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SOCS0001: Theories of Childhood and Society SOCS0001 Module
SOCS0002: Children's Rights in Practice SOCS0002 Module
SOCS0011: Dissertation in Social Policy and Social Research SOCS0011 Module
SOCS0014: Researching Childhood SOCS0014 Module
SOCS0015: Advanced Quantitative Methods SOCS0015 Module
SOCS0016: Advanced Qualitative Methods SOCS0016 Module
SOCS0018: Uncertainty in contemporary societies: a psychosocial approach to wellbeing SOCS0018 Module
SOCS0022: Introduction to Social Science Research SOCS0022 Module
SOCS0023: Foundations to Psychology I SOCS0023 Module
SOCS0024: Introduction to Sociology SOCS0024 Module
SOCS0025: Social Change Within Contemporary Society SOCS0025 Module
SOCS0026: Discovering Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods (DQQRM) SOCS0026 Module
SOCS0027: Families in Society SOCS0027 Module
SOCS0028: Understanding Social Policy SOCS0028 Module
SOCS0029: Foundations of Psychology II SOCS0029 Module
SOCS0030: Introduction to Economics I SOCS0030 Module
SOCS0031: Introduction to Economics II SOCS0031 Module
SOCS0032: Sociology of Childhood SOCS0032 Module
SOCS0033: Public Health in Context SOCS0033 Module
SOCS0034: Qualitative research methods SOCS0034 Module
SOCS0035: Quantitative Research Methods SOCS0035 Module
SOCS0036: Sociology of Gender SOCS0036 Module
SOCS0037: London Lab SOCS0037 Module
SOCS0038: Social Theory SOCS0038 Module
SOCS0039: Social Psychology SOCS0039 Module
SOCS0040: Population Studies SOCS0040 Module
SOCS0041: The Economics of Children and Families SOCS0041 Module
SOCS0042: Economics of Education SOCS0042 Module
SOCS0043: Economics of Public Policy SOCS0043 Module
SOCS0044: Health and Social Epidemiology SOCS0044 Module
SOCS0045: Social Inequality and Mobility SOCS0045 Module
SOCS0046: Work and Employment Relations SOCS0046 Module
SOCS0050: Ethnography SOCS0050 Module
SOCS0052: Introduction to Qualitative Methods SOCS0052 Module
SOCS0054: Survey Design SOCS0054 Module
SOCS0056: Longitudinal Data and Analysis SOCS0056 Module
SOCS0057: Evidence for Policy and Practice SOCS0057 Module
SOCS0058: Understanding the Policy Process: Theories and Issues SOCS0058 Module
SOCS0059: Research Engagement, Participation and Impact SOCS0059 Module
SOCS0060: Systematic Review Design and Planning SOCS0060 Module
SOCS0062: Systematic Reviews for Complex Policy Issues SOCS0062 Module
SOCS0067: Social Theory and the Study of Contemporary Social Problems SOCS0067 Module
SOCS0077: Economics of developing countries SOCS0077 Module
SOCS0080: Political Sociology SOCS0080 Module
SOCS0081: Social Networks SOCS0081 Module
SOCS0082: Ageing and Society SOCS0082 Module
SOCS0083: Social Sciences Dissertation SOCS0083 Module
SOCS0084: Gender, Families and Work SOCS0084 Module
SOCS0085: International Development SOCS0085 Module
SOCS0086: Migration and Society SOCS0086 Module
SOCS0087: Politics: from Power to Participation SOCS0087 Module
SOCS0088: Power, conflict and collective action: The Sociology of Social Movements SOCS0088 Module
SOCS0090: Social Justice and Social Psychology SOCS0090 Module
SOCS0091: Social Science Seminar SOCS0091 Module
SOCS0093: Social Problems and Intervention SOCS0093 Module
SOCS0094: Comparative Social Policy SOCS0094 Module
SOCS0095: Approaches to Systematic Review Synthesis SOCS0095 Module
SOCS0096: Love, intimacy and sexuality SOCS0096 Module
SOCS0097: Citizenship, political exclusion and the racialised state SOCS0097 Module
SOCS0098: Food and Society SOCS0098 Module
SOCS0099: Historical Foundations of Sociological Thought SOCS0099 Module
SOCS0101: Digital Sociology SOCS0101 Module
SOCS0104: Sociology of Race and Ethnicity SOCS0104 Module

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