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SPCE0001: Space Systems SPCE0001 Module
SPCE0002: The Business Environment A SPCE0002 Module
SPCE0003: Project Management (APM) SPCE0003 Module
SPCE0004: Space Instrumentation and Applications (ST10) SPCE0004 Module
SPCE0005:Space Plasma and Magnetospheric Physics (SS109) SPCE0005 Module
SPCE0006: Space-based Communication Systems SPCE0006 Module
SPCE0008: Mechanical Design of Spacecraft (ST8) SPCE0008 Module
SPCE0010: Planetary Atmospheres SPCE0010 Module
SPCE0011: Solar Physics (SS6) SPCE0011 Module
SPCE0012: High Energy Astrophysics SPCE0012 Module
SPCE0013: Space Science & Engineering Group Project SPCE0013 Module
SPCE0015: Space Science, Environment and Satellite Missions SPCE0015 Module
SPCE0017: Space Data Systems and Processing SPCE0017 Module
SPCE0018: Delivering Complex Projects SPCE0018 Module
SPCE0019: Project Simulation SPCE0019 Module
SPCE0023: Systems Thinking and Engineering Management SPCE0023 Module
SPCE0024: Lifecycle Management SPCE0024 Module
SPCE0025: Risk, Reliability & Resilience SPCE0025 Module
SPCE0026: Systems Design SPCE0026 Module
SPCE0027: Rail Systems Engineering SPCE0027 Module
SPCE0028: Defence and Security Systems SPCE0028 Module
SPCE0030: UCLse Project Concept/Research Project SPCE0030 Module
SPCE0032: Technology Strategy SPCE0032 Module
SPCE0033: New Product Development SPCE0033 Module
SPCE0034: Emerging Technology Review SPCE0034 Module
SPCE0038: Machine Learning with Big-Data SPCE0038 Module
SPCE0039: Integration, Verification & Validation SPCE0039 Module
SPCE0040: Leadership SPCE0040 Module
SPCE0041: Managing Risk in Dynamic Environments SPCE0041 Module
SPCE0042: Technology Driven Transformation SPCE0042 Module
SPCE0043: Transformational Design SPCE0043 Module
SPCE0999: Study and Research Skills (MSc SEM/TM/MCP) SPCE0999 Module
Transformation for Sustainability SPCE0047 Module
Transformation Trends and Emerging Technology Review SPCE0046 Module

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