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Qualitative methods SEES0128 Module
Searching for Sovereignty: A History of the Caucasus since 1750 SEES0148 Module
SEES0019: Intermediate Language: Czech SEES0019 Module
SEES0021: Intermediate Language : Hungarian SEES0021 Module
SEES0022: Intermediate Language : Polish SEES0022 Module
SEES0029: New Language: Czech SEES0029 Module
SEES0030: New Language: Finnish SEES0030 Module
SEES0032: New Language: Polish SEES0032 Module
SEES0038: New Language: Estonian SEES0038 Module
SEES0041: Literatures of rupture : Modernism in Russia and Eastern Europe SEES0041 Module
SEES0042: Languages in Contact Along the Danube: Intercultural Frictions and Flows SEES0042 Module
SEES0047: Literary and Cultural Theory SEES0047 Module
SEES0052: Historical Methods and Approaches SEES0052 Module
SEES0053: Metropolis: History of Berlin 1871-1990 SEES0053 Module
SEES0055: Religion in South-Eastern Europe: From the Age of Empires to Post-Communism SEES0055 Module
SEES0056: The Soviet Cultural Experiment I, 1917-1945 SEES0056 Module
SEES0058: The Crisis zone : Central Europe 1900-1990 SEES0058 Module
SEES0060: Russian monarchy : court ritual and political ideas 1498-1917 SEES0060 Module
SEES0062: Between the ‘Second’ and the Third’ Worlds: Socialist modernity and globalization, 1945-1991 SEES0062 Module
SEES0064: The Nineteenth-Century Russian Novel SEES0064 Module
SEES0066: New Language Russian SEES0066 Module
SEES0067: Intermediate Language (Russian) SEES0067 Module
SEES0068: Intermediate plus Russian SEES0068 Module
SEES0069: Contemporary Cultural Studies: Between Post-Communism and Post-Modernism SEES0069 Module
SEES0072: Nabokov and Russian émigré literature SEES0072 Module
SEES0075: Advanced Language: Russian SEES0075 Module
SEES0076: Advanced Superior Language: Russian SEES0076 Module
SEES0078: Corporate governance SEES0078 Module
SEES0081: Causes, consequences and control: corruption and governance SEES0081 Module
SEES0082: Political economy of international business SEES0082 Module
SEES0083: Quantitative Methods SEES0083 Module
SEES0084: Russian Foreign Policy SEES0084 Module
SEES0085: Russian Politics SEES0085 Module
SEES0086: Trade and FDI Policy with Reference to Eastern Europe SEES0086 Module
SEES0089: Nation, Identity and Power SEES0089 Module
SEES0091: Informal Practices in Post-Communist Societies SEES0091 Module
SEES0095: Advanced Quantitative methods SEES0095 Module
SEES0097: Corporate finance and investment in emerging markets SEES0097 Module
SEES0098: Financial development SEES0098 Module
SEES0101: Governance and Democracy in Central and Eastern Europe SEES0101 Module
SEES0102: Migration in the European Union SEES0102 Module
SEES0103: Comparative Analysis in Social and Political Research SEES0103 Module
SEES0106: Introduction to Discourse Analysis SEES0106 Module
SEES0107 Understanding and analysing data SEES0107 Module
SEES0108: Post -Soviet politics SEES0108 Module
SEES0109: Public Choice - Private Interest SEES0109 Module
SEES0111: Sexuality and society in Russia and Eastern Europe SEES0111 Module
SEES0113: The Economics of Property Rights SEES0113 Module
SEES0114: International Macroeconomic Policy SEES0114 Module
SEES0115: Economic development and policies SEES0115 Module
SEES0117: Political Sociology SEES0117 Module
SEES0120: Democracy and Authoritarianism in Postcommunist Europe SEES0120 Module
SEES0125: Little Hitlers? Right Radicalism in Central and Eastern Europe, 1900-1945 SEES0125 Module
SEES0142 / SEES0143: The Literatures of Ukraine from Crimea to the Shtetls SEES0143 Module
SEES0153: Low intermediate Russian SEES0153 Module
SEES0154 : Poland: Plural Perspectives SEES0154 Module
SEESGE07: Introduction to Hermeneutics, how to read and interpret texts SEESGE07 Module
SEESGE18: All Quiet on the Eastern Front: Culture, Politics and Everyday Life in Central & Eastern Europe from Stalin to Present SEESGE18 Module
SEESGE25: All Quiet on the Eastern Front: Culture, Politics and Everyday Life in Central and Eastern Europe from Stalin to Present SEESGE25 Module
SEESGH01: Fashions, Folly and the Fatherland in Polish Culture, 1730-1834 SEESGH01 Module
SEESGH05: The Self and the World: Theoretical Approaches to Travel Writing SEESGH05 Module
SEESGH14: The Soviet Cultural Experiment II, 1945-1991 SEESGH14 Module
SEESGR24: Gender and sexuality in Modern Russian Culture SEESGR24 Module
SEESGS26: Interdisciplinary Area Studies II SEESGS26 Module
SEESGS32: Security, Identity, Polarity: the Contemporary Debates SEESGS32 Module
SEESGS37: Cities in Eastern Europe SEESGS37 Module
SEESGS38: Political Economy of Health, Development and Welfare SEESGS38 Module
SEESGS48: Interdisciplinary Area Studies II SEESGS48 Module
SEESGS53: Politics of change in the Baltic states SEESGS53 Module
SEESGS60: Empires, Nationalism and Communism: States and Societies of South-Eastern Europe SEESGS60 Module
SEESGS65: Energy, Technology and Innovation SEESGS65 Module
SEESGS77: Political sociology of religion SEESGS77 Module

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