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Fiction and the Archives FREN0043 Module
FREN0005: The Making of Modern France FREN0005 Module
FREN0006: Reading French Texts FREN0006 Module
FREN0008: French Film FREN0008 Module
FREN0009: An Introduction to Literary Theory FREN0009 Module
FREN0010: The Medieval Period FREN0010 Module
FREN0012: The Classical Age: 17th Century Literature FREN0012 Module
FREN0013: Enlightenment and Revolution: the 18th Century FREN0013 Module
FREN0014: Romanticism and Modernity: the 19th Century FREN0014 Module
FREN0015: Exploration of Self and Form: The Contemporary Period FREN0015 Module
FREN0016: France: Culture and Society FREN0016 Module
FREN0017: French Film History FREN0017 Module
FREN0018: Contesting Frenchness: Francophone Literature FREN0018 Module
FREN0019: French Essay FREN0019 Module
FREN0023: The Haitian Novel 1944 - 2004 FREN0023 Module
FREN0031: Legendary Histories FREN0031 Module
FREN0033: Oriental Encounters: French Travel Narratives in the Early Modern and Modern Periods FREN0033 Module
FREN0034: Realism: Looking Awry in Nineteenth-Century France FREN0034 Module
FREN0039: Gender, Race and Sexuality FREN0039 Module
FREN0042: Reading Tintin FREN0042 Module
FREN0044: The Front National and Far Right Politics in France FREN0044 Module
FREN0045: Discourses of Equality FREN0045 Module
FREN0048: Topics in Modern French History: À la guerre comme à la guerre: France and the First World War FREN0048 Module
FREN0053: Gender, Race and Sexuality: New Readings in Francophone Literature and Visual Culture FREN0053 Module
FREN0054: Discourse of Equality FREN0054 Module
FREN0056: Legendary Histories FREN0056 Module
FREN0060: The French New Wave FREN0060 Module
FREN0065: French Oral 1 FREN0065 Module
FREN0066: Use of French 2 FREN0066 Module
FREN0067: French Oral 2 FREN2002 Module
FREN0068: Use of French 3 FREN0068 Module
FREN0071: Use of French 1 FREN0071 Module
FREN0072: French Oral 3 FREN0072 Module
FREN0075: Writing Composers: The Fiction of Music in the Long Nineteenth Century FREN0075 Module
FREN4209: Cultures of AIDS in France: History, Policy and Representation FREN4209 Module
French Literature 3 FREN0085 Module
French Literature for Beginners 2 FREN0070 Module
FRENG030: Culture of AIDS in France: History, Policy and Representation FRENG030 Module
The Renaissance Period FREN0011 Module

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