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Police Powers and Procedures? SECU0061 Module
SECU0001: Psychology and Crime SECU0001 Module
SECU0002: Forensic Psychology SECU0002 Module
SECU0003: Terrorism SECU0003 Module
SECU0004: Introduction to Security and Crime Science SECU0004 Module
SECU0005: Crime Mapping SECU0005 Module
SECU0006: Probability, Statistics and Modelling SECU0006 Module
SECU0007: Qualitative Research Methods SECU0007 Module
SECU0008: Systems and Problem Solving SECU0008 Module
SECU0009: Understanding the Crime Event SECU0009 Module
SECU0010: Crime and Society SECU0010 Module
SECU0011: Preventing Crimes SECU0011 Module
SECU0013: Probability, Statistics and Modelling II SECU0013 Module
SECU0015: Introduction to Research SECU0015 Module
SECU0016: Security Technolgies SECU0016 Module
SECU0019: Project in Security and Crime Prevention SECU0019 Module
SECU0020: Preventing Crimes SECU0020 Module
SECU0021: A7P: T1: Forensic Geoscience SECU0021A7PT1 Module
SECU0021: Forensic Geoscience SECU0021 Module
SECU0022: Crime Mapping and Spatial Analysis SECU0022 Module
SECU0023: Law and Expert Evidence SECU0023 Module
SECU0024: Ethical Policing SECU0024 Module
SECU0025: Police and the Public SECU0025 Module
SECU0026: Models of Policing for Crime Reduction SECU0026 Module
SECU0027: Designing and Doing Research SECU0027 Module
SECU0028: Quantitative Methods SECU0028 Module
SECU0029: Hotspot Policing SECU0029 Module
SECU0030: Management Skills for Police Leaders SECU0030 Module
SECU0031: Foundations of Security and Crime Science SECU0031 Module
SECU0032: Perspectives on Organised Crime SECU0032 Module
SECU0033: Investigation and Detection SECU0033 Module
SECU0034: Intelligence Gathering and Analysis SECU0034 Module
SECU0035: Perspectives on Terrorism SECU0035 Module
SECU0036: Prevention and Disruption SECU0036 Module
SECU0037: Risk and Contingency Planning SECU0037 Module
SECU0038: Introduction to Cybersecurity SECU0038 Module
SECU0039: Practices of Crime Scene Investigation and Expert Testimony SECU0039 Module
SECU0040: Understanding and Interpreting Forensic Evidence SECU0040 Module
SECU0041: Qualitative Research Methods SECU0041 Module
SECU0042: Case Assessment and Interpretation for Forensic Scientists SECU0042 Module
SECU0043: Cybercrime SECU0043 Module
SECU0045: Security and Crime Science Dissertation SECU0045 Module
SECU0046: Perspectives on Organised Crime SECU0046 Module
SECU0049: Cybercrime SECU0049 Module
SECU0050: Advanced Crime Analysis SECU0050 Module
SECU0051: Criminal Intelligence and Investigation SECU0051 Module
SECU0052: valuation of Crime Prevention Measures SECU0052 Module
SECU0053: Security and Crime Science Research Project SECU0053 Module
SECU0055: Forensic Biology and DNA Interpretation SECU0055 Module
SECU0056: Horizon Scanning and the Changing Nature of Crime SECU0056 Module
SECU0057: Applied Data Science SECU0057 Module
SECU0058: Simulation for Research SECU0058 Module
SECU0067; Online Extremism and Hate Crime SECU0067 Module
SECUGC54: Doing Research in Security Science SECUGC54 Module

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