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IRDR0001: Natural and Anthropogenic Hazards and Vulnerability IRDR0001 Module
IRDR0002: Emergency and Crisis Planning IRDR0002 Module
IRDR0003: Emergency and Crisis Management IRDR0003 Module
IRDR0004: Risk and Disaster Reduction Research Tools IRDR0004 Module
IRDR0005: Practice and Appraisal of Research IRDR0005 Module
IRDR0007: Space Weather and Technological Failures IRDR0007 Module
IRDR0008: Catastrophe Risk Modelling IRDR0008 Module
IRDR0011: Risk and Disaster Science Independent MSc Project IRDR0011 Module
IRDR0014: MRes Risk and Disaster Reduction Project IRDR0014 Module
IRDR0015: Integrating Science Into Disaster Risk Reduction IRDR0015 Module
IRDR0016: Gender, Disaster and Conflict IRDR0016 Module
IRDR0018: Global History of Humanitarianism IRDR0018 Module
IRDR0019: Humanitarian Crisis Response IRDR0019 Module
IRDR0020: Climate and Natural Hazard Risks IRDR0020 Module
IRDR0021: Social and Geospatial Data Analysis IRDR0021 Module
IRDR0022: Key Concepts and Debates in Humanitarianism IRDR0022 Module
IRDR0023: Practice and Appraisal of Humanitarian Action IRDR0023 Module
IRDR0024: Technology for Humanitarian Studies IRDR0024 Module

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There are currently no lists linked to this Department.