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Cloud, Data Centres and Edge Computing ELEC0137 Module
Data Acquisition and Processing Systems ELEC0136 Module
Design and Professional Practice 2 ELEC0008 Module
ELEC0002: Introduction to Electronic Engineering ELEC0002 Module
ELEC0003: Analog and Power Electronics 1 ELEC0003 Module
ELEC0004: Digital Electronics 1 ELEC0004 Module
ELEC0005: Physics of Electronics and Nanotechnology 1 ELEC0005 Module
ELEC0006: Signals and Systems 1 ELEC0006 Module
ELEC0007: Programming 1 ELEC0007 Module
ELEC0009: Analog Electronics ELEC0009 Module
ELEC0010: Digital Design ELEC0010 Module
ELEC0017: Connected Systems ELEC0017 Module
ELEC0018: Introduction to Nanotechnology ELEC0018 Module
ELEC0019: Electromagnetic Theory and Semiconductor Devices ELEC0019 Module
ELEC0020: Photonics and Communication Systems ELEC0020 Module
ELEC0021: Programming and Control Systems ELEC0021 Module
ELEC0022: Power Electronics ELEC0022 Module
ELEC0023: Control Systems I ELEC0023 Module
ELEC0024: Digital Signal Processing and Systems ELEC0024 Module
ELEC0025: Photonics II II ELEC0025 Module
ELEC0026: Electronic Circuits III ELEC0026 Module
ELEC0028: Advanced Digital Design ELEC0028 Module
ELEC0029: Electronic Devices and Nanotechnology ELEC0029 Module
ELEC0030: Numerical Methods ELEC0030 Module
ELEC0031: Nanoscale Processing and Characterisation for Advanced Devices ELEC0031 Module
ELEC0032: Networking Systems ELEC0032 Module
ELEC0033: Internet of Things ELEC0033 Module
ELEC0035: Advanced Nanotechnology and Nanosystems ELEC0035 Module
ELEC0037: Renewable Energy ELEC0037 Module
ELEC0044: Strategy, Marketing and the Business Environment ELEC0044 Module
ELEC0045: Finance and Product Management ELEC0045 Module
ELEC0046: Customer Service, Operations and Planning ELEC0046 Module
ELEC0047: Global Aspects, Innovation Management, People Managements and Organisational Design ELEC0047 Module
ELEC0048: Antennas and Propagation ELEC0048 Module
ELEC0049: Optical Transmission and Networks ELEC0049 Module
ELEC0050: Broadband Communications Laboratory ELEC0050 Module
ELEC0051: RF Circuits and Sub-systems ELEC0051 Module
ELEC0053: Radar Systems ELEC0053 Module
ELEC0057: Physics and Optics of Nanostructures: Oleg Mitrofanov ELEC0057 Module
ELEC0078: Photonic Subsystems ELEC0078 Module
ELEC0085: Introduction to Telecommunications Networks (ITN) ELEC0085 Module
ELEC0086: Communications Software and Systems Modelling ELEC0086 Module
ELEC0088: Software for Network and Services Design ELEC0088 Module
ELEC0092: Network and Services Management ELEC0092 Module
ELEC0099: Introduction to Internet Protocol Networks ELEC0099 Module
ELEC0102: Mobile Communications Systems (MCS) ELEC0102 Module
ELEC0104: Wireles Communications Principles (WCP) ELEC0104 Module
ELEC0108: Broadband Technologies and Components ELEC0108 Module
ELEC0109: Advanced Photonics Devices ELEC0109 Module
ELEC0115: RF Circuits and Sub-Systems ELEC0115 Module
ELEC0121: Physical Science for Nanotechnology ELEC0121 Module
ELEC0122: Experimental Techniques for Nanotechnology ELEC0122 Module
ELEC0123: Nanotechnology and Society ELEC0123 Module
ELEC0124: Electrical Transport in Nanosystems ELEC0124 Module
ELEC0130: Internet of Things ELEC0130 Module
ELEC0131: Analogue CMOS Integrated Circuit Design and Applications (Masters Level) ELEC0131 Module
ELEC0134: Applied Machine Learning Systems I (MLS-1) ELEC0134 Module
ELEC0135: Applied Machine Learning Systems II (MLS-II) ELEC0135 Module
ELEC1002: Circuit analysis ELEC1002 Module
ELEC1003: Digital Circuits ELEC1003 Module
ELEC1005: Electromagnetics ELEC1005 Module
ELEC1006: Mathematics for Electronic Engineers ELEC1006 Module
ELEC1009: Communication Systems I ELEC1009 Module
ELEC1010: Electronic Engineering Design Principles ELEC1010 Module
ELEC1012: Object-oriented Programming ELEC1012 Module
ELEC2002: Electronic Circuits II ELEC2002 Module
ELEC2003: Circuit Analysis and Synthesis ELEC2003 Module
ELEC2005: Optoelectronics ELEC2005 Module
ELEC2006: Fields and Waves in Electronic Systems ELEC2006 Module
ELEC2008: Semiconductor Devices ELEC2008 Module
ELEC2009: Mathematics for Electronic Engineers II ELEC2009 Module
ELEC204P: Semiconductor Devices ELEC204P Module
ELEC205P: Communications Systems ELEC205P Module
ELEC207P: Electromagnetic Theory ELEC207P Module
ELEC212P: Engineering Minor in Sustainable Energy ELEC212P Module
ELEC312P: Advanced Sustainable Energy Systems ELEC312P Module
ELECGT09: Network Planning and Operations ELECGT09 Module
NANOGE01: Nanotechnology in Healthcare NANOGE01 Module
NANOGE02: Nanoelectronic Devices NANOGE02 Module
NANOME01: Nanotechnology in Healthcare (Masters Level) NANOME01 Module
NANOME02: Nanoelectronic Devices (Masters Level) NANOME02 Module
Project 1 ELEC0036 Module
Telecommunications Business Environment ELEC0094 Module

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