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PHAS0002: Mathematical Methods 1 PHAS0002 Module
PHAS0003: Practical Skills 1A (Practical Astronomy) PHAS0003 Module
PHAS0004: Atoms, stars and the Universe PHAS0004 Module
PHAS0005: Waves, Optics and Acoustics PHAS0005 Module
PHAS0006: Thermal Physics PHAS0006 Module
PHAS0007: Practical Physics and Computing 1 PHAS0007 Module
PHAS0008: Practical Skills 1P PHAS0008 Module
PHAS0009: Mathematical Methods II PHAS0009 Module
PHAS0010: Classical Mechanics PHAS0010 Module
PHAS0011: Modern Physics, Astronomy and Cosmology PHAS0011 Module
PHAS0012: Computing for Mathematical Physics PHAS0012 Module
PHAS0013: Certificate Practical Astronomy 1 PHAS0013 Module
PHAS0015: Foundations of Astronomy and Techniques in Astronomy PHAS0015 Module
PHAS0017: Developing Effective Communication 1 PHAS0017 Module
PHAS0018: Astrophysical Processes: Nebulae to Stars PHAS0018 Module
PHAS0019: Physics of the Solar System PHAS0019 Module
PHAS0020: Practical Astrophysics and Computing PHAS0020 Module
PHAS0021: Electricity and Magnetism PHAS0021 Module
PHAS0022: Quantum Physics PHAS0022 Module
PHAS0023: Atomic and Molecular Physics PHAS0023 Module
PHAS0024: Statistical Physics of Matter PHAS0024 Module
PHAS0025: Mathematical Methods III PHAS0025 Module
PHAS0026: Mathematical Methods for Theoretical Physics PHAS0026 Module
PHAS0027: Environmental Physics PHAS0027 Module
PHAS0028: Practical Physics 2A PHAS0028 Module
PHAS0029: Practical Physics and Computing 2 PHAS0029 Module
PHAS0030: Further Practical Mathematics and Computing PHAS0030 Module
PHAS0031: Certificate Practical Astronomy 2 PHAS0031 Module
PHAS0032: High Energy Astrophysics and Cosmology PHAS0032 Module
PHAS0034: Interstellar Astronomy and Extra-solar Planets and the Search for Life PHAS0034 Module
PHAS0035: Developing Effective Communication 2 PHAS0035 Module
PHAS0036: The Physics of Stars PHAS0036 Module
PHAS0037: Physical Cosmology PHAS0037 Module
PHAS0038: Electromagnetic Theory PHAS0038 Module
PHAS0039: Physics Education PHAS0039 Module
PHAS0040: Nuclear and Particle Physics PHAS0040 Module
PHAS0041: Solid State Physics PHAS0041 Module
PHAS0042: Quantum Mechanics PHAS0042 Module
PHAS0043: Practical Astronomy 1 – Technique PHAS0043 Module
PHAS0044: Practical Astronomy 2 – Applications PHAS0044 Module
PHAS0046: Interstellar Physics PHAS0046 Module
PHAS0047: Astronomical Spectroscopy PHAS0047 Module
PHAS0049: Theory of Dynamical Systems PHAS0049 Module
PHAS0050: Climate and Energy PHAS0050 Module
PHAS0051: Experimental Physics PHAS0051 Module
PHAS0053: Lasers and Modern Optics PHAS0053 Module
PHAS0054: Practical Physics 3 (for Natural Sciences) PHAS0054 Module
PHAS0055: Materials and Nanomaterials PHAS0055 Module
PHAS0056: Practical Machine Learning for Physicists PHAS0056 Module
PHAS0057: Physics of the Earth PHAS0057 Module
PHAS0063: Planetary Atmospheres PHAS0063 Module
PHAS0065: Galaxy Dynamics, Formation and Evolution PHAS0065 Module
PHAS0067: Advanced Physical Cosmology PHAS0067 Module
PHAS0069: Advanced Quantum Theory PHAS0069 Module
PHAS0072: Particle Physics PHAS0072 Module
PHAS0073: Quantum Field Theory PHAS0073 Module
PHAS0075: Order and Excitations in Condensed Matter PHAS0075 Module
PHAS0081: The Standard Model and Beyond, Part 1 PHAS0081 Module
PHAS0084: Symmetries and Conservation Laws PHAS0084 Module
PHAS0087: Physics and Foundations of Quantum Technologies PHAS0087 Module
PHAS0088: Engineering Materials and Devices for Quantum Technologies PHAS0088 Module
PHAS0099: Molecular Physics PHAS0099 Module
PHAS0103: Molecular Biophysics PHAS0103 Module
PHAS3332: Practical Astronomy 3 – Field Trip PHAS3332 Module
PHASG338: Astronomical Spectroscopy PHASG338 Module
PHASG406: Climate and Energy PHASG406 Module
PHASG427: Quantum Computation and Communication PHASG427 Module
PHASG447: Materials and Nanomaterials PHASG447 Module
PHASG474: Plastic and Molecular (Opto) Electronics PHASG474 Module
PHASG661: Physics of the Earth PHASG661 Module
PHASGA02: The Standard Model and Beyond, Part 2 PHASGA02 Module
PHASGQ03: Quantum Computation and Communication PHASGQ03 Module
PHASM319: Formation and Evolution of Stellar Systems PHASM319 Module
PHASM336: Advanced Physical Cosmology PHASM336 Module
PHASM426: Advanced Quantum Theory PHASM426 Module
PHASM427: Quantum Computation and Communication PHASM427 Module
PHASM431: Molecular Physics PHASM431 Module
PHASM442: Particle Physics PHASM442 Module
PHASM445: Quantum Field Theory PHASM445 Module
PHASM472: Order and Excitations in Condensed Matter PHASM472 Module
PHASM474: Plastic and Molecular (Opto) Electronics PHASM474 Module
PHASM800: Molecular Biophysics PHASM800 Module

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