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Name Code Type
SESS0007: Introduction to microeconomics SESS0007 Module
SESS0008: Introduction to Macroeconomics SESS0008 Module
SESS0009: Applied Game Theory for Economics and Business SESS0009 Module
SESS0010: Contemporary Issues of International Business and Strategic Management SESS0010 Module
SESS0011: Introduction to International Relations SESS0011 Module
SESS0013: Understanding Society: Introduction to Social Theory SESS0013 Module
SESS0014: Understanding Society: Introduction to Political Sociology SESS0014 Module
SESS0018: Communist Societies, 1945-1989 SESS0018 Module
SESS0020: Topics in Microeconomics SESS0020 Module
SESS0021: European Macroeconomics SESS0021 Module
SESS0022: New Venture Creation SESS0022 Module
SESS0023: Applied Econometrics SESS0023 Module
SESS0024: Economic history and ideas SESS0024 Module
SESS0029: Politics and society in Central and Eastern Europe SESS0029 Module
SESS0030: Russian Politics and Society SESS0030 Module
SESS0033: Comparative Political Analysis SESS0033 Module
SESS0034: Researching Politics and Society SESS0034 Module
SESS0037: Industrial and Corporate Change with Reference to Central and Eastern Europe SESS0037 Module
SESS0039: Topics in Financial management I SESS0039 Module
SESS0041: The Economics of Entrepreneurship SESS0041 Module
SESS0042: The Economics of the family SESS0042 Module
SESS0061: Democracy and Democratisation SESS0061 Module
SESS0068: International Macroeconomics SESS0068 Module
SESS0072: Comparative consumer regimes SESS0072 Module
SESS1101: Introduction to politics: Eric Gordy SESS1101 Module
SESS2001: The Emerging Market Economies of Eastern Europe and Russia SESS2001 Module
SESS2011: Political Economy of European Integration SESS2011 Module
SESS3001: Growth and Convergence: With Reference to Eastern European and Russian Economics SESS3001 Module
SESS3002: International Trade and Finance SESS3002 Module
SESS3007: Health Economics and Policy SESS3007 Module

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