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CLAS0001: Greek Myth: Its Use and Meaning CLAS0001 Module
CLAS0002: Roman Life and Thought CLAS0002 Module
CLAS0004: Approaches to the Ancient World CLAS0004 Module
CLAS0005: Interpreting Greek Literature CLAS0005 Module
CLAS0006: Interpreting Latin Literature CLAS0006 Module
CLAS0007: Politics Ancient and Modern CLAS0007 Module
CLAS0008: Ancient Ideas in the Modern World CLAS0008 Module
CLAS0009: Introduction to the Study of Language CLAS0009 Module
CLAS0011: Greek Tragedy CLAS0011 Module
CLAS0012: Greek comedy CLAS0012 Module
CLAS0015: Ancient Greek Historiography CLAS0015 Module
CLAS0017: Roman Authors: Roman Love Poetry CLAS0017 Module
CLAS0020: Classics and Literary Theory CLAS0020 Module
CLAS0025: The Dialogues of Plato CLAS0025 Module
CLAS0029: Roman drama CLAS0029 Module
CLAS0032: Epic and empire CLAS0032 Module
CLAS0034: The Philosophy of Aristotle CLAS0034 Module
CLAS0036: Stoics, Epicurian and Sceptics CLAS0036 Module
CLAS0039: Early Greek Philosophy CLAS0039 Module
CLAS0045: Xenophon: Politics, Identity and Text in Classical Greece CLAS0045 Module
CLAS0058: Greek Papyrology CLAS0058 Module
CLAS0062: Greek Drama 1 CLAS0062 Module
CLAS0064: Mycenaean Greek CLAS0064 Module
CLAS0067: Greek Drama 1 CLAS0067 Module
CLAS0071: Ancient Philosophy and Literature CLAS0071 Module
CLAS0073: Ancient Philosophy and Literature CLAS0073 Module
CLAS0075: Mycenaean Greek CLAS0075 Module
CLAS0088: Ovid CLAS0088 Module
CLAS0098: Dionysus in Rome CLAS0098 Module
CLAS0099: Dionysus in Rome CLAS0099 Module
CLAS0100: Literary Criticism, Ancient and Modern CLAS0100 Module
CLAS0103: Cicero: Rhetoric and Politics 2 CLAS0103 Module
CLAS0104: Cicero: Rhetoric and Politics 2 CLAS0104 Module
CLAS0105: Virgil CLAS0105 Module
CLAS0106: Virgil CLAS0106 Module
CLAS0109: The Philosophy of Aristotle CLAS0109 Module
CLAS0111: Approaches to the Reception of the Classical World CLAS0111 Module
CLAS0112 / CLAS0115: Ancient Rome on Film: From pre-cinema to the 1950s CLAS0112 Module
CLAS0115 / CLAS0112: Ancient Rome on Film: From pre-cinema to the 1950s CLAS0115 Module
CLAS0116: Approaches to the Reception of the Classical World CLAS0116 Module
CLAS0120: Ancient Rome on Film: From the 1950s to the 21st Century CLAS0120 Module
CLAS0121: Ancient Rome on Film: From the 1950s to the 21st Century CLAS0121 Module
CLAS0124: Ancient Greece on Stage CLAS0124 Module
CLAS0136: Greek Comedy CLAS0136 Module
CLAS0138: Greek Authors: Homer CLAS0138 Module
CLAS0147: Classical Poetry and its Reception in English Literature CLAS0147 Module
GREK0002: Greek for Beginners A GREK0002 Module
GREK0005: Intermediate Greek A GREK0005 Module
GREK0008: Greek Texts 1 GREK0008 Module
GREK0010: Greek Translation GREK0010 Module
GREK0013: Greek Texts 2 GREK0013 Module
GREK0019: Mycenaean Greek GREK0019 Module
GREK0022: Greek Papyrology GREK0022 Module
GREK0034: Greek Prose Composition GREK0034 Module
GREK0035 Homer: Iliad GREK0035 Module
GREK0036: Homer: Odyssey GREK0036 Module
GREK0037: Ancient Greek prose GREK0037 Module
GREK0039: Greek for Beginners B GREK0039 Module
GREK0040: Intermediate Greek B GREK0040 Module
GREK0052: Euripides GREK0052 Module
GREK0057: Longus, Daphnis and Chloe GREK0057 Module
GREK0059: Sophocles, Oedipus Tyrannus GREK0059 Module
LATN0001: Roman drama LATN0001 Module
LATN0003: Latin for Beginners B LATN0003 Module
LATN0004: Intermediate Latin A LATN0004 Module
LATN0005: Latin Texts 1 LATN0005 Module
LATN0006: Latin Texts 1 LATN0006 Module
LATN0007: Latin Texts 1 LATN0007 Module
LATN0008: Latin Translation LATN0008 Module
LATN0009: Latin Prose Composition I LATN0009 Module
LATN0010: Late and Medieval Latin I LATN0010 Module
LATN0011: Latin Palaeography LATN0011 Module
LATN0013: Latin Texts 2 LATN0013 Module
LATN0019: Latin Poetry and its Translations LATN0019 Module
LATN0021: Cicero B LATN0021 Module
LATN0023: Virgil LATN0023 Module
LATN0028: The Roman Historians LATN0028 Module
LATN0032: History of the Latin Language LATN0032 Module
LATN0034: Latin for Beginners A LATN0034 Module
LATN0035: Intermediate Latin B LATN0035 Module
LATN0043: Horace LATN0043 Module
LATN0044: Lucretius LATN0044 Module
Race: Antiquity and its Legacy CLAS0160_CLAS0161 Module
Race: Antiquity and its Legacy CLAS0160 Module

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