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Name Code Type
MPHY0002: Cardiac Engineering MPHY0002 Module
MPHY0003: Materials and Mechanics MPHY0003 Module
MPHY0004: Medical Instrumentation 1 MPHY0004 Module
MPHY0007: Physics for Biomedical Engineering MPHY0007 Module
MPHY0008: Anatomy and Physiology with Biomedical Applications MPHY0008 Module
MPHY0018: Ultrasound in Medicine MPHY0018 Module
MPHY0019: MRI & Biomedical Optics MPHY0019 Module
MPHY0027: Clinical Practice MPHY0027 Module
MPHY0032: Ionising Radiation Physics: Interactions and Dosimetry MPHY0032 Module
MPHY0041: Machine Learning in Medical Imaging MPHY0041 Module
MPHY2001: Physics of the Human Body MPHY2001 Module
MPHYG910: MRI and Biomedical Optics MPHYG910 Module
MPHYGB10: Medical Imaging (Non-Ionising) MPHYGB10 Module
MPHYM910: MRI and Biomedical Optics MPHYM910 Module

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