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Comprehension of Russian (Year 2) SERS0020 Module
SEEB0001: Bulgarian Language Level 1 SEEB0001 Module
SEEB0005: Bulgarian Language: Level 2a: Comprehension / SEEB2002: Level 2b: Production SEEB0005 Module
SEEB0007: Bulgarian Language : Level 2b: Production / SEEB2001: Level 2a: Comprehension SEEB0007 Module
SEEB0014: Bulgarian A SEEB0014 Module
SEEB0017: Czech B off-track language SEEB0017 Module
SEEB4001: Bulgarian Language Level 3a: Comprehension SEEB4001 Module
SEEC0010: Czech Language: Level 3a: Comprehension / SEEC4002: Czech Language Level 3b: Production SEEC0010 Module
SEEC0012: Czech Language: Level 3b: Production: / SEEC4001: Level 3a: Comprehension SEEC0012 Module
SEEC1001: Czech Language Level 1 SEEC1001 Module
SEEC1009: Czech A SEEC1009 Module
SEEC2001: Czech Language Level 2a: Comprehension SEEC2001 Module
SEEC2002: Czech Language Level 2b: Production SEEC2002 Module
SEEE0002: How Words Work: Sounds and Sense SEEE0002 Module
SEEE0003: How Words Work: Meaning and Modularity SEEE0003 Module
SEEE0004: Vampires society and culture: Transylvania and beyond SEEE0004 Module
SEEE0005: Narratives of Exile SEEE0005 Module
SEEE0006: Tales of the Unexpected: The Supernatural and Fantastic in Literature, 1800-1930 SEEE0006 Module
SEEE0007: Languages in Contact along the Danube: Intercultural Frictions and Flows SEEE0007 Module
SEEE0009: War, Trauma and Memory in East European Cinema SEEE0009 Module
SEEE0010: Minority Languages of Russia: Cultural, Linguistic Diversity and Endangerment SEEE0010 Module
SEEE0011: Staging Europe: Modern European Drama and Theatre SEEE0011 Module
SEEE0013: Literature and Memory SEEE0013 Module
SEEE0016: Regional and National Identities: History of Baltic Literature SEEE0016 Module
SEEE0020: Writers from the other Europe SEEE0020 Module
SEEE1002: Introduction to East European literature in translation SEEE1002 Module
SEEE2005: Cinema in Eastern Europe SEEE2005 Module
SEEF0001: Finnish Language Level 1 SEEF0001 Module
SEEF0005: Finnish Language Level 2a-Comprehension SEEF0005 Module
SEEF0007: Finnish Language Level 2b-Production SEEF0007 Module
SEEF0011: Finnish Level 3A: comprehension SEEF0011 Module
SEEF0013: Finnish Level 3B: production SEEF0013 Module
SEEF0015: Finnish Society and Culture 3 SEEF0015 Module
SEEF0021: Bulgarian B SEEF0021 Module
SEEF0026: Finnish A SEEF0026 Module
SEEF2003: Finland: Environment Society Culture SEEF2003 Module
SEEF2009: Reading Finnish Society and Culture: Dr Titus Hjelm SEEF2009 Module
SEEF2109: Finnish B SEEF2109 Module
SEEH0001: Hungarian Language Level 1 SEEH0001 Module
SEEH0003: Hungarian A off-track language module SEEH0003 Module
SEEH0006: Hungarian Language Level 2a: Comprehension SEEH0006 Module
SEEH2002: Hungarian Language Level 2b: Production SEEH2002 Module
SEEP0001: Polish Language Level 1 SEEP0001 Module
SEEP0003: Polish A SEEP0003 Module
SEEP0005: Polish Language: Level 2a: Comprehension / SEEP2002: Language Level 2b: Production SEEP0005 Module
SEEP0007: Polish Language: Language Level 2b: Production / SEEP2001: Language Level 2a: Comprehension SEEP0007 Module
SEEP0010: Polish Language: Level 3a: Comprehension / SEEP4002: Level 3b: Production SEEP0010 Module
SEEP0012: Polish Language Level 3b: Production / SEEP4001: Level 3a: Comprehension SEEP0012 Module
SEEP0016: Contemporary Polish Cinema SEEP0016 Module
SEEP0020: Polish B SEEP0020 Module
SEER0001: Romanian Language Level 1 SEER0001 Module
SEER0003: Romanian A SEER0003 Module
SEER0004: Romanian A SEER0004 Module
SEER0005: Romanian Language: Level 2a: Comprehension / SEER2002 : Level 2b: Production SEER0005 Module
SEER0007 : Romanian Language : Level 2b: Production / Level 2a: Comprehension SEER0007 Module
SEER0010: Romanian Language: Level 3a: Comprehension / SEER4002: Level 3b: Production Course SEER0010 Module
SEER0012: Romanian Language : Level 3b: Production Course / SEER4001: Level 3a: Comprehension SEER0012 Module
SEER0017: Romanian B SEER0017 Module
SEEU0001: Ukrainian Language Level 1 SEEU0001 Module
SEEU0007: Ukrainian Language: Level 2a: Comprehension / SEEU2002: Level 2b: Production SEEU0007 Module
SEEU0009: Ukrainian Language Level 2b: Production / SEEU2001:: Level 2a: Comprehension SEEU0009 Module
SEEU0012: Ukrainian Language: Language Level 3b: Production / SEEU4001: Level 3a: Comprehension /: Marta Jenkala SEEU0012 Module
SEEU0019: Ukrainian A SEEU0019 Module
SEEU0022: Ukrainian B off-track language module SEEU0022 Module
SEEU4001: Ukrainian Language: Level 3a: Comprehension / SEEU4002: Language Level 3b: Production SEEU4001 Module
SEEY0001: Serbian and Croatian Language Level 1 SEEY0001 Module
SEEY0003: Serbian/Croatian C off-track language module SEEY0003 Module
SEEY0006: Serbian and Croatian Language Level 2a: Comprehension SEEY0006 Module
SEEY0008: Serbian and Croatian Language Level 2b: Production SEEY0008 Module
SEEY0011: Serbian and Croatian Language Level 3a: Comprehension SEEY0011 Module
SEEY0015: Serbian and Croatian Literature 3 SEEY0015 Module
SEEY0017: Serbian / Croatian A SEEY0017 Module
SEEY0020: Serbian/Croatian B SEEY0020 Module
SEEY1004: Serbian and Croatian Literature 1 SEEY1004 Module
SEEY2011: Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian Literature 2 SEEY2011 Module
SEEY2105: Introduction to Serbian and Croatian Literature SEEY2105 Module
SERS0001: Comprehension of Russian (Year 1A) SERS0001 Module
SERS0002: Use of Russian (Year 1A) SERS0002 Module
SERS0003: Comprehension of Russian SERS0003 Module
SERS0005: Use of Russian SERS0005 Module
SERS0007: Russian Level 1(A) SERS0007 Module
SERS0008: Russian Short Fiction from Romanticism to Postmodernism SERS0008 Module
SERS0010: The making of modern Russian culture SERS0010 Module
SERS0012: Representations of Russia SERS0012 Module
SERS0024: Russian Level 2(B) SERS0024 Module
SERS0025: Russian Poetry from Pushkin to Brodsky SERS0025 Module
SERS0027: Russian Cinema: Men and Women SERS0027 Module
SERS0031: The person, love and utopia in Russian thought SERS0031 Module
SERS0034: The Petersburg 'Text' in Russian Literature and Culture: From Romanticism to Modernism SERS0034 Module
SERS0039: Use of Russian (Year 4) SERS0039 Module
SERS0043: Russian Literature in Revolution: Experiments in Form, 1917-53 SERS0043 Module
SERS0045: Russian cinema : Innovation and experiment SERS0045 Module
SERS0047: Contemporary Russian cinema SERS0047 Module
SERS0078: Russian Level D SERS0078 Module
SERS0093: Identities in nineteenth-century Russian literature SERS0093 Module
SERS0094: Russian C SERS0094 Module
SERS2010: Russian literature in the 19th century SERS2010 Module
SERS2014: Chekhov: The Quest for freedom SERS2014 Module
SERS4026: Russian Poetry in the Silver Age SERS4026 Module
SERS4027: Russian literature from the death of Stalin to the present : experiment and emigration SERS4027 Module
SESERS0014: Russian cinema : history, ideology, society SERS0014 Module
Uses of Russian (Year 2) SERS0022 Module

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