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MECH0003: Introduction to Mechanical Engineering MECH0003 Module
MECH0004: Mechanical Engineering Practical Skills 1 MECH0004 Module
MECH0005: Introduction to Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics 1 MECH0005 Module
MECH0006: Engineering Dynamics MECH0006 Module
MECH0007: Fundamentals of Materials 1 MECH0007 Module
MECH0008: Engineering Design MECH0008 Module
MECH0009: Manufacturing and Design MECH0009 Module
MECH0010: Control and Instrumentation MECH0010 Module
MECH0011: Intermediate Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics MECH0011 Module
MECH0013: Mechanics of Solids and Structures MECH0013 Module
MECH0015: Engineering Materials - Failure and Design MECH0015 Module
MECH0016: Design and professional skills II (for Mechanical Engineers) MECH0016 Module
MECH0018: Fundamentals of Biomechanics MECH0018 Module
MECH0019: Ocean Engineering Fundamentals MECH0019 Module
MECH0020: Undergraduate Individual Project MECH0020 Module
MECH0023: Dynamics and Control MECH0023 Module
MECH0024: Advanced Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics MECH0024 Module
MECH0026: Elasticity and Plasticity MECH0026 Module
MECH0028: Bio Fluid Mechanics MECH0028 Module
MECH0029: Solid Biomechanics MECH0029 Module
MECH0031: Tissue Engineering MECH0031 Module
MECH0032: New and Renewable Energy Systems MECH0032 Module
MECH0034: Biomaterials MECH0034 Module
MECH0036: Biofluids and Medical Devices MECH0036 Module
MECH0038: Biomechanics and Biostructures MECH0038 Module
MECH0040: Applications of Biomedical Engineering MECH0040 Module
MECH0042: Bioengineering MECH0042 Module
MECH0044: Evaluation and Planning of Business Opportunities in Bioprocessing and Life sciences MECH0044 Module
MECH0047: Medical Imaging (Ionising and Non-ionising) MECH0047 Module
MECH0048: MSc Individual Project (Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering) MECH0048 Module
MECH0049: Innovation and Group Design Project MECH0049 Module
MECH0051: Applied Thermodynamics and Turbomachinary MECH0051 Module
MECH0053: Power Transmission and Auxillary Machinary Systems MECH0053 Module
MECH0055: Materials and Fatigue MECH0055 Module
MECH0057: Vibrations, Acoustics and Control MECH0057 Module
MECH0059: Advanced Computer Applications in Engineering MECH0059 Module
MECH0060: Heat Transfer and Heat Systems MECH0060 Module
MECH0062: Electrical Machines and Power Electronic Systems MECH0062 Module
MECH0064: MSc Group Project MECH0064 Module
MECH0065: MSc Individual Research Project (75 Credits) MECH0065 Module
MECH0066: Ship Dynamics MECH0066 Module
MECH0067: Ship Structures MECH0067 Module
MECH0068: Ship Hydrodynamics MECH0068 Module
MECH0069: Ship Design Exercise for Naval Architects MECH0069 Module
MECH0071: Electrical Power Systems and Electrical Propulsion MECH0071 Module
MECH0074: Engineering in Extreme Environments MECH0074 Module
MECH0088: Ship Design Exercise for Marine Engineers MECH0088 Module
MECH1001: Mechanics of Fluids MECH1001 Module
MECH1002: Thermodynamics MECH1002 Module
MECH1003: Engineering drawing MECH1003 Module
MECH1004: Computing MECH1004 Module
MECH1005: Design MECH1005 Module
MECH1006: Materials and Mechanics of Deformable Bodies MECH1006 Module
MECH1007: Applied electricity MECH1007 Module
MECH1008: Applied mechanics MECH1008 Module
MECH1010: Modelling and analysis in engineering I MECH1010 Module
MECH2002: Applied electricity and instrumentation MECH2002 Module
MECH2004: Mechanics of fluids and thermodynamics MECH2004 Module
MECH2005: Stress analysis MECH2005 Module
MECH2006: Dynamics and Control MECH2006 Module
MECH2007: Modelling and Analysis II MECH2007 Module
MECH2011: Materials and design studies MECH2011 Module
MECH3003: Quality technology MECH3003 Module
MECH3004 : Applied Mechanics MECH3004 Module
MECH3005: Automatic control MECH3005 Module
MECH3008: Mechanics of fluids MECH3008 Module
MECH3010: Design MECH3010 Module
MECH3012: Production Engineering and Non-Metallic Materials MECH3012 Module
MECHM003: Advanced Computer Applications in Engineering MECHM003 Module
MECHM005: Applied thermodynamics and turbomachinery MECHM005 Module
MTEC: Marine Engineering MTEC Module
Space Science & Engineering Group Project SPCE0013 Module
SPCE0032: Technology Strategy SPCE0032 Module
Vibrations and Acoustics MECH0090 Module

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