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Ancient Hebrew and Cognate Inscriptions HEBR0104 Module
Hasidism and Modernity HEBR0070 Module
HEBR0002: Introduction to Biblical Hebrew HEBR0002 Module
HEBR0007: Sources, Methods, Skills HEBR0007 Module
HEBR0011: Survey of Jewish History 1: The Ancient and Medieval Near East HEBR0011 Module
HEBR0012: Survey of Jewish History 2: : From Medieval to Early Modern Europe HEBR0012 Module
HEBR0013: Survey of Jewish History 3: The Modern World HEBR0013 Module
HEBR0014: Introduction to the Study of Judaism HEBR0014 Module
HEBR0015: Introduction to Israeli Culture, Society and Politics HEBR0015 Module
HEBR0016: Introduction to Biblical and Rabbinic Literature HEBR0016 Module
HEBR0018: Intermediate Biblical Hebrew HEBR0018 Module
HEBR0034: Ancient Jewish Magic HEBR0034 Module
HEBR0038: Introduction to Syriac HEBR0038 Module
HEBR0041: Elementary Yiddish HEBR0041 Module
HEBR0048: Introduction to Ugaritic HEBR0048 Module
HEBR0062: Judaism and the Origins of Christianity HEBR0062 Module
HEBR0066: Jewish-Muslim Relations in Historical Perspective HEBR0066 Module
HEBR0069: US-Israeli Relations from 1948 to the Present Day HEBR0069 Module
HEBR0071: Hasidism and Modernity A HEBR0071 Module
HEBR0073: The Arab-Israeli Conflict HEBR0073 Module
HEBR0078: MA Jewish Studies Core Course HEBR0078 Module
HEBR0099: Advanced Biblical Hebrew HEBR0099 Module
HEBR0100: History of the Hebrew Language HEBR0100 Module
HEBR0102: Israel and Palestine HEBR0102 Module
History of the Jews in Poland HEBR0056 Module
Intermediate Yiddish HEBR0043 Module
Introduction to the History and Literature of Ancient Israel HEBR0106 Module
Religion, State and Society in Modern European History HEBR0006 Module
The historiography of the Holocaust HEBR0101 Module

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