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MATH0002: Economics I (Combined Studies) MATH0002 Module
MATH0003: Analysis 1 MATH0003 Module
MATH0004: Analysis 2 MATH0004 Module
MATH0005: Algebra 1 MATH0005 Module
MATH0006: Algebra 2 MATH0006 Module
MATH0007: Algebra for Joint Honours Students MATH0007 Module
MATH0008: Applied Mathematics 1 MATH0008 Module
MATH0009: Newtonian Mechanics MATH0009 Module
MATH0010: Mathematical Methods 1 MATH0010 Module
MATH0011: Mathematical Methods 2 MATH0011 Module
MATH0012: Mathematical Methods for Arts and Sciences MATH0012 Module
MATH0013: Analysis 3: Complex Analysis MATH0013 Module
MATH0014: Algebra 3: Further Linear Algebra MATH0014 Module
MATH0015: Fluid Mechanics MATH0015 Module
MATH0016: Mathematical Methods 3 MATH0016 Module
MATH0017: Measure Theory MATH0017 Module
MATH0018: Funtional Analysis MATH0018 Module
MATH0019: Multivariable Analysis MATH0019 Module
MATH0020: Differential Geometry MATH0020 Module
MATH0021: Commutative Algebra MATH0021 Module
MATH0022: Galois Theory MATH0022 Module
MATH0023 : Algebraic Topology MATH0023 Module
MATH0024: Geophysical Fluid Dynamics MATH0024 Module
MATH0025: Mathematics for General Relativity MATH0025 Module
MATH0026: Biomathematics MATH0026 Module
MATH0027: Mathematical Methods 5 MATH0027 Module
MATH0028: Combinatorial Optimisation MATH0028 Module
MATH0029: Graph Theory and Combinatorics MATH0029 Module
MATH0030: Mathematical Ecology MATH0030 Module
MATH0031: Financial Mathematics MATH0031 Module
MATH0032: An Introduction to Mathematica MATH0032 Module
MATH0033: Numerical Methods MATH0033 Module
MATH0034: Number Theory MATH0034 Module
MATH0035: Algebraic Number Theory MATH0035 Module
MATH0036: Elliptic Curves MATH0036 Module
MATH0037: Mathematical Logic MATH0037 Module
MATH0038: History of Mathematics MATH0038 Module
MATH0039: Differential and Integral Calculus MATH0039 Module
MATH0040: Mathematics for Science 1 MATH0040 Module
MATH0041: Mathematics for Science 2 MATH0041 Module
MATH0042: Mathematical Methods in Chemistry MATH0042 Module
MATH0043: Mathematics for Physics and Astronomy MATH0043 Module
MATH0044: Mathematics for Engineers 2 MATH0044 Module
MATH0045: Calculus and Linear Algebra MATH0045 Module
MATH0046: Calculus in Several Dimensions MATH0046 Module
MATH0047: Advanced Linear Algebra MATH0047 Module
MATH0048: Mathematical Analysis MATH0048 Module
MATH0049: Mathematics for Engineers 1 MATH0049 Module
MATH0050: Logic MATH0050 Module
MATH0051: Analysis 4: Real Analysis MATH0051 Module
MATH0052: Geometry and Groups MATH0052 Module
MATH0053: Algebra 4: Groups and Rings MATH0053 Module
MATH0054: Analytical Dynamics MATH0054 Module
MATH0055: Mathematics of Electromagnetism and Special Relativity MATH0055 Module
MATH0056: Mathematical Methods 4 MATH0056 Module
MATH0057: Probability and statistics MATH0057 Module
MATH0058: Computational Methods MATH0058 Module
MATH0060: Stochastic Processes MATH0060 Module
MATH0061: Equities, Foreign Exchange and Commodities Modelling MATH0061 Module
MATH0062: Mathematics and Statistics of Algorithmic Trading MATH0062 Module
MATH0063: Applied Computational Finance MATH0063 Module
MATH0064: Interest Rates and Credit Modelling MATH0064 Module
MATH0065: Advanced Modelling Mathematical Techniques MATH0065 Module
MATH0066: Nonlinear Systems MATH0066 Module
MATH0067: Operational Research MATH0067 Module
MATH0069: Probability MATH0069 Module
MATH0070: Linear Partial Differential Equations MATH0070 Module
MATH0071: Spectral Theory MATH0071 Module
MATH0072: Riemannian Geometry MATH0072 Module
MATH0073: Representation Theory MATH0073 Module
MATH0074: Topology and Groups MATH0074 Module
MATH0075: Lie Groups and Lie Algebras MATH0075 Module
MATH0076: Algebraic Geometry MATH0076 Module
MATH0077: Real Fluids MATH0077 Module
MATH0078: Asymptotic Methods and Boundary Layer Theory MATH0078 Module
MATH0079: Cosmology MATH0079 Module
MATH0080: Waves and wave scattering MATH0080 Module
MATH0081: Theory of Traffic Flow I MATH0081 Module
MATH0082: Evolutionary Games and Population Genetics MATH0082 Module
MATH0083: Prime Numbers and their distribution MATH0083 Module
MATH0085: Asset Pricing in Continuous Time MATH0085 Module
MATH0086: Computational and Simulation Methods MATH0086 Module
MATH0087: Frontiers in Mathematical Modelling and its Applications MATH0087 Module
MATH0088: Quantitative and Computational Finance MATH0088 Module
MATH0090: Elliptic Partial Differential Equations MATH0090 Module
MATH0093: Finance and Numerics MATH0093 Module
MATH0094: Market Risk and Portfolio Theory MATH0094 Module
MATH0095: Topics in Financial and Insurance Mathematics MATH0095 Module
MATH0099: Statistical Methods and Data Analysis MATH0099 Module
MATH0103: Discrete Mathematics MATH0103 Module
MATH3509: Dynamical Systems MATH3509 Module
MATH3701: Theory of Numbers MATH3701 Module
MATH6101: Elementary Mathematics 1 MATH6101 Module
MATH6503 / MATHG653: Mathematics for engineers MATH6503 Module
MATHG653 / MATH6503: Mathematics for engineers MATHG653 Module
MATHM112: Geometric Measure Theory MATHM112 Module

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