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ESPS0001: Introduction to European History, Politics and Philosophy ESPS0001 Module
ESPS0003: European Integration in Historical Perspective ESPS0003 Module
ESPS0005: EU Law ESPS0005 Module
ESPS0013: Hegel ESPS0013 Module
ESPS0014: Anarchism, Marxism and Beyond ESPS0014 Module
ESPS0016: German Political and Social Thought ESPS0016 Module
ESPS0017: Ideologies and Political Hegemony ESPS0017 Module
ESPS0018: Political Violence and Intrastate Conflicts ESPS0018 Module
ESPS0019: Republicanism and Identity Politics in France Today ESPS0019 Module
ESPS0022: Why Democracy? ESPS0022 Module
ESPS0024: Law, Freedom, and Morality ESPS0024 Module
ESPS0025: War and Peace ESPS0025 Module
ESPS0027: Neutrality and Neutral States in 20th Century Europe ESPS0027 Module
ESPS0028: Regions and Regionalism in Europe ESPS0028 Module
ESPS0034: Introduction to Chinese Politics ESPS0034 Module
ESPS0040: Politics of Japan ESPS0040 Module
ESPS0041: Politics of East Asia ESPS0041 Module
ESPS0046: Introduction to Chinese Culture, Language and Society ESPS0046 Module
ESPS0051: EU Politics, Policy and Democracy ESPS0051 Module
ESPS0052: European Politics and Policy in Practice ESPS0052 Module

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