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HIST0004: Between Politics and Culture: German Ideas 1890 - 1970 HIST0004 Module
HIST0015: Roman Democracy: Myth or Reality? HIST0015 Module
HIST0024: Broadcasting Modernity: A global History of Radio and Television in the Twentieth Century HIST0024 Module
HIST0472: Successors to the Habsburgs: East- Central Europe 1914-1945: Rebecca Haynes HIST0472 Module
HIST0474: The Fall and Rise of the Polish Nation, 1648-1921 : Richard Butterwick HIST0474 Module
HIST0476: Media, Culture and Society in the Soviet Union from Stalin to 1991 HIST0476 Module
HIST0478: Dictatorship as Experience. The Coexistence of Consensus and Refusal in the German Democratic Republic HIST0478 Module
HIST0490: History of Modern Germany 1815-1990 HIST0490 Module
HIST0494: Fascism and authoritarianism in Eastern Europe 1918-1945: Rebecca Haynes HIST0494 Module
HIST0497: The Balkans from Empire to nation state HIST0497 Module
HIST0498: The Age of Extremes in the Balkans HIST0498 Module
HIST0644: Rise and Fall of Yugoslavia HIST0644 Module
Life Writing: Memory and Identity in Twentieth Century Europe HIST0482 Module
SEHI0001: Seminars in History SEHI0001 Module
SEHI0002: Modern historiography: Egbert Klautke SEHI0002 Module
SEHI0003: Frontiers of history SEHI0003 Module
SEHI0005: History of Eastern Europe since 1856 SEHI0005 Module
SEHI0007: Ivan the Terrible and the Russian monarchy in the 16th century SEHI0007 Module
SEHI0008: Urban culture and modernity: Vienna - Prague - Budapest 1857-1938: Egbert Klautke SEHI0008 Module
SEHI0012: Czechoslovakia in the Age of Extremes, 1918-1993 SEHI0012 Module
SEHI3001: East and West through Travel Writing: The Limits and Divisions of Europe (I) SEHI3001 Module
SEHI3005: The Russian revolution SEHI3005 Module
SEHI3008: Mass Culture in an Age of Revolution: Russia, 1900-1934 SEHI3008 Module
SEHI3009: Monarchs and the Enlightenment in Russia and Central Europe SEHI3009 Module
SEHI3010: Dictatorship as experience SEHI3010 Module
SEHI6007: Nations and nationalism in South-Eastern Europe SEHI6007 Module
SEHI6009: History of Russia 1598-1856 SEHI6009 Module
SEHI6012: Emigres, Refugees, Deportees: Free and Forced Migration in Modern Eurasia SEHI6012 Module
SEHI7005: Themes in Romanian History: 'From Dacians to Democrats' SEHI7005 Module
SEHI7010: The History of the Soviet Union SEHI7010 Module
SEHI7011: Society and Politics in Late Imperial Russia SEHI7011 Module

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