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SCAN0001: Basic Danish: Jesper Hansen SCAN0001 Module
SCAN0003: Basic Swedish: John Mitchinson SCAN0003 Module
SCAN0005: Basic Norwegian: Dr Elettra Carbone SCAN0005 Module
SCAN0007: Basic Modern Icelandic SCAN0007 Module
SCAN0009: Introduction to Linguistics and the Scandinavian Languages SCAN0009 Module
SCAN0010: Nordic Storytelling SCAN0010 Module
SCAN0011: Histories and Cultures of the Nordic Region SCAN0011 Module
SCAN0013: Introduction to Old Norse SCAN0013 Module
SCAN0014: Vikings and Material Culture SCAN0014 Module
SCAN0015: Intermediate Danish SCAN0015 Module
SCAN0017: Intermediate Swedish SCAN0017 Module
SCAN0019: Intermediate Norwegian SCAN0019 Module
SCAN0021: Intermediate Modern Icelandic Language SCAN0021 Module
SCAN0023: Nordic Literature in Context SCAN0023 Module
SCAN0027: Intermediate Old Norse SCAN0027 Module
SCAN0030: Advanced Danish SCAN0030 Module
SCAN0031: Advanced Swedish SCAN0031 Module
SCAN0032: Advanced Norwegian SCAN0032 Module
SCAN0033: Advanced Modern Icelandic SCAN0033 Module
SCAN0034: Advanced Project Work in Danish, Norwegian or Swedish SCAN0034 Module
SCAN0035: Translation from the Scandinavian Languages SCAN0035 Module
SCAN0036: Dissertation in Scandinavian Studies SCAN0036 Module
SCAN0037: Crime and Small Communities in Nordic Literature SCAN0037 Module
SCAN0040: Advanced Old Norse SCAN0040 Module
SCAN0041: The Vikings in Europe SCAN0041 Module
SCAN0044: Nordic Landscapes SCAN0044 Module
SCAN0045: An Extended Essay in Scandinavian Studies SCAN0045 Module
SCAN0046: Vikings and Valkyries in Contemporary Culture SCAN0046 Module
SCAN0050: Advanced Scandinavian Translation (Scandinavian - English) SCAN0050 Module
SCAN0051: Introduction to Old Norse SCAN0051 Module
SCAN0054: Nordic Cinema: Contextualising Dreyer, Bergman and Dogme SCAN0054 Module
SCAN0061: Advanced Old Norse SCAN0061 Module
SCAN0063: Viking-Age Scandinavia SCAN0063 Module

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