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Applied Social and Developmental Psychology PHDE0079 Module
CPAS0151: Special and Inclusive Education CPAS0151 Module
Criminal Journeys PHDE0070 Module
Intervention for literacy difficulties: Evidence and application PHDE0083 Module
PHDE0002: Psychological Research PHDE0002 Module
PHDE0003: Social and Development Psychology PHDE0003 Module
PHDE0004: Brain and Behaviour PHDE0004 Module
PHDE0005: Personality and Individual Differences PHDE0005 Module
PHDE0006: Cognitive Psychology PHDE0006 Module
PHDE0009: Policy and Practice in Habilitation Studies PHDE0009 Module
PHDE0010: Habilitation in Educational Contexts and the Extended Curriculum PHDE0010 Module
PHDE0011: Habilitation at Home, in Public Contexts and During Transitions PHDE0011 Module
PHDE0012: Habilitation, Professional Practices and the Service Setting: The Extended Assessed Placement PHDE0012 Module
PHDE0013: Introduction to Psychology I: Cognition and Development PHDE0013 Module
PHDE0014: Introduction To Psychology II: Individual, Social and Biological Psychology PHDE0014 Module
PHDE0015: Developmental Psychology PHDE0015 Module
PHDE0016: Social Development PHDE0016 Module
PHDE0017: Atypical Development PHDE0017 Module
PHDE0022: Issues in Educational Neuroscience PHDE0022 Module
PHDE0025: Social, Emotional and Behavioural Development PHDE0025 Module
PHDE0027: Personality and Social Psychology in Education PHDE0027 Module
PHDE0028: Cognitive Development and Learning PHDE0028 Module
PHDE0029: Psychological Aspects of Counselling PHDE0029 Module
PHDE0030: Core Topics in the Psychology of Education PHDE0030 Module
PHDE0031: Methodology and Statistics PHDE0031 Module
PHDE0034: Psychology for Special Needs PHDE0034 Module
PHDE0036: Language Development PHDE0036 Module
PHDE0039: Research Design and Methodology PHDE0039 Module
PHDE0040: Developing SEN Co-ordination: Leading and Managing Change PHDE0040 Module
PHDE0042: Developing SEN Co-ordinationPHDE0042: Improving Learning and Teaching PHDE0042 Module
PHDE0044: Autism: Research and Practice PHDE0044 Module
PHDE0049: Evidence Based Practice: Specific Learning Difficulties (Dyslexia) PHDE0049 Module
PHDE0052: Research Design and Methodology (Cairo) PHDE0052 Module
PHDE0055: Methods of Enquiry II PHDE0055 Module
PHDE0056: Research Methods and Statistics PHDE0056 Module
PHDE0057: Psychology and Neuroscience in Education PHDE0057 Module
PHDE0058: Psychology Research Project PHDE0058 Module
PHDE0059: Understanding Specific Learning Difficulties (Dyslexia) PHDE0059 Module
PHDE0061: Concepts and Contexts of Special and Inclusive Education PHDE0061 Module
PHDE0063: Assessment of Specific Learning Difficulties (Dyslexia) PHDE0063 Module
PHDE0066: Specific Learning Difficulties: Understanding Assessing and Teaching Children with SpLD PHDE0066 Module
PHDE0067: Psychology: The Science of Behaviour PHDE0067 Module
PHDE0071: Qualitative Data Analysis PHDE0071 Module
PHDE0080: Contemporary Issues in Educational Psychology PHDE0080 Module
PHDE0084: Advanced Quantitative Analysis PHDE0084 Module

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There are currently no lists linked to this Department.