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Equality PHIL0077 Module
Feminism and Philosophy PHIL0073 Module
PHIL0001: Ancient Philosophy PHIL0001 Module
PHIL0002: Early Modern Philosophy PHIL0002 Module
PHIL0003: Knowledge and Reality PHIL0003 Module
PHIL0004: Introduction to Logic 2 PHIL0004 Module
PHIL0005: Introduction to Logic 1 PHIL0005 Module
PHIL0007: Introduction to Political Philosophy PHIL0007 Module
PHIL0008: Philosophical Study Skills: Reading, Understanding and Essay Writing PHIL0008 Module
PHIL0009: Aesthetics PHIL0009 Module
PHIL0010: Morality and Literature PHIL0010 Module
PHIL0011: Applied Ethics PHIL0011 Module
PHIL0012: Metaphysics PHIL0012 Module
PHIL0014: Knowledge PHIL0014 Module
PHIL0017: Topics in Greek Philosophy: Plato PHIL0017 Module
PHIL0018: Empiricism PHIL0018 Module
PHIL0019: Marxism PHIL0019 Module
PHIL0024: Ethics PHIL0024 Module
PHIL0025: Intermediate Logic PHIL0025 Module
PHIL0041: Early Wittgenstein PHIL0041 Module
PHIL0042: Adorno: Art and Politics PHIL0042 Module
PHIL0044: Aristotle’s Moral Psychology PHIL0044 Module
PHIL0045: Making Sense of the Senses PHIL0045 Module
PHIL0046: Advanced Class in the Philosophy of Mind PHIL0046 Module
PHIL0059: Philosophy, Politics and Economics of Health PHIL0059 Module
PHIL0061: Metaphysics of Science PHIL0061 Module
PHIL0078: Formal Epistemology PHIL0078 Module
PHIL0091: Practical Criticism 1 PHIL0091 Module
PHIL0165: The Philosophy of Climate Change PHIL0165 Module
PHIL0176: Meaning and Interpretation PHIL0176 Module
PHIL0178: Research Seminar in Realism and Antirealism PHIL0178 Module
PHIL0180: Rudolf Carnap PHIL0180 Module
PHIL0182: Metametaphysics PHIL0182 Module
PHIL0189: Culture, Heritage and Critique PHIL0189 Module
PHIL3048: Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science PHIL3048 Module
PHIL3081: Concepts PHIL3081 Module
PHIL3094 / PHILGA94 / PHILG094: Philosophical Origins of Political Thought PHIL3094 Module
PHILG041: Early Wittgenstein PHILG041 Module
PHILG055: Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science PHILG055 Module
PHILG094 / PHIL3094 / PHILGA94 : Philosophical Origins of Political Thought PHILG094 Module
PHILGA08: Early Wittgenstein PHILGA08 Module
PHILGA94 / PHIL3094 / PHILG094: Philosophical Origins of Political Thought PHILGA94 Module

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