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Name Code Type
FIOER501X: Quantitative Data Analysis FIOER501X Module
FIOER811X: Information and Literature Searching FIOER811X Module
FIOERI41X: Writing and Presenting Educational Research FIOERI41X Module
IOEF0001: Institution-Focused Study IOEF0001 Module
IOEF0002: Quantitative Analysis I IOEF0002 Module
IOEF0003: Developing a Research Proposal IOEF0003 Module
IOEF0004: Developing Research Questions IOEF0004 Module
IOEF0005: Methods of Investigation IOEF0005 Module
IOEF0006: Designing a Research Study IOEF0006 Module
IOEF0020: Institution-Focused Study (Year 2) IOEF0020 Module
IOEF0021: Researching Second Language Learning IOEF0021 Module
Transnational Democratic Education Policy DOCT0001 Module

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