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HPSC0002: Disease in History HPSC0002 Module
HPSC0003: History of Science: Antiquity to Enlightenment HPSC0003 Module
HPSC0004: Philosophy of Science 1 HPSC0004 Module
HPSC0006: Science Policy HPSC0006 Module
HPSC0007: Investigating Sociology and Politics of Science HPSC0007 Module
HPSC0008: Science Communication and Public Engagement HPSC0008 Module
HPSC0009: Introduction to History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Science HPSC0009 Module
HPSC0010: History of Modern Science HPSC0010 Module
HPSC0011: Investigating History and Philosophy of Science HPSC0011 Module
HPSC0012: Policy Issues in the Life Sciences HPSC0012 Module
HPSC0013: Science in Popular Culture HPSC0013 Module
HPSC0014: Philosophy of Science 2 HPSC0014 Module
HPSC0017: Science and Ethics HPSC0017 Module
HPSC0019: Human Sciences and Society HPSC0019 Module
HPSC0022: Science and Religion HPSC0022 Module
HPSC0023: Evolution in science and culture HPSC0023 Module
HPSC0034: Science, Identity and Global Perspectives HPSC0034 Module
HPSC0035: Science and Empire HPSC0035 Module
HPSC0036: Engaging the Public with Science HPSC0036 Module
HPSC0038: Medicine and Society HPSC0038 Module
HPSC0039: Science, Warfare and Peace HPSC0039 Module
HPSC0044: Science and the Publishing Industry HPSC0044 Module
HPSC0059: Science, Art and Philosophy HPSC0059 Module
HPSC0061: Governing Emerging Technologies HPSC0061 Module
HPSC0065: Philosophy of Information HPSC0065 Module
HPSC0066: Science and Film Production HPSC0066 Module
HPSC0067: Ancient Science HPSC0067 Module
HPSC0068 : Sleep and Dreaming HPSC0068 Module
HPSC0069: Science in Nineteenth Century London HPSC0069 Module
HPSC0071: Nature, Technology and the Environment HPSC0071 Module
HPSC0073: Introduction to Science and Technology Studies HPSC0073 Module
HPSC0078: Science, Technology and Medicine across Medieval Worlds HPSC0078 Module
HPSC0080: Early modern science HPSC0080 Module
HPSC0081: Science in the Nineteenth Century HPSC0081 Module
HPSC0083: Models and Facts in Science HPSC0083 Module
HPSC0084: Causality, Mechanism and Evidence in Science HPSC0084 Module
HPSC0085: Knowledge, Explanation and Classification in Science HPSC0085 Module
HPSC0086: Special Topics Seminar in History and Philosophy of Science: Philosophy of Medicine HPSC0086 Module
HPSC0087: Science in the Twentieth Century and Beyond HPSC0087 Module
HPSC0088: STS Perspectives on Security and War HPSC0088 Module
HPSC0089: Curating Science and Technology HPSC0089 Module
HPSC0091: Science, Technology and Identity HPSC0091 Module
HPSC0092: Responsible Science and Innovation HPSC0092 Module
HPSC0093: Science Policy in an Era of Risk and Uncertainty HPSC0093 Module
HPSC0094: Political Economy of Science HPSC0094 Module
HPSC0095: Special Topics Seminar in Science, Technology and Society HPSC0095 Module
HPSC0105: Sociology of Science and Technology HPSC0105 Module
HPSC0107: Science Journalism HPSC0107 Module
HPSC0109: Philosophy of Medicine HPSC0109 Module
HPSC0110: History of Medicine HPSC0110 Module
HPSC0111: Science, Art and Philosophy HPSC0111 Module
HPSC0121: Sociology of Science and Technology HPSC0121 Module
HPSC0122: Science Journalism HPSC0122 Module
HPSC0124: Science in Government HPSC0124 Module
HPSC0127: Engaging the Public with Science HPSC0127 Module
HPSC0139: History of Science II HPSC0139 Module
HPSC0149: Practical Science Broadcasting HPSC0149 Module
HPSC0151: Practical Science Writing HPSC0151 Module
HPSC0155: Science Communication Final Project HPSC0155 Module
HPSC0156: Health, Difference and Inequality HPSC0156 Module
HPSC0157: Module name: Science, Technology and International Development HPSC0157 Module
HPSC0160: Warnings For All HPSC0160 Module
HPSC2020: Philosophy of Medicine HPSC2020 Module
HPSC3053: Globalization in Theory and Practice HPSC3053 Module
HPSCGA21: Science in the Eighteenth Century HPSCGA21 Module
HSPC0140: Research Methods in Science and Technology Studies HSPC0140 Module
Research Methods in Data Analysis in Science and Technology Studies HPSC0126 Module
Science Communication in a global perspective HPSC0153 Module

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