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Criminal Women in Germany, 1770-1850 CRIMWOMGERM Module
GERM0001: Modern German Language I GERM0001 Module
GERM0002: German for Beginners GERM0002 Module
GERM0003: An Introduction to German History GERM0003 Module
GERM0004: Introduction to German Language and Literature up to 1740 GERM0004 Module
GERM0005: German Film I: An Introduction to German Film since 1945 GERM0005 Module
GERM0007: Introduction to German Linguistics GERM0007 Module
GERM0010: Aspects of German History GERM0010 Module
GERM0012: History of the German Language GERM0012 Module
GERM0013: Love-Violence-Laughter: Medieval and Early Modern Literature and Culture GERM0013 Module
GERM0014: Debating Enlightenment: Literature and Culture 1740-1870 GERM0014 Module
GERM0015: The Challenge of Modernity: Literature and Culture 1870-Present GERM0015 Module
GERM0016: Metropolen GERM0016 Module
GERM0020: Discussion and Essay in German GERM0020 Module
GERM0021: Parzival GERM0021 Module
GERM0026: Austrian Literature 1890 - 1938: from Empire to Republic GERM0026 Module
GERM0029: Language, Power and Ideology GERM0029 Module
GERM0030: Modern German Art GERM0030 Module
GERM0031: Reading Modern Novels: An Introduction to Contemporary Literary Theory GERM0031 Module
GERM0034: German Literature and Psychology GERM0034 Module
GERM0035: Imperial Germany GERM0035 Module
GERM0036: Black Germany GERM0036 Module
GERM0038: Empathy GERM0038 Module
GERM0043: Wolfram's Parzival GERM0043 Module
GERM0044: Austrian Literature I GERM0044 Module
GERM0048: Reading Modern Novels GERM0048 Module
GERM0049: Language, Power and Ideology GERM0049 Module
GERM0050: Advanced German Translation GERM0050 Module
GERM0055: German Literature and Psychology GERM0055 Module
GERM0057: Black Germany GERM0057 Module
GERM0059: Empathy GERM0059 Module
GERM0062: Advanced German Translation GERM0062 Module
GERM0064: War and Violence in Twentieth Century Germany GERM0064 Module

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