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HEBR0002: Introduction to Biblical Hebrew HEBR0002 Module
HEBR0006: Religion, State and Society in Modern European History HEBR0006 Module
HEBR0007: Sources, Methods, Skills HEBR0007 Module
HEBR0013: Survey of Jewish History 3: The Modern World HEBR0013 Module
HEBR0014: Introduction to the Study of Judaism HEBR0014 Module
HEBR0018: Intermediate Biblical Hebrew HEBR0018 Module
HEBR0041: Elementary Yiddish HEBR0041 Module
HEBR0043: Intermediate Yiddish HEBR0043 Module
HEBR0046: History of Yiddish Language, Literature, and Culture HEBR0046 Module
HEBR0048: Introduction to Ugaritic HEBR0048 Module
HEBR0057: History of the Jews in Poland HEBR0057 Module
HEBR0070: Hasidism and Modernity HEBR0070 Module
HEBR0071: Hasidism and Modernity A HEBR0071 Module
HEBR0073: The Arab-Israeli Conflict HEBR0073 Module
HEBR0078: MA Jewish Studies Core Course HEBR0078 Module
HEBR0083: Introductory Akkadian HEBR0083 Module
HEBR0095: Introductory Sumerian HEBR0095 Module
HEBR0100: History of the Hebrew Language HEBR0100 Module
HEBR0102: Israel and Palestine HEBR0102 Module
HEBR0103: Introduction to the Talmud HEBR0103 Module
HEBR0104: Ancient Hebrew and Cognate Inscriptions HEBR0104 Module
HEBR0106: Introduction to the History and Literature of Ancient Israel HEBR0106 Module
HEBR0112: Yiddish Women Writers HEBR0112 Module

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