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Name Code Type
SESS0004: The Making of Modern Ukraine SESS0004 Module
SESS0006: Understanding and Analysing data SESS0006 Module
SESS0016: Understanding Politics I: The Big Questions in Contemporary Europe SESS0016 Module
SESS0017: Understanding politics : how politics works SESS0017 Module
SESS0035: Post-Soviet politics and society SESS0035 Module
SESS0044: Soviet and Russian Foreign Policy SESS0044 Module
SESS0046: European Security SESS0046 Module
SESS0048: Poland in the UK SESS0048 Module
SESS0052: Parties and Elections in a Global Perspective SESS0052 Module
SESS0062: Politics and Societies of Southeast Europe SESS0062 Module
SESS1204: Communism in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe SESS1204 Module
SESS3101: Comparative Politics SESS3101 Module
SESS3113: The Crisis of 1989 SESS3113 Module

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