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Algorithms and Data Structures STAT0041 Module
STAT0001: Economics 2 (Combined Studies) STAT0001 Module
STAT0002: Introduction to Probability and Statistics STAT0002 Module
STAT0003: Further Probability and Statistics STAT0003 Module
STAT0004: Introduction to Practical Statistics STAT0004 Module
STAT0005: Probability and Inference STAT0005 Module
STAT0006: Linear Models and the Analysis of Variance STAT0006 Module
STAT0007: Introduction to Applied Probability STAT0007 Module
STAT0008: Statistical Inference STAT0008 Module
STAT0009: Stochastic Systems STAT0009 Module
STAT0010: Forecasting STAT0010 Module
STAT0011: Decision and Risk STAT0011 Module
STAT0013: Stochastic Methods in Finance STAT0013 Module
STAT0014: Medical Statistics 1 STAT0014 Module
STAT0015: Medical Statistics 2 STAT0015 Module
STAT0017: Selected Topics in Statistics STAT0017 Module
STAT0018: Stochastic Methods in Finance II STAT0018 Module
STAT0019: Bayesian Methods in Health Economics STAT0019 Module
STAT0020: Quantitative Modelling of Operational Risk and Insurance Analytics STAT0020 Module
STAT0021: Introductory Statistical Methods and Computing STAT0021 Module
STAT0022: Introductory Statistical Methods STAT0022 Module
STAT0023: Computing for Practical Statistics STAT0023 Module
STAT0024: Social Statistics STAT0024 Module
STAT0025: Optimisation Algorithms in Operational Research STAT0025 Module
STAT0026: Statistics for Medical Scientists STAT0026 Module
STAT0027: Foundation Fortnight STAT0027 Module
STAT0028: Statistical Models and Data Analysis STAT0028 Module
STAT0029: Statistical Design of Investigations STAT0029 Module
STAT0030: Statistical Computing STAT0030 Module
STAT0031: Applied Bayesian Methods STAT0031 Module
STAT0032: Introduction to Statistical data Science STAT0032 Module
STAT0038: Decision And Risk STAT0038 Module
STAT0039: Statistics for Health Economics STAT0039 Module
STAT0040: Programming Fundamentals STAT0040 Module
STAT0042: Statistical Machine Learning STAT0042 Module
STAT0043: Inference at Scale STAT0043 Module
STAT0044: Computational Statistics STAT0044 Module
STAT0045: Statistical Design and Data Ethics STAT0045 Module
STAT0046: Applied Multivariate and High-Dimensional Methods STAT0046 Module

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