 Module
EDPS0014: The Learning Sciences EDPS0014 Module
EDPS0015: Ways of Thinking and Ways of Being EDPS0015 Module
EDPS0016: Creativity in Education EDPS0016 Module
EDPS0017: Educating Minorities, Migrants and Refugees EDPS0017 Module
EDPS0018: Policy and Politics in Education EDPS0018 Module
EDPS0019: Educating for Employment? Understanding Learning in the 21st Century Economy EDPS0019 Module
EDPS0020: Elites, education and inequalities EDPS0020 Module
EDPS0021: Gender, Sexuality and Feminisms in Everyday Lives EDPS0021 Module
EDPS0022: Literacies Across the Lifecourse EDPS0022 Module
EDPS0023: Media Education in Schools: New Literacies and Production EDPS0023 Module
EDPS0024: Radical Education EDPS0024 Module
EDPS0025: Youth in a Globalising World EDPS0025 Module
EDPS0026: Youth and Youth Movements in the Modern World EDPS0026 Module
EDPS0027: Rights, Equality and Justice in Education EDPS0027 Module
EDPS0028: Dissertation EDPS0028 Module
EDPS0029: Education, Religion and State: Historical and Contemporary Developments EDPS0029 Module
EDPS0030: Professional Enquiry EDPS0030 Module
EDPS0032: Higher Education: Comparative and International Perspectives EDPS0032 Module
EDPS0036: Professionalism and Expertise: Theories and Perspectives EDPS0036 Module
EDPS0037: Theoretical Foundations of Educational Ideas EDPS0037 Module
EDPS0039: Philosophy of Education: Knowledge, Mind and Understanding EDPS0039 Module
EDPS0044: Understanding Education Research EDPS0044 Module
EDPS0047: Gender, Sexuality and Education EDPS0047 Module
EDPS0048: Gender, Education and Development EDPS0048 Module
EDPS0049: MA EGID Report EDPS0049 Module
EDPS0051: Report on Education, Health Promotion and International Development EDPS0051 Module
EDPS0052: Dissertation on Education, Health Promotion and International Development EDPS0052 Module
EDPS0053: Education and Muslim Communities EDPS0053 Module
EDPS0054: Planning for Education and Development EDPS0054 Module
EDPS0055: Promoting Health and Wellbeing: Planning, Practice and Participation EDPS0055 Module
EDPS0056: Learners, Learning and Teaching in the Context of Education for All EDPS0056 Module
EDPS0057: Education and International Development: Concepts, Theories and Issues EDPS0057 Module
EDPS0058: Education, Conflict and Fragility EDPS0058 Module
EDPS0060: Dissertation on Education and International Development EDPS0060 Module
EDPS0072: Philosophy of Education: Values, Aims and Society EDPS0072 Module
EDPS0078: Rights and Education EDPS0078 Module
EDPS0081: Sociology of Education EDPS0081D Module
EDPS0088: Dissertation on Educational Planning, Economics and International Development (EPEID) EDPS0088 Module
EDPS0114: Planning and Enabling Learning and Assessment in the Context of Literacy and ESOL Teaching EDPS0114 Module
EDPS0115: Theories and Contexts for Language and Literacy Learning EDPS0115 Module
EDPS0116: Literacy and ESOL Theoretical Frameworks and Curriculum Design EDPS0116 Module
EDPS0119: Planning and Enabling Learning and Assessment in the Context of Mathematics and Numeracy EDPS0119 Module
EDPS0120: Theories and Contexts for Mathematics and Numeracy Learning EDPS0120 Module
EDPS0121: Mathematics and Numeracy Theoretical Frameworks and Curriculum Design EDPS0121 Module
EDPS0122: Wider Professional Practice and Development in the Context of Mathematics and Numeracy EDPS0122 Module
EDPS0128: Literacy and ESOL Learning and Teaching EDPS0128 Module
EDPS0135: Educational Traditions and Systems in Europe EDPS0135 Module
EDPS0136: Minorities, Migrants and Refugees in National Education Systems EDPS0136 Module
EDPS0137: Comparative Education: Theories and Methods EDPS0137 Module
EDPS0138: Education and Development in Asia EDPS0138 Module
EDPS0140: Higher Education Institutions as Organisations: Their Strategic Management EDPS0140 Module
EDPS0142: Marketing in Higher Education EDPS0142 Module
EDPS0143: Institutional Governance in Higher Education EDPS0143 Module
EDPS0148: Managing the Physical University: Space and Place in Higher Education EDPS0148 Module
EDPS0156: Innovation and Change in Higher Education EDPS0156 Module
EDPS0161: The English Language Learner EDPS0161 Module
EDPS0162: Teaching English: Theories and Approaches EDPS0162 Module
EDPS0167: The Design, Conduct and Evaluation of Educational and Social Research EDPS0167 Module
EDPS0170: Learning and Teaching for Adults EDPS0170 Module
EDPS0210: Foundations of Professionalism in Education EDPS0210 Module
EDPS0211: Methods of Enquiry 1 EDPS0211 Module
EDPS0214: Sociology of Race and Education EDPS0214 Module
EDPS0215: Understanding Education Policy EDPS0215 Module
EDPS0216: An Introduction to Applied Quantitative Analysis in the Social Sciences EDPS0216 Module
EDPS0217: Children with Disabilities: Theory, Politics and Experience EDPS0217 Module
EDPS0218: Education in the Age of Globalisation EDPS0218 Module
EDPS0223: Understanding Education Research: Education and International Development EDPS0223 Module
EDPS0227: Learning, teaching and assessment EDPS0227 Module
EDPS0228: Learning, teaching and assessment (English language and literacy) EDPS0228 Module
EDPS0229: Learning, teaching and assessment (mathematics and numeracy) EDPS0229 Module
EDPS0230: The wider context of educational practice EDPS0230 Module
EDPS0231: Professional practice EDPS0231 Module
EDPS0233: The Worlds of UCL: Critical histories of education, nation and empire EDPS0233 Module
EDPS0239: International Development and Education EDPS0239 Module
EDPSG015A: Enhancing Learning and Teaching in Higher Education EDPSG015A Module
Education, Values and Identities EDPS0226 Module
EPDS0061: Educational Planning, Economics and International Development (EPEID) Report EPDS0061 Module
Global Issues: Interconnections and Dislocations EDPS0236 Module
HSSC6091B: New Directions in Education HSSC6091B Module
HSSC6171B: Media Cultures and Technologies in Education HSSC6171B Module
Introduction to Quantitative Methods for Social Sciences EDPS0232 Module
LCEDG141: Simulation in Clinical Education LCEDG141 Module
Professional Enquiry EDPS0031 Module
Sociology of Media EDPS0240 Module
The Teacher in Policy and Research EDPS0234 Module
Understanding Education Research 2019/20 (Spring) EDPS0044S Module
Urban Sociology in a Globalizing World EDPS0237 Module
Work, Artificial Intelligence and Learning EDPS0225 Module

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