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Name Code Type
DIS Doctoral studies research seminar DISDOCTORAL Module
Info Workout INFOWORKOUT Module
INST0001: Database Systems A INST0001 Module
INST0002: Programming 1 INST0002 Module
INST0003: Information Systems INST0003 Module
INST0004: Programming 2 INST0004 Module
INST0005: Semantic Web Technologies INST0005 Module
INST0007: Web Technologies, Users and management INST0007 Module
INST0008: Access and Use of Archives and Records INST0008 Module
INST0010: Cataloguing and Classification 1 INST0010 Module
INST0011: Managing Collections INST0011 Module
INST0012: Database Systems Analysis and Design INST0012 Module
INST0013: Digital Resources in the Humanities INST0013 Module
INST0015: Historical Bibliography INST0015 Module
INST0016: Supporting Information Users INST0016 Module
INST0018: Internet Technologies INST0018 Module
INST0019: Introduction to Programming and Scripting INST0019 Module
INST0020: Legal and Social Aspects INST0020 Module
INST0021: Managing Information Organisations INST0021 Module
INST0022: The Record-keeping Professional INST0022 Module
INST0024: Using technology in information organisations INST0024 Module
INST0026: The Library and Information Professional INST0026 Module
INST0028: Creation and Capture INST0028 Module
INST0029: Server Programming and Structured Data INST0029 Module
INST0031: Systems Management INST0031 Module
INST0032: XML INST0032 Module
INST0033: Electronic Publishing A INST0033 Module
INST0037: Fundamentals of Information Science A INST0037 Module
INST0039: Sales, Marketing and Promotion INST0039 Module
INST0040: Oral History: Creation to Curation INST0040 Module
INST0041: Concepts and Contexts INST0041 Module
INST0042: Curation and Stewardship INST0042 Module
INST0043: Knowledge Representation and Semantic Technologies INST0043 Module
INST0044: Introduction to Digitisation INST0044 Module
INST0045: Digital Curation INST0045 Module
INST0046: Publishing Contexts INST0046 Module
INST0047: Book Production INST0047 Module
INST0048: Author Management INST0048 Module
INST0049: Publishing Skills INST0049 Module
INST0050: Business Management in Book Publishing INST0050 Module
INST0051: Academic and Journals Publishing INST0051 Module
INST0052: Children's Publishing INST0052 Module
INST0054: Information Literacy INST0054 Module
INST0057: Information Governance INST0057 Module
INST0058: Illustration and Publishing INST0058 Module
INST0059: Booksellers and Bookselling INST0059 Module
INST0060: Foundations of Machine Learning and Data Science INST0060 Module
INST0062: Dissertation INST0062 Module
INST0069: Graph Databases and Semantic Technologies INST0069 Module
INST0071: Editing, Writing and Communication in Publishing INST0071 Module
INST0072: Logic and Knowledge Representation INST0072 Module

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