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Corporate Strategy and M&A MSIN0192 Module
Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice MSN0144 Module
Managerial Finance for Decision Makers MSIN0168 Module
Managing Finance MSIN0222 Module
Mathematics I (Calculus and Modelling) MSIN0011 Module
MSIN0001: Corporate Finance MSIN0001 Module
MSIN0002: Foundations of Management MSIN0002 Module
MSIN0003: Communication and Behaviour in Organisations MSIN0003 Module
MSIN0004: Accounting for Business MSIN0004 Module
MSIN0006: Information Management for Business Intelligence MSIN0006 Module
MSIN0007: Consumer, Market & Industry Research MSIN0007 Module
MSIN0008: Introduction to IT Project Management MSIN0008 Module
MSIN0009: The Art & Science of Management MSIN0009 Module
MSIN0010: Data Analytics MSIN0010 Module
MSIN0012: Business Economics l MSIN0012 Module
MSIN0013: Critical Analytical Thinking MSIN0013 Module
MSIN0014: Behaviourial Science MSIN0014 Module
MSIN0015: Mathematical Foundations of Management II MSIN0015 Module
MSIN0016: Business Economics II MSIN0016 Module
MSIN0017: Business Analytics MSIN0017 Module
MSIN0018: Business Research Methods MSIN0018 Module
MSIN0019: Software Engineering MSIN0019 Module
MSIN0020: Strategy by design MSIN0020 Module
MSIN0021: Finance lI (Investment Management) MSIN0021 Module
MSIN0022: Mathematical Foundations of Management lll MSIN0022 Module
MSIN0023: Computational Thinking MSIN0023 Module
MSIN0024: Design MSIN0024 Module
MSIN0025: Data Analytics ll MSIN0025 Module
MSIN0026: Product, Technology and Operations Management MSIN0026 Module
MSIN0027: Marketing Communications MSIN0027 Module
MSIN0028: Mergers and Valuations MSIN0028 Module
MSIN0029: Digital Marketing MSIN0029 Module
MSIN0030: Extra-Mural Year MSIN0030 Module
MSIN0031: Managerial Decision Making MSIN0031 Module
MSIN0032: Management Science Dissertation MSIN0032 Module
MSIN0033: IT Project Management MSIN0033 Module
MSIN0034: Industrial Organisations MSIN0034 Module
MSIN0035: Engineering, Technology and Innovation: The Long View MSIN0035 Module
MSIN0039: Corporate Financial Strategy MSIN0039 Module
MSIN0041: Marketing Science MSIN0041 Module
MSIN0043: Delivering Results Through People MSIN0043 Module
MSIN0044: Business for Bioscience MSIN0044 Module
MSIN0045: Finance I (Financial Analysis) MSIN0045 Module
MSIN0047: Entrepreneurial Finance MSIN0047 Module
MSIN0048: Understanding Management MSIN0048 Module
MSIN0049: Business in a Competitive Environment MSIN0049 Module
MSIN0051: Business in the Digital Age MSIN0051 Module
MSIN0052: Law for Managers MSIN0052 Module
MSIN0053: Mastering Entrepreneurship MSIN0053 Module
MSIN0055: International Business MSIN0055 Module
MSIN0056: Innovation Management MSIN0056 Module
MSIN0057: Strategic Human Resource Management MSIN0057 Module
MSIN0059: Managerial Accounting for Decision Makers MSIN0059 Module
MSIN0060: Global Entrepreneurship MSIN0060 Module
MSIN0061: Global Marketing Strategy MSIN0061 Module
MSIN0065: Business Economics for Engineers MSIN0065 Module
MSIN0066: Management Accounting for Engineers MSIN0066 Module
MSIN0067: Extended Project MSIN0067 Module
MSIN0068: Project Management MSIN0068 Module
MSIN0069: Managing the Growing Firm MSIN0069 Module
MSIN0070: Building High Impact Ventures MSIN0070 Module
MSIN0071: Decision and Risk Analysis MSIN0071 Module
MSIN0072: Business Strategy MSIN0072 Module
MSIN0073: Strategic Management of Entrepreneurial Ventures MSIN0073 Module
MSIN0074: Network Analysis MSIN0074 Module
MSIN0075: Business Economics MSIN0075 Module
MSIN0076: Markets and Customers MSIN0076 Module
MSIN0077:Leadership and Communication MSIN0077 Module
MSIN0078: Organisational Behaviour MSIN0078 Module
MSIN0080: Corporate Strategy MSIN0080 Module
MSIN0081: Creativity and Critical Thinking MSIN0081 Module
MSIN0082: Investment Management MSIN0082 Module
MSIN0083: Project Management MSIN0083 Module
MSIN0084: International Capital Markets MSIN0084 Module
MSIN0085: Mergers and Initial Public Offering (IPOs) MSIN0085 Module
MSIN0086: Customer Development and Lean Startup MSIN0086 Module
MSIN0087: Product Development and Prototyping MSIN0087 Module
MSIN0088: Leading High Performance Teams MSIN0088 Module
MSIN0089: Fintech Entrepreneurship MSIN0089 Module
MSIN0090: Healthcare Entrepreneurship MSIN0090 Module
MSIN0091: Retail and Consumer Entrepreneurship MSIN0091 Module
MSIN0092: Technology and Digital Strategy MSIN0092 Module
MSIN0093: Business Strategy and Analytics MSIN0093 Module
MSIN0094: Marketing Analytics MSIN0094 Module
MSIN0095: Operations Analytics MSIN0095 Module
MSIN0096: Mathematical Foundations of Business Analytics MSIN0096 Module
MSIN0097: Predictive Analytics MSIN0097 Module
MSIN0098: Technology Entrepreneurship MSIN0098 Module
MSIN0099: Entrepreneurial Marketing MSIN0099 Module
MSIN0100: Business Research MSIN0100 Module
MSIN0101: Accounting and Financial Analysis MSIN0101 Module
MSIN0102: Financial Decision Making MSIN0102 Module
MSIN0103: Asset Pricing MSIN0103 Module
MSIN0104:Introduction to Quantitative Finance MSIN0104 Module
MSIN0105: Financial Econometrics MSIN0105 Module
MSIN0106: MSIN0106: Time Series Analysis and Forecasting MSIN0106 Module
MSIN0107: Advanced Quantitative Finance MSIN0107 Module
MSIN0108: Fixed Income Modelling MSIN0108 Module
MSIN0110: Big Data Analytics MSIN0110 Module
MSIN0111: Mergers, Divestments and IPO Analysis MSIN0111 Module
MSIN0113: Innovation Practices MSIN0113 Module
MSIN0115: Accounting and Finance MSIN0115 Module
MSIN0116: Decision Making and Analytics MSIN0116 Module
MSIN0117: Economics and Business in China MSIN0117 Module
MSIN0118: Marketing MSIN0118 Module
MSIN0119: Organisational Behaviour and Leadership MSIN0119 Module
MSIN0120: Operations MSIN0120 Module
MSIN0121: Strategy MSIN0121 Module
MSIN0122: Contemporary Issues in International Finance MSIN0122 Module
MSIN0123: Consumer Behaviour and Digital Marketing MSIN0123 Module
MSIN0124: Cross-cultural Management and Negotiation MSIN0124 Module
MSIN0125: Entrepreneurship and innovation in Europe MSIN0125 Module
MSIN0126: Chinese Entrepreneurship and the Global Context MSIN0126 Module
MSIN0127: Career and Professional Development MSIN0127 Module
MSIN0129: Business Research Project MSIN0129 Module
MSIN0130: Business Case Analysis and Application Project MSIN0130 Module
MSIN0131: Management Research Presentation and Critical Writing Skills MSIN0131 Module
MSIN0134: Strategy and Design MSIN0134 Module
MSIN0136: Risk Analysis MSIN0136 Module
MSIN0137: Economics MSIN0137 Module
MSIN0138: Leadership MSIN0138 Module
MSIN0140: Group and Individual Research and Consultancy Project MSIN0140 Module
MSIN0141: Management Science Group Consultancy Project MSIN0141 Module
MSIN0142: Organisational Behavior B MSIN0142 Module
MSIN0143: Programming for Business Analytics MSIN0143 Module
MSIN0144: Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice MSIN0144 Module
MSIN0145: Operations and Technology Management MSIN0145 Module
MSIN0146: Financial Management MSIN0146 Module
MSIN0147: Strategic Project Management MSIN0147 Module
MSIN0148: Influence and Negotiations MSIN0148 Module
MSIN0149: Corporate Finance MSIN0149 Module
MSIN0151: Strategic Project Management. MSIN0151 Module
MSIN0152: Marketing MSIN0152 Module
MSIN0154: Statistics for Business Research MSIN0154 Module
MSIN0157: Global Corporate Social Responsibility MSIN0157 Module
MSIN0158: Social Network Analysis MSIN0158 Module
MSIN0179: Project Management for Engineers (Term 2, Group C) MSIN0179 Module
MSIN0181: Understanding the Information Economy MSIN0181 Module
MSIN0182: The Data Analytics Advantage MSIN0182 Module
MSIN0183: Critical Leadership Decisions MSIN0183 Module
MSIN0184: Leading Organisations MSIN0184 Module
MSIN0185: Business Economics MSIN0185 Module
MSIN0186: Business Strategy MSIN0186 Module
MSIN0187: Operations Management MSIN0187 Module
MSIN0188: Marketing Science and Strategy MSIN0188 Module
MSIN0189: Accounting and Finance for Managers MSIN0189 Module
MSIN0190: Managerial Finance MSIN0190 Module
MSIN0194: Leading Global Teams MSIN0194 Module
MSIN0195: Engaging Digital Customers: Advanced Marketing MSIN0195 Module
MSIN0200: New Venture Creation MSIN0200 Module
MSIN0208: Big Data Analytics MSIN0208 Module
MSIN0209: Finance Research Project MSIN0209 Module
MSIN0210: Hedge Fund Strategies MSIN0210 Module
MSIN0211: Financial Frameworks MSIN0211 Module
MSIN0224: Corporate Finance Practices MSIN0224 Module
MSIN0225: Behavioural Finance MSIN0225 Module
MSIN0226: Fintech MSIN0226 Module
MSIN0227: Private Equity and Venture Capital MSIN0227 Module
MSIN0228: Wealth Management and Private Banking MSIN0228 Module
MSIN0229: Further Topics in Mathematical and Computational Finance MSIN0229 Module
MSING004: Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice MSING004 Module
MSING023: Financial Management MSING023 Module
MSING024: Influence and Negotiations MSING024 Module
MSING046: Managing Finance MSING046 Module
MSING049: Business for Bioscience MSING049 Module
MSINM002: Marketing Communications MSINM002 Module
MSINM005: Business in a Competitive Environment MSINM005 Module
MSINM006: Digital Marketing MSINM006 Module
MSINM009: Managing the Growing Firm MSINM009 Module
MSINM013: Corporate Financial Strategy MSINM013 Module
MSINM014: Decision and Risk Analysis MSINM014 Module
MSINM021: Leadership and Communication (Masters Level) MSINM021 Module
MSINM024: Influence and Negotiations MSINM024 Module
MSINM028: Investment Management MSINM028 Module
MSINM034: International Capital Markets MSINM034 Module
MSINM051: Business Strategy and Analytics MSINM051 Module
MSINM052: Marketing Analytics MSINM052 Module
MSINM053: Operations Analytics MSINM053 Module
MSINM055: Programming for Business Analytics MSINM055 Module
MSINM101: Strategic Project Management (Masters Level) MSINM101 Module
MSINM302 : Decision Science MSINM302 Module
MSINM705: Law for Managers (Masters Level) MSINM705 Module
MSINM711: International Strategy MSINM711 Module
MSINM713: Innovation Practices MSINM713 Module
MSINM715: Operations and Technology Management MSINM715 Module
MSINMG07: Entrepreneurial Finance MSINMG07 Module
MSINMG23: Financial Management (Masters Level) MSINMG23 Module
Negotiations and Leadership Decision Making MSIN0193 Module

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