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ELCS0031: From Futurism to Surrealism ELCS0031 Module
ELCS0048: Reading European Poetry ELCS0048 Module
ITAL0001: First Year Italian Language ITAL0001 Module
ITAL0002: Cinema and Literature from War to Reconstruction ITAL0002 Module
ITAL0003: Background to Dante and Inferno ITAL0003 Module
ITAL0006: Italian Culture Under Facism ITAL0006 Module
ITAL0007: World War 1 as an Italian War: Events, Interpretations, Representations and Memory ITAL0007 Module
ITAL0008: Introduction to Renaissance Italy ITAL0008 Module
ITAL0009: Second Year Italian Language ITAL0009 Module
ITAL0012: Italy since 1915. The Short Twentieth Century ITAL0012 Module
ITAL0014: Italian Literature 1865-1925 ITAL0014 Module
ITAL0015: Futurism in Italy ITAL0015 Module
ITAL0016: Docudrama in Contemporary Italian Cinema ITAL0016 Module
ITAL0018: Fascist Anti-Semitism and the Race Laws of 1938: Origins, Applications and Memory ITAL0018 Module
ITAL0019: Writing Women in Renaissance Italy ITAL0019 Module
ITAL0021: Final Year Italian Language ITAL0021 Module
ITAL0022: Nation, Culture and Society in Italy 1860-1914 ITAL0022 Module
ITAL0023: Legacies of Fascism since 1945 ITAL0023 Module
ITAL0024: Dante: Divina Commedia ITAL0024 Module
ITAL0025: Dante and Petrarch ITAL0025 Module
ITAL0026: The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy ITAL0026 Module
ITAL0027: The Contemporary Italian Novel: The Scandals of Literature ITAL0027 Module
ITAL0030: Italian Poetry in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Century ITAL0030 Module
ITAL0031: Marriage and Divorce Italian Style (1861-1975) ITAL0031 Module
ITAL0039: Identity and Performance in Renaissance Italy ITAL0039 Module
ITAL0043: "Cavalieri" in Italian Culture ITAL0043 Module

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