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First-year History of Art Survey (1): Premodernity â c.1600 HART0006 Module
HART0001: History of Art and Its Objects HART0001 Module
HART0002: Methods and Materials of Artists HART0002 Module
HART0003: Introduction to Art and Science HART0003 Module
HART0004: History of Art Thematic Seminar HART0004 Module
HART0005: First-year History of Art Survey: c. 1600 to the Contemporary HART0005 Module
HART0007: Technologies of Vision HART0007 Module
HART0010: Art in London until 1600 HART0010 Module
HART0031: The History of the Category "Art" HART0031 Module
HART0032: Methodologies of Art History HART0032 Module
HART0034: Methodologies of Making HART0034 Module
HART0036: Action/Re-Action HART0036 Module
HART0039: Locating Colonial Latin American Art HART0039 Module
HART0040: Early Modern Bodies HART0040 Module
HART0047: Modernism and the European Avant-Gardes HART0047 Module
HART0051: Architecture and Modernity HART0051 Module
HART0054: Theory and History of Conservation HART0054 Module
HART0056: Prints and Printmaking HART0056 Module
HART0070: Relics, Saints, Images and Power HART0070 Module
HART0071: Methods and Materials of Artists II HART0071 Module
HART0073: Histories of Photography HART0073 Module
HART0076: Art After the Internet HART0076 Module
HART0078: Advanced Undergraduate Course in History of Art (3) HART0078 Module
HART0079: History of Art (4) Modern and Contemporary Art HART0079 Module
HART0080: Advanced Undergraduate Course in the History of Art (5) Current Debates in Early Modernity HART0080 Module
HART0083: Empires of Africa: Introduction to African Art and Archeology HART0083 Module
HART0084: History of Art post 1800 (2) HART0084 Module
HART0088: Art and Visual Culture in Early Modern England HART0088 Module
HART0106: Architecture and the Modern City HART0106 Module
HART0107: Postcoloniality, Colonialism and Art in the British Empire HART0107 Module
HART0113: Place, Space and the Imagination: Reviewing the Italian City c. 1300-1520. HART0113 Module
HART0121: Critical Methods and Debates in History of Art HART0121 Module
HART0127: Art and Technology in Nineteenth-Century France HART0127 Module
HART0128: Race/Place: Exotic/Erotic HART0128 Module
HART0131: Art as Theory: The Writing of Art HART0131 Module
HART0133: Politics of the Image: Germany 1890 to 1945 HART0133 Module
HART0135: Transformations of the Body in Early Modern Cabinets of Display HART0135 Module
HART0141: On Sex and Violence HART0141 Module
HART0142: Through Materials: Matter, vision and transformation in the Renaissance HART0142 Module
HART0144: History of Art Thematic Seminar HART0144 Module
HART0146: Gold, Silver, Bronze: Art, Materiality and Value, c.1400 to the Present HART0146 Module
HART0148: Introduction to media and technologies HART0148 Module
HART0149: Portraits and Pathologies HART0149 Module
HART0150: American documentary: invention, reinvention and afterlives HART0150 Module
HART0153: Advanced Undergraduate Course in History of Art (1): Inventing Incas, Aztecs and Europeans HART0153 Module
HART0155: Modern Medieval: Reception, Revival, Replication HART0155 Module
HART0158: Colonialism and Its Legacies in Latin American Art HART0158 Module
HART0159: Examining and Analysing Artworks HART0159 Module
HART0162: Imagining Jerusalem in the Middle Ages HART0162 Module
HART0163: Toil and Trouble: Feminism and Art Now HART0163 Module
HART0164: The Social Lives of Artworks HART0164 Module
HART0165: South African Photography: From Colonialism to the Contemporary HART0165 Module
HART0166: Repatriation in the Age of Global Dispossession HART0166 Module
HART0171: Short Undergraduate Course in History of Art post 1800 HART0171 Module
HART0173: Art and Science in Britain, 1750-1900 HART0173 Module
HART0176: Cutting a figure: Making and shaping the body c. 1400-1550 HART0176 Module
HART0177: German Art, 1450-1600: Renaissance and Reformation HART0177 Module
HART0183: Communicating Conservation HART0183 Module
HART0184: Science of Contemporary Materials HART0184 Module
HART0185: Advanced Seminar in Conservation of Contemporary Art and Media HART0185 Module
HART0186: Studio Practice: Conservation of Time-based Media HART0186 Module
HART0187: Studio Practice: Conservation of Contemporary Materials HART0187 Module
HART0190: Conservation of Performance HART0190 Module
HART0192: Conserving Complexity: Conversation of Contemporary Artworks HART0192 Module
HART0193: Demarginalizing “Medieval” Africa: Challenges and Perspectives HART0193 Module
HART0194: Contemporary Art and Climate Change HART0194 Module
HART0196: On Property: Photography, Land and Labour in America HART0196 Module
HART0198: Planetary/Provincial: Modern Art and Architecture in its Global Contexts HART0198 Module
HART0202: Scientific Analysis of Artists' Materials HART0202 Module

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