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ENGL0002: Narrative Texts / Intellectual and Cultural Sources ENGL0002 Module
ENGL0003: Introduction to Medieval Literature (Old and Middle English) ENGL0003 Module
ENGL0004: Criticism and Theory ENGL0004 Module
ENGL0005: Introduction to English Literature ENGL0005 Module
ENGL0006: Chaucer and his Literary Background ENGL0006 Module
ENGL0008: Shakespeare ENGL0008 Module
ENGL0010: Renaissance Literature ENGL0010 Module
ENGL0012: Critical Commentary and Analysis ENGL0012 Module
ENGL0013: The Seventeenth Century ENGL0013 Module
ENGL0015: The Romantic Period ENGL0015 Module
ENGL0017: The Victorian Period ENGL0017 Module
ENGL0019: American Literature to 1900 ENGL0019 Module
ENGL0021: Old English Literature I ENGL0021 Module
ENGL0023: Old English Literature II ENGL0023 Module
ENGL0027: Modern English Language ENGL0027 Module
ENGL0031: Old Icelandic ENGL0031 Module
ENGL0032: Literary Representations and the History of Homosexuality ENGL0032 Module
ENGL0033: Middle English Literature I ENGL0033 Module
ENGL0034: Middle English Literature I ENGL0034 Module
ENGL0035: Middle English Literature II ENGL0035 Module
ENGL0037: The Modern Period I ENGL0037 Module
ENGL0039: The Modern Period II ENGL0039 Module
ENGL0043: Eighteenth-Century Literature ENGL0043 Module
ENGL0047: Narrative Texts ENGL0047 Module
ENGL0048: Introduction to Old English ENGL0048 Module
ENGL0049: Introduction to Middle English ENGL0049 Module
ENGL0050: Introduction to Old and Middle English ENGL0050 Module
ENGL0055: The Romantic Period ENGL0055 Module
ENGL0056: The Victorian Period ENGL0056 Module
ENGL0058: Old English Literature I ENGL0058 Module
ENGL0059: Old English Literature II ENGL0059 Module
ENGL0063: Literary Representations and the History of Homosexuality ENGL0063 Module
ENGL0064: Middle English Literature I ENGL0064 Module
ENGL0065: Middle English Literature II ENGL0065 Module
ENGL0070: Issues in Modern Culture: Authors ENGL0070 Module
ENGL0072: Special Topics in Modern Culture 1 ENGL0072 Module
ENGL0073: Special Topics in Modern Culture 2 ENGL0073 Module
ENGL0075: Modern English Grammar ENGL0075 Module
ENGL0076: Topics in Modern English Linguistics ENGL0076 Module
ENGL0082: Old Icelandic ENGL0082 Module
ENGL0083: Colonial and Postcolonial Literatures ENGL0083 Module
TMAENGSI: MA English: Issues in Modern Culture TMAENGSI Module

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