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CMII0001: Africa: Dialogues of Past and Present CMII0001 Module
CMII0002: Debating Africa’s Future CMII0002 Module
CMII0003: Research Methods in African Studies CMII0003 Module
CMII0005: Performance, Visual Media and Popular Culture in Africa CMII0005 Module
CMII0009: African Studies and Education B CMII0009 Module
CMII0015: Unstitching the Early Modern: Archival and Book Skills CMII0015 Module
CMII0019: Modern Literary Theory CMII0019 Module
CMII0026: Theoretical Issues in History and Literature CMII0026 Module
CMII0028: Topics in Cultural Studies CMII0028 Module
CMII0034: Questions of European Integration CMII0034 Module
CMII0039: Global Politics CMII0039 Module
CMII0040: Global Politics CMII0040 Module
CMII0041: Politics and Ethics CMII0041 Module
CMII0042: Politics & Ethics CMII0042 Module
CMII0043: Multidisciplinary Social Research CMII0043 Module
CMII0044: Multidisciplinary Social Research CMII0044 Module
CMII0048: Multidisciplinary Appraoches to Gender Studies CMII0048 Module
CMII0051: Multidisciplinary Approaches to Gender Studies CMII0051 Module
CMII0052: Gender Theory, Politics and Feminism CMII0052 Module
CMII0059: The Idea of Documentary CMII0059 Module
CMII0063: Hong Kong Cinema: City and Screen CMII0063 Module
CMII0071: MA Film Studies Core Course CMII0071 Module
CMII0072: Research Methods CMII0072 Module
CMII0074: Madness CMII0074 Module
CMII0075: Illness CMII0075 Module
CMII0081: Revolutions in Literature: Writing China's Twentieth Century CMII0081 Module
CMII0087: Language and Translation CMII0087 Module
CMII0090: Language and Automation CMII0090 Module
CMII0091: Localisation CMII0091 Module
CMII0092: Professional Skills for Translators CMII0092 Module
CMII0093: Audio Description CMII0093 Module
CMII0094: SDH CMII0094 Module
CMII0096: Medical Translation CMII0096 Module
CMII0097: Subtitling CMII0097 Module
CMII0098: Translating for Voiceover and Dubbing CMII0098 Module
CMII0100: Crisis Translation CMII0100 Module
CMII0101: Translation Technologies 1 CMII0101 Module
CMII0102: Translation Tech 2 CMII0102 Module
CMII0103: General Interpreting CMII0103 Module
CMII0104: Liaison and Consecutive Interpreting CMII0104 Module
CMII0107: Interaction and Language Management of Interpreting CMII0107 Module
CMII0108: The Historical and Social Context of Interpreting CMII0108 Module
CMII0111: Advanced Translation into Chinese CMII0111 Programme
CMII0112: Translation and the Web CMII0112 Module
CMII0113: Translation in History: Theory, Practice and Reception CMII0113 Module
CMII0114: Translation in History : Theory, Practice and Reception CMII0114 Module
CMII0115: Translation Theory CMII0115 Module
CMII0116: Translating Literary Culture CMII0116 Module
CMII0122: Madness CMII0122 Module
CMII0137: Going Global CMII0137 Module
CMII0144: Textual Masculinities CMII0144 Module
CMII0145: Women Filmmakers CMII0145 Module
CMII0149: Movement, Bordering, Race-Making CMII0149 Module
CMII0150: Gender and Ageing: a Feminist Gerontology CMII0150 Module
CMII0151: Feminism and the Medical Self CMII0151 Module
CMII0152: Environment, Ecology and Contemporary CMII0152 Module
CMII0154: Topics in Race, Ethnicity and Postcolonial Studie CMII0154 Module
CMII0157: Race in Theory CMII0157 Module
CMII0158: Legacies of W.E.B Du Bois CMII0158 Module
CMII0159: Researching Race CMII0159 Module
CMII0161: New Woman Literature in Britain and America, 1793-1920 CMII0161 Module
CMII0162: Translation for the Cultural and Heritage Sectors CMII0162 Module
CMII0163: Global Europe CMII0163 Module
CMII0167: Digital Media CMII0167 Module
CMII0169: Comparative Literary Studies CMII0169 Module
CMII0172: Consumer Culture in Literature CMII0172 Module
CMII0181: Medicine On Screen CMII0181 Module
CMII0183: The Child in Film CMII0183 Module
CMII0189: The Gothic CMII0189 Module
CMII0198: Approaching the Health Humanities: Skills and Methods CMII0198 Module
CMII0200: Philosophical and Literary Scripts of Life CMII0200 Module
CMII0202: Global Film Colour CMII0202 Module
CMII0203: Hollywood/Bollywood: Industries and Histories CMII0203 Module
CMII0204: Womenâs Voices in Pre-Modern Italy CMII0204 Module
Evil and Innocence and Identification Genre Film and Philosophy EEVILINID Module
Masculinities in Literature and Cinematic adaptations MASCLITCIN Module
Neoliberalism, Necrocapitalism and the Aesthetics of Precarity CMII0129 Module
Scientific and Technical Translation CMII0095 Module
Translating Performance CMII0142 Module

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