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SERS0001: Comprehension of Russian (Year 1A) SERS0001 Module
SERS0002: Use of Russian (Year 1A) SERS0002 Module
SERS0003: Comprehension of Russian SERS0003 Module
SERS0005: Use of Russian SERS0005 Module
SERS0007: Russian Level 1(A) SERS0007 Module
SERS0008: Russian Short Fiction from Romanticism to Postmodernism SERS0008 Module
SERS0010: The making of modern Russian culture SERS0010 Module
SERS0012: Representations of Russia SERS0012 Module
SERS0024: Russian Level 2(B) SERS0024 Module
SERS0025: Russian Poetry from Pushkin to Brodsky SERS0025 Module
SERS0027: Russian Cinema: Men and Women SERS0027 Module
SERS0031: The person, love and utopia in Russian thought SERS0031 Module
SERS0033: Identities in Nineteenth-Century Russian Literature SERS0033 Course
SERS0034: The Petersburg 'Text' in Russian Literature and Culture: From Romanticism to Modernism SERS0034 Module
SERS0036: Russian C SERS0036 Module
SERS0039: Use of Russian (Year 4) SERS0039 Module
SERS0043: Russian Literature in Revolution: Experiments in Form, 1917-53 SERS0043 Module
SERS0045: Russian cinema : Innovation and experiment SERS0045 Module
SERS0047: Contemporary Russian cinema SERS0047 Module
SERS0078: Russian Level D SERS0078 Module
SERS0093: Identities in nineteenth-century Russian literature SERS0093 Module
SERS0094: Russian C SERS0094 Module
SERS0107: Writing, Editing and Blogging in Russian SERS0107 Module
SERS2010: Russian literature in the 19th century SERS2010 Module
SERS2014: Chekhov: The Quest for freedom SERS2014 Module
SERS4026: Russian Poetry in the Silver Age SERS4026 Module
SERS4027: Russian literature from the death of Stalin to the present : experiment and emigration SERS4027 Module
SESERS0014: Russian cinema : history, ideology, society SERS0014 Module
Uses of Russian (Year 2) SERS0022 Module

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